Jan Ross, Jim’s Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Jan Ross, the wife of WWE personality Jim Ross, has died.

This news comes two days after Jim Ross announced that his wife had been seriously injured in a car accident. He said at the time that she was in critical condition and that his family needs a miracle. On Wednesday, Ross provided a heartbreaking update, saying that his wife had been given last rights.

Jim Ross is one of the most memorable WWE commentators of all time, making his debut with the company at WrestleMania IX in 1993. He was fired from the WWE in 2013, and in recent years, he has been appearing sporadically on the independent circuit.

Here’s what you need to know about Jim Ross’ wife, Jan Ross.

1. She Was a Flight Attendant & Met Jim Ross on a Plane

Jim Ross met his wife Jan while on the road with the WWE.

According to Slam Wrestling, Jan Ross was a flight attendant for 13 years, and she and Jim met while on a plane. Ric Flair was also there when the future husband and wife were introduced.

Jim and Jan Ross were married in 1993.

In a recent blog post, Jim said that his wife Jan made many WWE superstars and their wives feel welcome at the Ross household.

“She loved the talents and their spouses, invited them into our home, cooked for them and even did some of their laundry that they would bring over,” Jim Ross writes. “Some of the Attitude Era’s biggest stars were made to feel welcome in our home over the years thanks to my wife.”

Ross also says that his wife Jan helped him battle depression.

“She helped me battle thru multiple bouts of depression as a  result of the multiple, Bells palsy attacks, my dependence on Ambian, and nursed me to back health after serious, colon surgery that threatened my life and she never complained one time,” Ross writes. “This woman loves me more than I’ll ever deserve and simply knowing her has enriched my life to levels that I can never repay.

2. She Helped Him Develop His Barbecue Sauce

Jim Ross has his own line of barbecue sauce, and his wife Jan played a vital role in launching the product.

According to The Oklahoman, Jan Ross helped Jim develop his barbecue sauce’s flavor profile while they were working together in their home kitchen. They based it on sauce that Jim Ross’ mother made when he was growing up.

On Twitter, Jim Ross said that the sauce is “My mother’s original recipe with my wife’s Jan contributions.”

Jan Ross told The Oklahoman that it’s still a weird experience opening up the fridge and seeing her husband’s face on a bottle of sauce.

“It’s like, ‘Hello, there he is,’” Jan Ross said.

3. She Was Sitting in the Front Row on ‘Raw’ in 2011 When Jim Was ‘Fired’

In 2011, Jim Ross was “fired” on Monday Night Raw.

He was quickly brought back, but The Wrestling Observer reported (via Wrestling Inc) that Jim and his wife Jan, who was sitting in the front row, were both blindsided by this, as his firing wasn’t in the script and almost nobody knew it was going to happen.

Jim Ross later went into detail about the fact that neither he nor his wife had any clue this was coming.

“It came as a complete surprise,” he said. “My wife — we’re celebrating our 18th anniversary today — none of us knew. It took me completely by surprise. It was one of those embarrassing moments you endure and move on. It’s like anything else in life: when you get faced with a challenge or an uncomfortable situation, you have to make some choices on how you handle it.”

4. She Was a Steelers Fan & Had a Cat Named Mickey

Jan Ross was a fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers, and Jim frequently shared photos of the two of them at Steelers games on his social media profiles. Jan Ross herself was from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

It was Jan Ross who turned her husband into a Steelers fan; he said on Twitter in 2016 that Jan “used her womanly ways to convert me. Now I’m all in.”

Jim and Jan Ross have a cat, Mickey.

5. She Was Struck By a Car While Riding a Vespa

According to TMZ, Jan Ross was riding her Vespa at 9:30 p.m. on Monday night when she was struck from behind by a 2000 Mercury Grand Marquis.

Police told TMZ that Jan Ross was thrown from her Vespa and that both the car and the scooter caught on fire. Jan was riding the scooter to the gym at the time of the accident. She was rushed to the hospital in critical condition and quickly underwent surgery.

On Twitter, Jim Ross said that Jan has “multiple skull fractures” and that “we need a miracle.”

Throughout the day on Tuesday, the WWE community expressed their support for the Ross family, including Big Show, who told TMZ that everyone in the WWE is praying for Jan Ross.

On Wednesday morning, Jim Ross provided an update, saying that Jan is on life support.

“I will fully admit that there has been no experience in my life that could have prepared me for this life changing week,” Ross says in a blog post. “To see one’s life partner and love of one’s life being kept alive via life support equipment is tragically heartbreaking.”

Hours later, on Wednesday evening, Jim Ross announced that his wife had died.