WWE: What is a Punjabi Prison Match?

Batista vs The Great Khali No Mercy 2007 Punjabi Prison Match Part 12012-02-19T20:21:35.000Z

On SmackDown Live tonight, it was announced that Randy Orton and Jinder Mahal will compete in a Punjabi Prison match at Battleground. So what kind of match is this, exactly?

A Punjabi Prison match is similar to a Steel Cage match, only it involves two large bamboo cages, one being placed inside of the other. The first cage is 16 feet tall, and it has a door on each side. A referee can open the door; however, after one of the doors remains open for a minute, it’s padlocked by the referee.

There’s then a second, 20-foot-high cage. To win the match, you have to escape the first cage and then climb over the second cage, making it all the way over with your feet touching the floor. While the inner cage has four sides, the outer cage has eight sides.

The Punjabi Prison match is a gimmick that has only been used twice ever, the first being when The Undertaker faced Big Show at Great American Bash 2006. Originally, this match was supposed to be between The Great Khali and The Undertaker, but The Great Khali was not medically cleared to compete, and so he was replaced by Big Show. During this match, both Big Show and The Undertaker escaped the inner structure, and they proceeded to fight in the area outside of the first structure. The match had a weird ending, with Big Show throwing The Undertaker through the outer cage; because The Undertaker’s feet hit the ground, he was declared the winner.

The second Punjabi Prison match was when The Great Khali faced Batista at No Mercy 2007. This time, the match relied heavily on weapons, which were placed outside of the first cage. Both The Great Khali and Batista used a leather strap as a weapon, with Khali also using a Vise Grip. Khali was making his way out of the outer cage when Batista climbed the inner cage, jumped onto the outer cage and overtook Khali, climbing all the way over and reaching the ground before his opponent.

Battleground will be the first time a Punjabi Prison match has happened in 10 years. According to Wrestling Inc, the WWE recently got the Punjabi Prison structure from their company warehouse, having it cleaned for future use.