WWE ‘Monday Night Raw’: Where Are the LED Ring Posts on Tonight’s Show?

Monday Night Raw new logo, Monday Night Raw 2016 logo, Raw new logo

The new logo for ‘Monday Night Raw.’ (Twitter/Mick Foley)

The typical LED ring posts were not present on tonight’s episode of Monday Night Raw.

These large LED covers usually surround the ring at WWE shows, showing the logo of the program on a large screen. Viewers noticed this week that the LED screens were not there this time.

Instead, the ring was simply surrounded by regular red ring posts that did not have LED screens on them. The normal LED ring posts can be seen in the first screenshot below from last week, and tonight’s ring posts can be seen in the second screenshot.

Monday Night Raw led, Monday Night Raw match, Monday Night Raw led posts

Monday Night Raw ring post, Monday Night Raw ring posts, Monday Night Raw match


The LED ring posts were likely removed in preparation for a spot that came later in the show: during the main event, the ring collapsed during a match between Big Show and Braun Strowman.