Green Bay Packers Memes: Best Funny Memes After Packers Loss to Falcons in 2017 Playoffs

Donald Trump is not even safe in sports memes. This image proposes that Rodgers did not want to win, because the Super Bowl champions will be the first team to visit the Oval Office under the Trump administration. While Rodgers has admitted he voted, he has not been outspoken about who he supported in the election. He spoke with WBAY about the outcome. “I went out and voted, and I knew it was going to be a historic night. Either way, you had an outsider winning or the first woman to be president, so I thought it was an important night for our country. You know I think [it’s] really a message to the establishment, if you are looking at it from an objective point of view," Rodgers told WBAY. (Twitter/@nfl_memes)