When Will the WWE Mae Young Classic Air on TV?

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The WWE Mae Young Classic began on July 13th, and it continues on July 14th. But at this time, there is no way to watch the women’s wrestling tournament other than actually being there live. So when will the average person get to watch the Mae Young Classic? When does it air?

The Mae Young Classic will be made available on the WWE Network starting on August 28th. That’s when the first four episodes will go up on the network, with this being what was taped on July 13th, according to WWE.com.

Another taping is taking place on July 14th, and this will comprise episodes five through eight. Those episodes will be available to view on the WWE Network on September 4th.

The semifinals and the finals of the Mae Young Classic, though, will be streamed live on the WWE Network. That will air on September 12th, broadcast live from Las Vegas, Nevada.

Right now, the only piece of content that the WWE has made available from the Mae Young classic is the Parade of Champions, an introduction to all 32 competitors in the tournament. This was streamed live via YouTube, and you can watch the playback of it here. There is not currently any way to watch the full event.

The WWE’s approach to the Mae Young Classic is similar to what they did with the Cruiserweight Classic last year. Those episodes were pre-taped and aired on the WWE Network a few weeks later. However, the semifinals and the finals were both broadcast live.

For those who don’t want to wait until late August to find out what happened at the Mae Young Classic, you can read spoilers for the event here, though be warned that this will obviously ruin a lot of the suspense when you watch the taping in a few weeks.

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