Thomas Pieters’ Girlfriend: Meet Eva Bossaerts

Thomas Pieters' stellar play on the golf course has fans curious about his life off the green and the people closest to him. While she keeps a low profile, Pieters' girlfriend, Eva Bossaerts, has been by his side as Pieters moved up the golfing ranks. Bossaerts is not active on social media and the two have not spoken publicly about how they met. While Pieters has an Instagram account, he keeps his posts golf related as the couple chooses to have their relationship out of the public eye. One of the few exceptions to this was when one of Pieters' drives hit Bossaerts in the back and the aftermath was caught on tape by a fan. Otherwise, Bossaerts' most public appearance came at the 2016 Ryder Cup where she was seen with some of the other golfer's wives and girlfriends who were participating at the event. Both Pieters and Bossaerts are from Belgium making it likely the couple met prior to Pieters' emergence as a rising star in the game of golf. It is unclear whether Bossaerts has lived in the United States like Pieters who went to the University of Illinois. What is clear is that Bossaerts and Pieters' family are part of the group of people that Pieters keeps close to him as he continues to become more well-known in the game of golf. Click the arrow on the right side of the above image to learn more about the couple and see some of the best photos of Eva Bossaerts and Thomas Pieters. (Getty)

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