Patriots vs. Falcons Memes: The Best Funny Super Bowl 2017 Memes

The Falcons Team Motto Is Rise Up

This funny meme is a play off the Falcons #RiseUp slogan. It is the official hashtag for Falcons fans and has been the team motto since 2010. Since Dan Quinn took over as head coach in Atlanta, he has incorporated this and other catch phrases into the team's daily vocabulary. Another phrase the team uses is "brotherhood". Quinn borrowed the phrase after Navy Seals visited the team in 2015 and spoke about the "brotherhood" of their unit. Falcons safety Dashon Goldson spoke to SB Nation about the idea. "It’s hard to get people to really understand that you don’t get this kind of bond in every team where you go. People know in the NFL that you can come, you can go. We started this off-season connecting to the core. We have developed friendships that will last forever, some where some of these guys will be godfathers to their teammates’ kids," Goldson told SB Nation. (Instagram/@lisavise99)

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