WWE: Was Bayley Really Injured on ‘Monday Night Raw’ Tonight?

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WWE.com Bayley on 'Monday Night Raw.'

Tonight on Monday Night Raw, a women’s tag team match suddenly turned into a two-on-one handicap match when Bayley was removed from it. So what exactly happened to Bayley that forced her to be taken out of the match? Was she legitimately injured?

Weirdly, a key moment here happened during the commercial break. During a commercial, Nia Jax threw Bayley into the barricade, and she was apparently “injured.” Several referees carried Bayley out of the arena, and she never returned.

This does not seem to have been a legitimate injury. Anything is possible, but it’s unlikely the WWE would have later broadcast the clip of Bayley being injured if this was not a planned moment in the match. Looking back on the video, it also doesn’t really seem like anything was botched.

This most likely happened for two reasons. One, it was to set up Sasha Banks having an especially impressive victory. When she made Alexa Bliss tap out, it meant that much more considering she managed to win a two-on-one handicap match.

The WWE also seems to be tearing down Bayley a lot lately, presumably so she can be built up as an underdog and come back in the future. The company may even be setting up a feud between Bayley and Nia Jax, neither of whom are currently in major feuds.

Bayley fans were, of course, upset by what happened tonight, and generally by the company’s booking of her over the past few months. This frustration reached a boiling point at Extreme Rules, when Alexa Bliss seemed to easily defeat Bayley; the match made Bayley look rather weak, and she certainly had a sudden fall from grace ever since losing the Raw Women’s Championship.

Bayley does not currently have a match scheduled for Great Balls of Fire, but it’s possible that the WWE will book a match between her and Nia Jax in the coming days, as the company still has to announce two more matches to flesh out the card. Stay tuned for updates about the Great Balls of Fire card and about Bayley’s future on Monday Night Raw.