WATCH: Adam Johnson Saying ‘I Wish I’d Raped Her’ in Prison

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Soccer pervert Adam Johnson has been recorded making shocking comments about his 2016 conviction for grooming and sexual activity with a minor. During the clip, a man asks the former Sunderland player, “How long you got, six years int ya? It’s not like you f***ing raped her or owt like that?” To which Johnson replies while laughing, “No, I wish I f***ing did for six year.”

The video was first published by The Sun newspaper. Johnson is serving his sentence at HM Prison Moorland close to Doncaster. It’s unclear when the clip was taken but was published on April 20. In March 2017, Johnson’s second attempt at appealing his conviction was quashed.

Stacey Flounders Facebook page

The mother of Johnson’s son and former girlfriend Stacey Flounders said during his trial that the pair had split due to his infidelities. (Facebook)

The BBC reported at the time of Johnson’s conviction that a court psychiatrist had said that the player was “socially and psychologically immature.”

In the video, Johnson goes on to say, “And there’s lads on here who’s f***ing shagged like 12-year-olds and got 13 months and that. D’you know what I mean? They got like half the time!” He also described the circumstances of meeting the girl saying, “I was going to the home games like, you park your car in the car park and she was at my car every game right, waiting for me, just standing there like in all the gear and that… like tight jeans, little shirt, t**s out, not like skirts and that.”

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Johnson says in the video that he would have no chance of getting a contract in England after his release but that going to China could be an option. He also slammed “do gooders” who would keep him from continuing his soccer career. By the time of his release, Johnson will be 34.