9 Best Affordable Fixed Gear Bikes

You might not be able to reach those top speeds of the best electric bikes or even a road bike, but one big advantage of a fixed gear bike is that it’s extremely low-maintenance. Fixed gear bikes are also easy on the wallet and cater to commuters and urban cyclists alike with their typically lighter weight construction and simplistic designs.

fixie bike Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Attractive color scheme
  • Synthetic leather saddle
  • Internal cable routing
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single speed bikes Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Durable alloy and carbon blend
  • Wallet-friendly
  • Comfortable riser handlebars
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fixed gear bike Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Multiple sizes available
  • Threadless headset and stem
  • Flip-flop rear hub
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single speed bikes Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Great for cruises around town
  • Affordable
  • Strong, lightweight steel frame
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fixed gear bikes Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Handcrafted steel frame
  • Horizontal dropouts
  • Flip-flop hub
Price: $239.62 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
fixie bike Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Designed for road and track use
  • Sturdy aluminum frame
  • Mulitple frame sizes
Price: $629.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Retrospec Bicycles Mantra V2 Single Speed Fixed Gear Bicycle Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Ideal for commuters
  • Standard Kenda tires
  • Front and rear brakes
Price: $329.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
State Bicycle Co. Contender II Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Responsive steering
  • Comes in several colors
  • Fits a wide height range
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Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Ideal for urban riding
  • Dual alloy caliper brakes
  • Comfortable urban grips
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Our Unbiased Reviews
  1. 1. State Bicycle 4130 Fixed Gear Bike

    • Double-butted chromoly steel frame and fork
    • Can be ridden fixed gear or single speed
    • Bullhorn style for more aggressive riding
    • Handles may be too large for some standard brakes and shifters
    • Not the lightest frame
    • Stock tires aren't the best

    Its La Fleur colorway, complete with magenta, cyan, white and black stripes, makes this State Bicycle fixie an instant head-turner wherever you go. It’s not just the vibrant colors that help this fixed gear bike stand out, though, as it’s also equipped with a durable double-butted chromoly steel frame and fork for maximum durability. This cost-effective setup makes the bike durable without compromising weight.

    If you’re looking to kick it up a notch, the bullhorn style promotes faster and more aggressive riding, including when you’re sprinting and climbing. The synthetic leather saddle with steel rails is equally comfortable and supportive.

    Internal cable routing contributes to a cleaner and more maintenance-friendly design. This bike is also equipped with alloy pedals and caliper brakes, along with a dual suspension. Multiple sizes are available.

  2. 2. Loco Hi-Tensile Series – The Everest

    • Lightweight 30mm CNC machined wheelset
    • Comfortable synthetic leather saddle
    • Ride fixed gear or single speed with this bike's flip-flop hub
    • Doesn't have a kickstand
    • Only comes in one color
    • Brakes aren't the best

    Saying that this bike’s hi-tensile steel frame is a solid choice for everyday use doesn’t quite do it justice, as the blend of alloy and carbon is highly durable and is resistant to bending and breaking. Another advantage of hi-tensile steel is that it’s easy to manufacture and cost-effective.

    It’s not quite as robust as a chromoly frame, but this single speed bike’s hi-tensile steel is plenty tough for your cycling adventures. The Everest is part of Loco Cycle’s hi-ten series, and stands out for its blend of performance, style and speed.

    Highlights include a lightweight 30mm CNC machined wheelset, a comfortable synthetic leather saddle and die-cast dropouts. Riser bar handles add an element of comfort.

    You can swap between fixed gear and single speed with this bike’s flip-flop hub. Stock Kenda Kwest 700 x 28c tires roll through just about anything.

    This bike has front and rear brakes and fits riders from 4’11” to 6’6″. It also comes with a lifetime frame warranty against manufacture defects.

  3. 3. Kilo TT Mercier Reynolds 520

    • Double-walled alloy rims for a dependable ride
    • Comes with high flange hubs and a sealed ball bearing axle
    • Sturdy Reynolds 520 steel track frame
    • Limited quantities
    • Brakes should be swapped for road use
    • Frame isn't the lightest

    A threadless headset and stem offer numerous benefits, from overall weight reduction to maximizing performance and stability as you ride. This single-speed track bike will go as fast as you want with its 16t single-speed cog and a dependable Reynolds 520 steel track frame.

    A flip-flop rear hub allows you to use the bike in fixed and freewheel variations. Whether you’re cranking out laps on a track or running errands on the road, the Reynolds 520 steel track frame provide a durable ride. This single-speed bike is also equipped with high flange hubs and a sealed ball bearing axle.

    The manufacturer suggests installing front and rear brakes to take the bike from the track to the street. Multiple sizes are available to fit riders from 5’3″ to over 6’6″.

  4. 4. Pure Cycles Urban Coaster Bicycle

    • Pedal back to stop the bike
    • Sealed bottom bracket ensures smooth rides
    • Relaxed upright geometry and swept-back handlebars
    • Not for off-road riding
    • Assembly can be tricky
    • May not fit shorter riders

    As its name suggests, this Pure Cycles Urban Coaster Bike is designed for running errands and cruising around town. No matter where you ride, the lightweight yet robust steel frame keeps you stable so that you can get the most out of every ride.

    The frame, which is stronger than aluminum, also dampens road vibrations. This fixed gear bike’s upright geometry and swept-back handlebars keep rides comfortable and relaxed.

    As a true minimalist coaster, you simply need to pedal forward to move the bike and pedal back to stop. A sealed bottom bracket ensures smooth rides, while the stock 700 x 32C tires will get you where you need to go.

    Foam handlebar grips add an element of comfort. This bike comes in three sizes and will generally fit riders between 5’4″ and 6’3″. The frame is covered by a lifetime warranty for peace of mind.

  5. 5. Takara Sugiyama Flat Bar Fixie Bike

    • Front and rear brakes provide increased stopping power
    • Can be used as a fixed gear or single speed bike
    • Stock Kenda 700 x 32 tires for any road surface
    • Limited size options
    • On the heavier side
    • Some complaints about the cheap inner tubes

    If you’re looking for maximum stability, this fixie’s sturdy handcrafted steel frame is key. The bike is a bit heavier than some other models, weighing in a just over 31 pounds, but you’ll feel secure as you run errands, cruise through town or commute with your bike.

    Horizontal dropouts put you in a more aerodynamic position and keep you stable even on rougher roads. A flip-flop hub allows you to use this bike as a fixed gear or single speed bike.

    Stock Kenda 700 x 32 tires keep the bike rolling steadily on virtually any road surface. Front and rear brakes provide increased stopping power when you need it.

  6. 6. State Bicycle Co. Black Label 6061 v2

    • Aerodynamic racing saddle for speed
    • Tapered head tube provides a stiffer, more responsive ride
    • Ride single-speed or fixed with the low flange flip-flop hub
    • Wheels are heavy
    • Stock tires aren't the best
    • Doesn't come with a freewheel

    The updated Black Label 6061 from State Bicycle Co. is slightly lighter than the original series and comes with an upgraded crankset for smoother riding. Not only does its stylish design turn heads, the frame is made with durable aluminum to hold up to your daily adventures. Despite its sturdy frame, the bike weighs just over 17 pounds.

    This version also features a tapered head tube for a more responsive and stiffer ride. You’ll also find the company’s own Black Label mid-profile hubs with a sealed bearing hub.

    You can ride single-speed or fixed with the low flange flip-flop hub. If you’re looking to pick up the pace, the aerodynamic racing saddle and compact drop bars will get you to your destination a little quicker.

    This fixie features a choice between six frame sizes to accommodate riders from 4’10” to 6’6″. It’s also outfitted with alloy pedals and toe cages as well as front and rear brakes.

  7. 7. Retrospec Bicycles Mantra V2

    • Includes front and rear brakes
    • High-tensile steel frame for racing and commuting
    • Flip-flop hub
    • Regular commuters may want slightly wider tires
    • Cheap stock brakes
    • Some riders suggest swapping out the stock saddle

    The Mantra V2 builds off of the original Mantra and includes improvements and upgrades such as Promax brakes in the front and rear along with machined sidewall rims for added durability. Having two sets of brakes ensures more stopping power and control over your speed.

    The hand-built frame is a lightweight yet sturdy high-tensile steel that’s designed to withstand the demands of daily urban commutes, racing, and more. A flip-flop hub lets you choose to ride single-speed or fixed.

    This bike features Kendra Kwest commuter tires, a KMC chain, and deep V rims. It’s also available in sizes ranging from 43 to 61 centimeters and comes in several colors.



  8. 8. State Bicycle Co. Contender II

    • Carbon fiber fork
    • Includes six frame sizes
    • Ideal for those who are getting into single-speed track racing
    • Serious riders may want to invest in a better crankset
    • Not the most practical choice for urban commuters
    • Pricey

    The Contender II offers a variety of upgrades over the original Contender. Examples include a carbon fiber fork with an aluminum steer tube, an aerodynamic racing saddle, and a durable double-butted steel frame. There are six frame sizes to choose from so that riders from 4’10” to 6’6″ can find the best fit.

    This fixed gear bike includes front and rear brakes. It’s suitable for those who want a speed-oriented fixed gear bike or for those who are just starting to get into single-speed track racing.




  9. 9. Captain Marvel Single-Speed Bike

    • Versatile flip-flop hub
    • Captain Marvel colors and graphics are delightful for fans
    • Comes with a Schwinn urban seat
    • Only available in one size
    • Doesn't come with a kickstand
    • Stock brakes are a bit cheap

    The Captain Marvel Single-Speed Bike is specifically built for urban commuters and city riding. The bike is decked out in Captain Marvel colors and graphics, making it a suitable choice for any fan. Both the frame and fork are made with durable steel. You also won’t find parts such as shifters or derailleurs, which means less maintenance over time.

    A flip-flop hub with a freewheel lets you cruise around town or to work on this single-speed bike. Alloy dual caliper brakes provide essential stopping power when you need it. A Schwinn urban seat keeps you comfortable as you pedal to your next destination. This bike comes in one size and is designed to accommodate riders from 5’4″ to 6’2″.

What Is a Fixed Gear Bike Good For?

There's a lot that single-speed bikes are good for, from their low-maintenance design to the fact that they're generally light and fast and are especially appealing to commuters and urban riders. Unlike your average road bike, a fixed or single-gear bike only has one gear. While this can take some getting used to, you'll probably find that you don't even miss those extra gears on rides around town.

You'll typically pay less for a fixie than another type of bike, but that's because this stripped-down bicycle often only comes with a chain, pedals, a seat, wheels and handlebars. Some single-speed bikes don't even come with hand brakes.

Some bikes are listed as both fixed gear and single speed. This is because most bikes have a flip-flop hub design that allows you to choose between riding fixed gear or single speed.

The main difference between the two types of bikes is that single speed bikes have full braking capabilities and allow you to coast, while fixed gear bikes have limited braking (or no braking at all) and aren't able to coast.

Should I Buy a Fixed Gear Bike?

Unlike some other types of bikes, including hybrid bicycles, it's quite easy to assemble and remove components on a fixed gear bike. This is particularly useful for bikes that have lower-quality saddles, pedals, and brakes.

If you plan on riding the bike frequently, or will use it primarily for urban riding, it's often worth the extra cost and effort to upgrade these basic components. Also, unless you plan on riding your fixed gear bike around the track, it's best to install at least one set of brakes for your safety. Many bikes on this list come with front and rear brakes.

According to Yellow Jersey Cycle Insurance UK, single-speed bikes have a freewheel, while fixed gear bikes do not. Another main difference is that single-speed bikes generally have the same brakes as geared bicycles, while fixies can either come with a single brake or without any brakes at all. While single speeds are ideal for commuting and running errands around town, many fixed gear bikes are designed for the track.

What Is the Best Fixed Gear Bike?

As you're checking out available fixed gear bikes in your price range, you've likely noticed that there are two main types of steel bike frames. High-tensile, or hi-ten, is a more cost-effective type of steel.

It's not as robust as some of the higher-end types of steel frames, but a hi-ten frame is still plenty durable for most riding demands. If weight is a concern, especially if you're looking at a fixed gear track bike, it's worth knowing that hi-ten is the heaviest steel used in bike frames, according to Livestrong.com.

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