10 Best Medicine Balls: Compare & Save

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Whether you’re a beginner or a more experienced athlete, a medicine ball can be a practical addition to your workout routine. Most balls come in a variety of weights and sizes, ensuring you can find the most appropriate fit for your fitness level. If you’re just starting out or are searching for a ball that can be used for faster-paced activities, consider going with a lighter weight ball such as a four or six-pound option.

Those who are more experienced and can handle more weight will find many balls weighing 10 pounds or more. Some balls are broken down into categories, such as those used for slamming and Crossfit. These balls typically have a reinforced outer layer and stitching to prevent impact-based tears.

If you don’t see a suitable option on this list, browse a wider selection of medicine balls on Amazon to find what you need.

1. AmazonBasics Medicine Ball


The weighted AmazonBasics Medicine Ball features a textured finish for a secure grip and a durable rubber construction that allows it to be bounced off of hard surfaces. The ball is useful for upper and lower body exercises, and is available in increments from 4 to 12 pounds. Each weight is a different color. You can use this ball for traditional medicine ball workouts and to develop balance, core strength, and coordination.

Price: $29.99

Buy the AmazonBasics Medicine Ball here.

AMAZON BASICS 10 LBS. MEDICINE BALL REVIEWThanks for watching! Link to medicine ball: http://www.amazon.com/AmazonBasics-IB1025-P-Medicine-Ball/dp/B00S0QDD8C2016-02-22T00:09:37.000Z


  • Textured finish ensures a secure grip
  • Can be bounced off hard surfaces
  • Available in several increments


  • Some complain of an initial plastic smell
  • Doesn’t come with a pump
  • Heaviest available weight is 12 pounds

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2. Valeo Medicine Ball


As with the AmazonBasics medicine ball, this Valeo medicine ball is available in increments from 4 to 12 pounds. The ball stands out for its durable rubber construction that allows it to repeatedly bounce off hard surfaces without wearing down. The ball is ideal for fine tuning balance and for improving coordination and developing core strength. A textured exterior finish provides a safe and secure grip, even when slamming the ball. If you’re not sure where to begin or could use a bit more guidance, consult the included wall chart.

The Valeo Fitness Ball with Soft Vinyl Covering is also available.

Price: $33.14 (26 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Valeo Medicine Ball here.

Valeo Medicine Ball Review – SwagDaddyVisit https://www.swagdaddy.com for more information about the product in this review. Build power and strength with the Valeo Medicine Ball. We took a close look at the 12 Lb. ball and were impressed with the quality. The ball featured sturdy rubber construction with a textured surface that made it easy-to-grip. It passed our bounce test…2015-03-26T23:45:02.000Z


  • Durable rubber construction
  • Textured exterior finish
  • Wall chart included


  • Feels harder/firmer than medicine balls of a similar size
  • A handful of owners wish the ball was slightly larger for easier handling
  • Some complain of a lingering rubber smell

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3. XD Kevlar Medicine Ball


If you’re looking for a sturdy ball designed for wall slams, this one is worth a close look. The medicine ball is available in a wide range of sizes and weights up to 30 pounds. It’s also made with a durable Kevlar shell that won’t lose shape or deteriorate following repeated slams. The material is also weather and water-resistant and is suitable for outdoor use. You can use the ball indoors or outdoors on a variety of surfaces, including concrete, dirt, pavement, gravel, and asphalt. A textured surface provides a secure grip for full control over each movement.

Price: $89.00 – $176.00

Buy the XD Kevlar Medicine Ball here.

XD Fitness Kevlar Bulletproof Ball – Medicine Ball – Wall Ball – Slam Ballhttp://www.ironcompany.com/xd-kevlar-bulletproof-ball-medicine-wall-slamball.aspx – XD Fitness Kevlar BulletProof Balls™ – The first truly ballistic medicine ball of its kind and the only Kevlar ball on the market! Part of Exemplar Design’s BulletProof line of sports performance training products, these virtually indestructible all-use medicine balls can be used indoors or outdoors in any environment and on any surface…2014-10-13T14:57:50.000Z


  • Sturdy enough for wall slams
  • Available in several sizes and weights
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors


  • Higher weighs only available in one size
  • Low bounce construction may be frustrating for some
  • Pricey

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4. SPRI Dual Grip Xerball/Medicine Ball


This dual grip ball is easy to handle and is ideal for enhancing ab workouts in addition to rotational exercises. You can also use it for lower body and single-handed movements. The dual handle construction allows you to practice specific movements, such as golf swings and tennis strokes. An instruction sheet included for safe and effective workouts. There’s also a workout DVD to help you get started.

If you’re looking for a traditional grip, consider the SPRI Xerball Medicine Ball.

Price: $40.95 – $89.98

Buy the SPRI Dual Grip Xerball/Medicine Ball here.

SPRI Dual Grip Xerball2014-06-20T19:22:00.000Z


  • Dual handle construction promotes an easy grip
  • Best for abs and rotational movements
  • Includes an instruction sheet and workout DVD


  • Accompanying DVD is basic
  • Some complain of a strong lingering rubber smell
  • Those with large hands may find the handle space cramped

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5. CAP Barbell Medicine Ball


This medicine ball is available in increments from 2 to 12 pounds. It’s ideal for bouncing or partner wall exercises along with enhancing strength and coordination. A tacky grip gives you full control over the ball and your movements at all times. This ball is suitable for beginners and for anyone who wants to add a bit more weight to their workouts.

Price: $19.92 – $71.93

Buy the CAP Barbell Medicine Ball here.

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  • Best for wall exercises
  • Tacky grip for stability
  • Caters to beginners


  • Not ideal for slamming
  • Strong rubber odor
  • Some wish the exterior had a bit more grip

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6. Titan Fitness Slam Spike Ball


Thick rubber walls give this medicine ball a durable construction and the ability to handle high impacts. It’s tough enough so that you won’t have to worry about splitting it easily. The ball is geared towards Crossfit and other high-intensity workouts, and is available in increments from 10 to 60 pounds. The surface texture promotes a secure grip even when the palms of your hands are sweaty. You can use this ball to work out the core, abs, and arms.

Price: $34.00 (24 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Titan Fitness Slam Spike Ball here.

How To – Wall Ball ExercisesScheels Fitness Expert Jon Haag talks through a few simple exercises that can be done with a wall ball.2013-09-05T15:00:40.000Z


  • Ideal for Crossfit and other high-intensity workouts
  • Thick rubber walls for added durability
  • Available in increments from 10 to 60 pounds


  • Only comes in one color
  • No-bounce construction
  • Some find it a bit large, especially those with smaller hands

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7. Danskin Weighted Toning Ball


As its name suggests, this toning ball is ideal for improving core strength, muscle tone, and flexibility. It’s also soft and features a comfortable grip along with a latex-free vinyl shell. In addition to 10 pounds, it’s available in 6 and 8-pound increments. Each size is a different color. The medicine ball is ideal for lifting, catching, swinging, and throwing.

Price: $23.15 (7 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Danskin Weighted Toning Ball here.

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  • Latex-free vinyl shell
  • Soft to the touch
  • Available in three weights


  • Heaviest available size is 10 pounds
  • Not ideal for bouncing
  • Exterior attracts dust and dirt

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8. Rep Soft Medicine Ball/Wall Ball for CrossFit


This combination wall and medicine ball caters to Crossfit athletes due to its thick and durable stitching along with a synthetic leather material that’s easy and secure to grip. It’s also available in multiple sizes, from 4 to 40 pounds. Each ball is 14 inches in diameter, regardless of its weight. Every weight is a different color.

Price: $59.00

Buy the Rep Soft Medicine Ball/Wall Ball for CrossFit  here.

VideoVideo related to 10 best medicine balls: compare & save2017-02-21T08:18:26-05:00


  • Ideal for Crossfit and other high-intensity workouts
  • Available in several colors and sizes
  • Synthetic material is easy to grip


  • A bit large in diameter
  • Could use more surface texture
  • Some think it has too much bounce

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9. Empower Fingertip Grip Medicine Ball


The Empower Fingertip Grip Medicine Ball is a soft and comfortable medicine ball that’s easier to hold thanks to convenient fingertip grips. It’s also designed especially for women and is available in 6, 8, and 10 pound variations. You can use this medicine ball to improve core strength and mobility. A workout DVD is included to help you get started.

Price: $19.99 – $114.85

Buy the Empower Fingertip Grip Medicine Ball here.

Empower Fingertip Grip Medicine BallOur mission is to empower women to be happy, healthy, and strong with fitness solutions that educate, motivate, entertain, and inspire. Our products and programs are fun, at times a bit quirky, and get results. So join our community of real women who want to be active and feel better in our skin!2016-05-27T17:27:38.000Z


  • Geared towards women
  • Fingertip grips make it easier to hold
  • Includes a workout DVD


  • Sand weight can shift around inside the ball
  • Material may react with paint and other surfaces
  • Some find the DVD too dated and basic

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10. Valor Fitness Slam Ball


If you’re looking for a slam ball for Crossfit or other intense workouts, this one is worth a close look. It’s pricier than your average medicine ball, bu it comes with a dense wall to keep blow outs at bay along with a textured surface for an enhanced grip. Choose between increments ranging from 10 to 50 pounds to find the optimal weight. The ball won’t bounce when dropped on the floor.

Price: $23.46 – $148.44

Buy the Valor Fitness Slam Ball here.

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  • Ideal for slam workouts
  • Dense wall prevents blowouts
  • Available in increments from 10 to 50 pounds


  • Some complain that the sand weight shifts during workouts
  • Can flatten out over time
  • Pricey

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