Tomas Berdych’s Family: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Tomas Berdych's family is full of support.

Tomas Berdych has been able to find success on the tennis court. Tomas has over 600 victories and earned $27.3 million during his career.

Tomas has reached the semi-finals of all four Grand Slams. His family has been with him the entire time. Tomas’ parents, Martin and Hana Berdych, made it a priority to allow Tomas to dedicate himself to tennis. Tomas’ wife, Ester Satorova, is also a big part of his support system.

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1. Tomas Berdych Is From the Czech Republic

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According to the ATP, Tomas is originally from Valasske, Cze., but now lives in Monaco. Tomas grew during a difficult time in Eastern Europe, but believes his experience created the grit needed to become a pro tennis player.

“You have to understand that when I was young, it was the end of the communist era in my country,” Tomas told Tennis View Magazine. “So when I was playing tennis as a kid, I didn’t have so many useless things around me that could have distracted me from my hobby and reduced the enjoyment I got from playing sport. By useless things I mean PCs, computer games, Facebook and all those kind of time-consuming activities, which kids today grow up with. Instead, I grew up as just a boy who enjoyed playing sport and that’s still the case today. So I’m trying my best to promote tennis as an option to the younger generation, and hopefully I can show them that it’s something cool to do.”

2. He Is Married to Model Ester Satorova

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Tomas married fashion model Ester Satorova on July 16, 2015. According to Hello Magazine, the couple had a small wedding on the beach in Monte Carlo with about twenty friends and family members. Despite being a pro athlete, Tomas prefers to keep their relationship out of the spotlight.

“My wife and I try to keep it private,” Tomas told “We don’t give the media any opportunities to write stories about our personal lives. We try to keep it private, very secret, and so far it has been all good. What’s great about living in Monaco is that there are so many famous faces around that it’s normal for them, they’re used to it, and it’s nothing special. I’ve never had any issues or problems. There’s more attention when I’m in the Czech Republic, of course. But it hasn’t been extreme – maybe there have been one or two cases of photographers following me.”

3. Tomas’ Mother Is a Doctor & Father Is a Train Engineer

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Tomas’ parents made sure to do whatever it took to provide for Tomas, and were very supportive of their son’s desire to play tennis. His dad, Martin, was a train engineer and mom, Hana, was a doctor. Tomas credits them for his development as a tennis player.

“Both of them have always taught me one important principle, that if someone’s life is not at stake, you should not care too much,” Tomas told Tennis View Magazine. “They’ve taught me to approach life and tennis with joy, but without letting your emotions swing too high or low from wins or losses. They’ve also taught me to develop an honest work ethic, and I never had to worry about anything while growing up. They always provided everything I ever needed. They have been my best friends and their modesty, decency and enjoyment of life have had a great influence on me.”

4. Tomas Credits His Parents For His Emergence as a Top Tennis Player

tomas berdych, parents, mom, dad, wife

GettyTomas Berdych’s wife, Ester Satorova, along with Tomas’ parents.

While it took persistence from Tomas to become one of the top tennis players in the world, it also took support from his family to keep the dream alive. He has been to the semi-finals of all four Grand Slams, but is still waiting for his first Grand Slam title. Hana and Martin have watched their son’s ascension every step of the way.

“I admire my parents so much, and I’m really grateful to them for everything,” Tomas told Tennis View Magazine. “It’s so good when they’re able to come and watch me at tournaments, as it’s not often that I’m able to spend time with them. I wish they could come more often. My dad was the first person to bring me to the tennis courts, he was the one who gave me the racquets, so for him being able to watch me is the just best payback for all the time he spent with me.”

5. Tomas Previously Dated Tennis Player Lucie Safarova

lucie safarova, dated, tomas berdych

Getty Lucie Safarova once dated fellow tennis player Tomas Berdych.

Tomas’ relationship with a fashion model was a step in a different direction after dating WTA player Lucie Safarova. According to Tennis Now, the couple dated eight years before Lucie decided to end the relationship. The relationship was not working out, but it sounds like it ended on the best possible terms.

Lucie spoke with Tennis Now about the breakup.

It was a first love which is always strong. I think we came to the point where it was just not going the right way and both of our personalities became different. It just happens. Our breakup was very normal. We didn’t have fights or anything.

I discovered more of myself which was great. Since I was 15, I was sharing everything with a person and suddenly I was there alone. At the beginning it was frightening, but it was good to also know what I like for myself and what I like to do.

Things worked out for both Tomas and Lucie. Tomas seems to be enjoying married life with Ester, while Lucie is in a new relationship.

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