Braun Strowman’s Win/Loss Record: How Often Does He Win Matches?

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Braun Strowman on ‘Monday Night Raw.’ (

Braun Strowman has been slowly tearing through the WWE roster, most recently focusing his energy on Roman Reigns and flipping over an ambulance with Reigns inside of it. Strowman is certainly an intimidating foe, but does he back that up in the ring? How often does he actually win matches?

According to Cagematch, the Internet wrestling database, Braun Strowman has won 56.1 percent of the matches that he has been placed in. He has performed in a total of 223 matches over the course of his career, winning 125 of them.

However, this statistic includes his time with The Wyatt Family. In 2016, Strowman began to perform on his own, and that year, he won 53.7 percent of his matches while losing 43.8 percent of them. This mean he won 65 out of the 121 matches he performed in during 2016.

There was a period of time in 2016 when Strowman was winning virtually every one of his matches, not losing any one-on-one match until Roadblock: End of the Line, but at that event, Strowman’s match against Sami Zayn ended when the time ran out. In January, Seth Rollins defeated Braun Strowman by count out at a house show. Later, on Raw, Kevin Owens defeated Strowman for the Universal Championship by disqualification.

During 2017, Strowman’s win-loss ratio has been higher than in previous years, as he has thus far won 60.5 percent of his matches. The most recent match Strowman performed in was the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal at WrestleMania 33; before that, he performed in a one-on-one match against Roman Reigns on Raw, and this match ended in no contest.

Though Braun Strowman often comes across as more dominant than Roman Reigns, Reigns wins far more often. According to Cagematch, Roman Reigns has won 68.5 percent of the time. This means he has won 584 out of the 853 matches he has performed in.

For comparison to some other wrestlers on the WWE roster, John Cena wins 78.8 percent of the time, AJ Styles wins 59.4 percent of the time, and Bray Wyatt wins 34.8 percent of the time.

Braun Strowman is 33 years old, and he signed with the WWE in 2013. He performed for about a year with The Wyatt Family before transitioning into single’s competition.

At the moment, Braun Strowman is engaged in a feud with Roman Reigns. They are expected to have a match at Payback, after which Strowman is expected to face off against Brock Lesnar, the WWE Universal Champion.