Cristiano Ronaldo ‘Rape’ Claim: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Cristiano Ronaldo Rape


A shocking report out of Germany alleges Cristiano Ronaldo paid $375,000 in hush money to a woman who was accusing him of rape. Der Speigel published the article on April 14. The magazine claims the alleged incident occurred while Ronaldo was in Las Vegas on vacation in July 2009, just after he had become the world’s most expensive soccer player following his move from Manchester United to Real Madrid. The German magazine says that as part of the settlement, the woman was forbidden from talking about the alleged incident.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Der Spiegel Claims the Woman Allegedly Agreed to Drop All Charges

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According to the Der Spiegel report, the woman, known as Ms. C in legal documents, agreed to drop all charges as a result of the settlement and a gag order was put in place that forbade her from talking about the incident. The magazine says it knows the identity of the woman. Der Spiegel reports that during a mediation in Nevada in January 2010, Ronaldo’s lawyer, Carlos Osorio de Castro, read the agreement aloud.

The magazine adds that while researching the report a German lawyer, Johannes Keiler, contacted them and urged them not to continue with the report. Keiler is quoted as saying, “The accusations by your questions are to be rejected in the strongest possible terms.”

2. The Daily Mail Reported that Ronaldo Partied With a ‘Mystery Brunette’ During His 2009 Las Vegas Trip

Paris Hilton Las Vegas

Around the time of his 2009 Las Vegas visit, Ronaldo had been linked to Paris Hilton. (Getty)

Ronaldo’s vacation in Las Vegas in 2009 was covered extensively by the tabloids. The Daily Mail reported that after being linked to Paris Hilton, Ronaldo partied with a “mystery brunette.” Several photos of Ronaldo with the woman were published. The pair were at the Rain night club which is part of the Palms Hotel and Casino, where Ronaldo had been staying.

Ronaldo’s vacation was also tracked extensively by the Las Vegas Sun.

3. So Far, There’s Been No Comment From Ronaldo on the Allegations

Ronaldo Rape


So far, there has been no comment from Ronaldo about the allegations. Der Spiegel reports that the magazine couldn’t acquire a statement from the player or his lawyer prior to publication. Judging by his Twitter account, the player is focused on his side’s La Liga game with Real Sociedad on April 15.

4. In 2005, Ronaldo Was Accused of Rape by 2 Women in Manchester

Ronaldo 2005 rape claim


In October 2005, Ronaldo was accused of rape by two women after an incident at the Sanderson Hotel in London. Those charges were later dropped. The women had claimed they had been assaulted by Ronaldo and another man. The Daily Mirror quoted Ronaldo as allegedly telling friends, “I’ve been stitched up. I had nothing to do with these women. I can’t believe what’s being alleged.”

The Daily Telegraph reports that the charges were dropped due to insufficient evidence. The player said afterwards, “I have been notified that the police investigation has been closed and no action will be taken against me in relation to the allegations made previously. I have always strongly maintained my innocence of any wrong-doing and I am glad that this matter is at an end so that I can concentrate on playing for Manchester United.”

5. The Last Woman Linked to Ronaldo Has Said Their Relationship Was ‘Nothing Special’

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The latest woman to link herself to Ronaldo is Chilean actress Elisa De Panicis. She told Chilean TV that the pair had been hooking up in Ibiza prior to Portugal’s victory at Euro 2016. Speaking on the reality show, Double Temptation, Pancicis accused Ronaldo of padding out his crotch for underwear ads. She says of their time together, “We had a good time. We had fun but I think it was nothing special.”