Harriet Kauffman Photos: Pictures of Fitness Model

A New York-based fitness model has found herself at the center of a sexting scandal with an English soccer star. The hacking into Steven Caulker of Queens Park Rangers' account occurred on February 19. There, the public was treated to private WhatsApp messages between him and Harriet Kauffman. The conversation begins with Kauffman pitching a business idea to Caulker to which he doesn't respond. Caulker later wishes Kauffman a happy birthday. Then, things get lewd.

That discussion concludes with Kaufmann saying, "If you ever come to NYC and you're still single I'll come spend a night with you. Hard for me to resist tonight but think you were a little drunk haha. Didn't want you to regret anything! But enjoy these videos while you're single and text me if you come to NY. Would still love to be naughty with you one night." She goes on to send Caulker some raunchy videos.

According to her LinkedIn page, Kauffman was born in London and moved to the USA in 2009. Her page describes her as a "world traveler, innovator, and creatively driven, with a degree in Film & TV Acting at the New York Conservatory for the Dramatic Arts." That page gives her job as a social media strategist and says she works for NFC Amenity Management.

Her Backstage.com page details various music video, model photo shoots and indie movie appearances she has made. That page describes her ethnicity as "Middle Eastern."

The leaked messages from the Caulker affair indicates that she was back in London early in February 2017 for her birthday, via 101 Great Goals.

Here are the photos of Harriet Kauffman that you need to see: