NFL Draft 2017: The Best Dressed Players

No. 6 Jonathan Allen, Washington Redskins

Jonathan Allen spoke with Heavy at the P&G Style Lounge on the eve of the draft. Allen has formed a partnership with Braun which makes sense given his affinity for facial hair. He was true to his word in that he wanted to keep his draft night look simple. "Just a regular black suit," Allen described his attire to Heavy. Allen wore a black suit, white shirt and a black polka-dotted tie. Allen was a bit more adventurous with his shoe choice. He went with black-studded dress shoes, a popular pick on draft night among the players. Heavy asked Allen what his thought process would be once the draft ended. "Let's get it started. I'm a pro now and it's time to act like it. I want to go to my city, embrace it, walk down the street and be there," Allen said. That's music to Washington fans ears as the Redskins selected him with No. 17 pick of the first round. (Getty)