WWE ‘Backlash’: Why Are the Singh Brothers Helping Jinder Mahal?

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Jinder Mahal is set to face Randy Orton at WWE Backlash. (WWE.com)

On WWE programming in recent weeks, Jinder Mahal has been aided by the Singh Brothers, Gurv and Harv Sihra, who frequently join him at ringside and occasionally try to interfere in matches. So who exactly are these guys, and why are they helping out Jinder Mahal?

The short answer is that we don’t know. It has not been explained on SmackDown Live why the Singh Brothers have been teaming up with Jinder Mahal and helping him win the World Championship, and so if that’s something you’ve been confused about, you’re not alone.

Their storyline with Jinder Mahal got started on the April 18th episode of SmackDown Live, when the Singh Brothers brothers interfered in a six-pack challenge match in order to help Jinder Mahal win. This match was to determine the number one contender for the WWE World Championship, and so the whole reason that Jinder Mahal is even at Backlash is because of the Singh Brothers.

The Singh Brothers also interfered at Payback, distracting Randy Orton during the House of Horrors match so that Jinder Mahal was able to attack Orton with the World Championship. And last week on SmackDown Live, when Jinder Mahal had a match against AJ Styles, the Singh Brothers watched at ringside, attempting to get involved in the action and distract Styles. Ultimately, it was due to the Singh Brothers’ shenanigans that the WWE official was distracted long enough for Mahal to get the pin.

The Singh Brothers are such a key part of Jinder Mahal’s storyline that they even got a place on the graphic promoting the main event of Backlash; they appear on the top right of the image, situated next to Jinder Mahal.

That’s how the Singh Brothers got to the point that they are playing a part in Backlash, then, but as to why the characters themselves have formed an alliance with Jinder Mahal, this is something that has not yet been revealed.