WATCH: LaMelo Ball Drops the N-Word Live on WWE ‘Monday Night Raw’

During an appearance on Monday Night Raw last night, LaMelo Ball used a racial slur on live television, which caused the WWE to issue a statement clarifying that this was not a part of the script.

LaMelo Ball on June 26th appeared alongside his brother, Lonzo Ball, and his father, LaVar Ball, in a segment with The Miz on Monday Night Raw, one of the WWE’s two weekly programs. In the segment, LaVar Ball argued with The Miz, with LaVar taking off his shirt and getting ready to fight. But before Ball and Miz could have a brawl, Dean Ambrose, one of The Miz’s rivals on the show, entered.

At this point, LaMelo Ball could be heard yelling, “Beat that n—- ass!” The racial slur was broadcast live and uncensored on the USA Network.

Because the majority of what occurs on WWE shows is preplanned, the company subsequently issued a statement distancing themselves from what Ball said and making clear that it was not a part of the script.

“The inappropriate language used by a guest during the ‘Miz TV’ segment was not scripted nor reflects WWE’s values,” the WWE said in a statement to the Los Angeles Times.

Almost immediately after Dean Ambrose entered and LaMelo Ball dropped the racial slur, the show went to commercial. When it came back, the Ball family was gone, and they were never mentioned again for the rest of the show. It’s unclear whether there was any more planned for them, although it did seem like the segment was naturally drawing to a close regardless of what LaMelo Ball said.

The Wrestling Observer is reporting that things became absolutely chaotic backstage after LaMelo Ball’s use of a racial slur.

“As you can imagine, backstage was chaos,” The Wrestling Observer reports. “…According to one person backstage, the key people, notably [WWE Executive Vice President] Kevin Dunn and [WWE CEO] Vince McMahon, were very unhappy backstage when the word was audible to the crowd.”

Lonzo, LaVar and LaMelo Ball were on Monday Night Raw this week because the show was being taped in Los Angeles, California. They were also promoting the Big Baller Brand; the main thrust of the segment was that The Miz wanted to join up with the Ball family but LaVar Ball was not having it. Dean Ambrose, the WWE wrestler who entered to interrupt Miz, was also wearing a Big Baller Brand shirt. The segment received a mixture of cheers and boos from the crowd in Los Angeles.