Kyle Kennedy Photos: Pictures of Aaron Hernandez’s ‘Gay Lover’

It's been reported that Aaron Hernandez left a $50,000 watch to the family of his 'gay lover.' The Daily Mail said in an April 24 report that Hernandez had been seeing Kyle Kennedy, 22, while behind bars. The article alleges that Hernandez, who committed suicide on April 19, gave Kennedy a $50,000 watch prior to his death. It adds that since Hernandez's death, Kennedy has been put on suicide watch at Souza-Baranowski Corrections Center.

Prior to hanging himself with bedsheets, Hernandez wrote three letters, one to his fiancee, Shayanna Jenkins-Hernandez, one to his four-year-old daughter, and one to Kennedy. Those notes have not yet been released to their intended recipients.

In January 2015, Kennedy was arrested in Northbridge, Massachusetts, for the robbery of a Cumberland Farms gas station. The Milford Daily News reported at the time that Kennedy had stolen $189 in small bills while armed a with a "long butcher-style knife."

Kennedy was arrested shortly afterwards following a short car chase. In a statement on Facebook, the Uxbridge Police Department said that Kennedy was driving "well in excess of 110 MPH." During the chase Kennedy struck "several signs and then scrape the guard rail at the end of the off ramp" before coming to a stop and being arrested without further incident.

Here are the photos of Aaron Hernandez's alleged 'gay lover' that you need to see: