PHOTOS: Young Bray Wyatt Before He Came to the WWE

Bray Wyatt, the current WWE World Champion, is perhaps the strangest character currently active in the WWE. Although over-the-top, supernatural gimmicks have become less prominent in the company over time, Bray Wyatt is a crazy cult leader who appears to have actual mind control powers and who can summon thunder, lightning and fire. Because Wyatt's character is so far removed from real life, fans are especially curious about the actual man who portrays him on screen. Windham Lawrence Rotunda is 29 years old, he has a background in football, and he wrestled as a totally different character in the WWE long before the Bray Wyatt gimmick was introduced. He keeps his private life rather private, and very little is known about his wife and children. You won't see him on The Tonight Show promoting WrestleMania, and most of the interviews he does do are in character. But we can still get a better idea of who the man is by taking a look at his life before he assumed the Bray Wyatt persona. Here's a look at Windham Lawrence Rotunda before he became Bray Wyatt. (

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