Fantasy Baseball Sleepers 2017: Best Starting Pitcher Targets

When it comes to filling out your starting pitcher slots during your fantasy baseball draft, there are a handful of different strategies you can utilize. Drafting an ace or two early is typically advised, but there's no real correct answer as to where to go from there. Do you go with high-upside, big-strikeout guys? Do you fill your squad with safer--but at the same time lower upside--players? A mix of both? Do you target players coming off injuries? What about those who weren't great for most of last season but turned it on in the last month? Do you trust advanced statistics as a predictor of future performance, or do you just want anyone with a low ERA and a bundle of wins?

There are seemingly an infinite amount of ways to evaluate the player pool, but no matter how you intend on building your roster, one thing remains constant: If you want to win your league, you're going to have to correctly predict a sleeper or two.

"Sleeper," of course, can really mean anything from "player taken in any round who provides value based on their draft position" to "completely unknown guy drafted in the last round who has a breakout season." We're going to focus somewhere in the middle of that, as we're simply looking at players who have an average draft position outside of the top 120 picks. With that in mind, you can click through the gallery for a closer look at starting pitchers who will help you win your league. (Getty)

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