Pat McAfee: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Pat McAfee. (Getty)

Indianapolis Colts punter Pat McAfee is walking away from football at the age of 29, confirmed by a letter he posted on Twitter early Thursday.

Here are five fast facts you need to know about the now-former NFL player:

1. McAfee is a Guinness World Record Holder.

McAfee was perhaps better known for his antics than his play on the field, and that includes becoming part of a select company of people; Guinness World Record holders.

McAfee used his football skills in setting his record, which is for the world’s longest blindfolded field goal.

The official length of McAfee’s successful field goal attempt while blindfolded was 40 yards.

McAfee has also been outspoken on his Twitter account, using the platform to celebrate the firing of former Indianapolis general manager Ryan Grigson and joking about starting a punter podcast.

McAfee’s most famous Twitter antic, however, came in 2016, when he posted a Tweet about the “unofficial holiday” celebrated on April 20, and then claimed he had been selected for random drug testing the following day.

Not all of McAfee’s antics came off the field, however. McAfee once accidentally tweeted out a picture of a naked Andrew Luck from the team locker room. Part of the reason people love football is seeing offensive players celebrate touchdowns or defensive players celebrate turnovers, but punters celebrating pinning the opponent within its own 5-yard line has been rare in comparison. McAfee took the opportunity to be an innovator.

2. McAfee is Moving on to a Career in Entertainment

McAfee is now taking his talents to the realm of entertainment, putting his efforts behind his comedic skills.

McAfee did a stand up comedy tour in 2016, and then had his own special, “Uncaged.” McAfee also has been a regular guest on “The Bob and Tom Show”

McAfee will now focus his talents working for Barstool Sports, which announced McAfee was joining them on their Comedy Central show on Wednesday night.

3. McAfee was Arrested For Public Intoxication

In his sophomore season in the National Football League, McAfee was found by Indianapolis police swimming in a city canal and arrested for public intoxication.

After admitting that he was drunk and getting a 0.15 blood alcohol content result from a breathalyzer test, McAfee was taken into custody and then released six hours later in October of 2010. The two-time Pro Bowler was suspended one game by the Colts for the infraction. Since then, McAfee has had no run-ins with law enforcement or faced any league/team discipline.

3. McAfee is a Bachelor

McAfee is not married and has no children, but his dating life has become somewhat of a public matter, as is the case with many professional athletes.

Plum, Pennsylvania native McAfee has been connected romantically to Samantha Ludy of Indianapolis. The pair hosted a fundraiser named “A Night of Shining Stars” in Indianapolis to benefit the Indiana Children’s Wish Fund in 2014.

McAfee also operates the Pat McAfee Foundation, which provides college scholarships to families of military personnel.

4. McAfee Walked Away from NFL Money

McAfee had two seasons remaining on his contract with the NFL Colts, valued at nearly $6 million. A member of Indianapolis’ 2009 draft class (seventh round), McAfee made over $10 million in his NFL career.

5. McAfee Paid Electric Bills for Hundreds of Indianapolis Families

For the past two years, McAfee has practiced a tradition of using his fortune to help those less fortunate.

McAfee has paid off the outstanding electric bills for hundreds of families in Indianapolis, totaling over $18,000 in 2015.

Whether he will be able to continue that tradition in his new gig remains to be seen, but what fans can be assured of is that the quality entertainment that McAfee has provided them with will continue to be provided by McAfee even though he is no longer in the NFL.