WATCH: Randy Orton Winces After Throwing The Singh Brothers

At Backlash tonight, Randy Orton momentarily broke the fourth wall after going a bit too hard on the Singh Brothers.

During the main event match against Jinder Mahal, Randy Orton had to deal with the Singh Brothers, who have been helping Jinder Mahal get ahead in recent weeks. Orton began throwing the Singh Brothers around and hitting them against the commentary table.

At one point, Randy Orton threw one of the Singh Brothers backwards into the commentary table, but he clearly went a bit harder on him than he meant to. In the aftermath, Orton could be seen wincing, as he clearly knew immediately that something had gone wrong.

Orton then tried to recover from this fourth wall break by grabbing his arm as if this pain was the reason he was cringing.

Luckily, neither of the Singh Brothers appeared to be too badly hurt by this, as they were both able to get back up and return to the action within a few moments. However, looking back at the fall, it looks like one that could have easily lead to some serious damage.

This is not the only time that Randy Orton has broken the fourth wall during a wrestling match. One other recent example was at Survivor Series last year, when Shane McMahon legitimately had the wind knocked out of him. McMahon looked like he was doing badly, and so Orton approached McMahon’s sons at ringside and assured them that everything was going to be okay. Orton later took to Twitter to say that he did this because he’s a father and knows what it’s like to have kids there when things go badly.

Backlash ultimately ended with Randy Orton being defeated by Jinder Mahal, largely due to the interference of the Singh Brothers. Jinder Mahal is now the WWE World Champion; it remains to be seen when Randy Orton will have his rematch.