WATCH: Russell Wilson on Trump: ‘We Still Have to Love Each Other’

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Russell Wilson went on Facebook Live to talk about the first few days of President Trump.

Here’s the transcript of the first video:

…Despite anybody’s political issues or views everybody has the right to choose who they wanna vote for but this thing’s getting out of hand it’s getting out of hand people I don’t care who you vote for..just so you know I voted for Hillary but..when you think about it’s only been what -two weeks? We gotta attack this issue here.. Basically I think that when you think about all the negativity that’s happened within a ten-day period or however many days it’s been it’s already too much it’s already crazy it’s already affecting peoples hearts and souls and lives in such a negative way in my go to LAX airport and there’s people all over the place fighting for their lives, protesting and all that, all the protests that have gone on, all the protests that have gone on through the African-American community, obviously the Muslim community too, if we’re gonna be a nation that says were equal we have to be equal obviously being smart, all that kind of stuff but you also have to treat people fairly you have to be able to love everyone..even in my own faith Christian faith you still have to love everybody, you still have to no matter what our issues are, we still have to find a way to love people and care for people ..I think that’s the thing that’s been crazy already, I don’t even know if he’s going to be able to last four years in my opinion.. You don’t want to wish bad upon anybody because if he doesn’t last four years that means something went wrong so hopefully nothing goes wrong any more than what it’s already doing..It’s just been a crazy ten days already and…Barack! come back Barack!

Wilson continues in a second video:

Wilson endorsed Hillary Clinton in November, but didn’t do it in traditional fashion. He donned a Barack Obama mask and encouraged people to vote alongside Ciara, who wore a Hillary Clinton mask.

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Passing the Torch. #GodBlessAmerica @Ciara

A post shared by Russell Wilson (@dangerusswilson) on Oct 31, 2016 at 11:00pm PDT

Russell Wilson, along with Antonio Brown, were paid by Facebook to post videos on Facebook Live.

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