WATCH: Big E References Paige Leak With Xavier Woods on ‘Monday Night Raw’

On Monday Night Raw this week, Big E subtly referenced the recent scandal involving Paige and Xavier Woods.

Towards the end of the show, Raw cut to The New Day standing backstage, with Xavier Woods looking a bit guilty and Kofi Kingston and Big E staring at him disapprovingly. Big E then asked Xavier Woods if there’s anything he wanted to talk about, clearly a reference to the Paige situation.

However, the three quickly moved on and began talking about WrestleMania instead, not mention anything about Paige again.

Over the weekend, several private images and videos of Paige were leaked online. One of them shows Paige and Xavier Woods having sex, with Brad Maddox filming them. There was speculation that the WWE might keep The New Day off of Raw this week as a result, and indeed, this brief backstage segment was the extent of the group’s Raw appearance.

Although it was difficult to hear on the USA broadcast, the crowd in Brooklyn, New York began chanting “Paige!” as this New Day segment was broadcast.

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