WATCH: Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones Tells Cop ‘I Hope You Die’

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Adam Jones. (Getty)

Cincinnati police have released the 20-minute video of Bengals player Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones aiming several expletives at an officer, including telling the officer that he hopes the officer dies.

Jones was arrested early in the morning on January 3 in a Cincinnati hotel, after causing a disturbance pounding on doors and assaulting a hotel employee by poking him in the eye. Police have already released the recording of the 911 call made my Millenium Hotel staff that morning.

Jones, 33, was charged with assault, disorderly conduct and obstructing official business. The police report states that he refused to enter the police car and head-butted an officer and called the officer a b—-, a n—–, told the officer to s— his d— and tells the officer that he hopes he dies tomorrow. Police also stated that he spat on a nurse that was examining him upon arrival to the precinct.

After the video’s release, Jones’ attorney Alex Triantafilou released this statement on Twitter.

Hamilton County Ohio prosecutor Joe Deters said that he wants to know what the Bengals and/or NFL plan to do before he moves forward with any legal action. The Bengals have issued a short statement.

We are aware and working to gather full information, but the policy is that it’s inappropriate for the club to comment on unresolved legal matters.

Deters has until mid-February to decide whether or not to follow through on the charges.