Why Was Goldberg Bleeding on ‘Monday Night Raw’ This Week?

This week on Monday Night Raw, viewers were taken aback when Bill Goldberg walked into the ring and immediately began bleeding from the head despite having not even been in a match. What happened? When did he hurt himself?

It all happened off screen, but the bleeding came from Goldberg banging his head on a door before walking out for his promo. Corey Graves mentioned that during the show itself, noting that Goldberg does this before every single segment, and while this may have sounded like a throwaway commentary line or some ridiculous character flourish intended to make Goldberg sound awesome and cover up the real reason for the blood, it’s actually true.

Goldberg confirmed this on Instagram on Tuesday, saying that he’s “putting the pre match headbutt on the shelf for now…kinda made me a bit loopy out there.”

Sasha Banks talked about Goldberg doing this during a podcast appearance back in November, according to Wrestling Inc.

“[R]ight before he went out, he looked at me and Bayley and was like, ‘you didn’t see this.’ He headbanged the door just to get himself psyched and ready,” Banks said. “Like, that is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen in my life!”

That’s something he does off camera, though, and so this was not a blink-and-you-miss-it moment; in fact, Goldberg’s bleeding can be seen starting from the moment he begins his walk after a commercial break.

Fans were already startled to see Goldberg bleeding during his promo this week, but to make matters worse, this coincided with his immediate inability to remember his lines. Goldberg had to start the same sentence three times in a row, laughing and stumbling over his words in a way that made some viewers legitimately fear he had given himself a concussion.

Luckily, Goldberg got things back on track soon enough, and Paul Heyman coming out moments later helped move things along.

After the show ended, one Reddit user declared on the pro-wrestling subreddit, “I’d like to nominate ‘Goldberg headbutts a door and possibly concusses himself on the way to deliver a promo’ for weirdest moment of 2017 and we’re only 23 days in.”