Badou Jack: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Badou Jack net worth, Badou Jack age, Badou Jack wife

Getty Badou Jack.

On any other night, the WBC Regular Light Heavyweight Championship might be the main fight, but it was just on the undercard for the August 26 fight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor. The bout featured Nathan Cleverly defending his title against Badou Jack. Jack eon the fight by knock out in the fifth round

The 33-year-old Jack was born in Stockholm, Sweden, but represented The Gambia in the 2008 Olympics as an amateur. He is of Gambian and Swedish descent, but has spent the majority of his career in the U.S.

You can follow Jack “The Ripper” on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Jack’s professional record is 20-1-3 with 12 KOs. He is represented by Mayweather’s Mayweather Promotions and The Money Team.

Here’s a look at Jack’s life and career.

1. Jack Is Set to Earn at Least $750,000 for His August 26 Fight Against Cleverly

Badou Jack net worth, Badou Jack age, Badou Jack wife

GettyBadou Jack in November 2016.

Jack will earn at least $750,000 from the fight against Cleverly, ESPN reports. By comparison, Mayweather is guaranteed $100 million and McGregor will get at least $30 million.

Although Cleverly is the champion, he’s only guaranteed at least $100,000 for fighting Jack. However, ESPN notes that the Welsh champion is likely to earn more from British TV.

Jack’s previous fight, against British boxer James DeGale in New York on January 14, ended in a draw. ESPN reports that Jack earned $700,000 from that fight. The site Famous Net Worth estimates that Jack has an estimated net worth of $4.2 million.

2. Jack Began His Boxing Career in Sweden, Where He Was Born

Badou Jack net worth, Badou Jack age, Badou Jack wife

GettyBadou Jack in 2013.

Although Jack has spent much of his professional career in the U.S., he got started in his native Sweden. As he explained to Fight Saga in 2013, his mother is Swedish and his father is from The Gambia. Jack has seven siblings.

He started his amateur boxing career in Sweden and fought throughout Europe, racking up 128 wins in 150 fights. In 2008, he represented the Gambia at the Summer Olympics in Beijing. In 2009, he turned pro, beginning with fights in Sweden. In 2011, he moved to the U.S. and now live sin Las Vegas.

“I started with 5 fights in Sweden and Finland then I relocated to the states thanks to former heavyweight champion Shannon Briggs. Then I signed with DiBella Entertainment and Warriors Boxing. But now I’m part of Mayweather Promotions and The Money Team,” he told Fight Saga.

In an interview with Whatson-Gambia in 2013, Jack said his parents supported his decision to become a boxer.

3. Jack’s Wife Is Jasmine Jack & They Have a Daughter Named Malaniyah

Badou Jack record, Badou Jack age, Badou Jack wife

GettyBadou Jack vs. Lucian Bute of Canada in 2016.

Jack is married to Jasmine Jack. The two have a daughter, Malaniyah.

“My daughter, Malaniyah, was born this morning, April 14,” Jack told Premiere Boxing Champions in April 2016. “That just further inspired me to show up for a quick workout.”

When the World Boxing Council announced in January that Jack vacated the super middleweight title so he could compere or the light heavyweight championship, WBC praised him as a role model outside the ring.

“The WBC is extremely proud of Badou Jack, who is our Ambassador of Good Will and Peace. He has been a role model outside the ring with his exemplary behavior and his beautiful family, his wife Jasmine, and his baby daughter, Malaniyah,” the WBC said in a statement. “The WBC wishes Badou Jack continuous success and the best of luck in his boxing career, hoping that one day he will compete for the light heavyweight championship of the world.”

4. Jack Is Represented by Mayweather Promotions & Considers Mayweather a ‘Mentor’ & ‘Role Model’

Badou Jack record, Badou Jack age, Badou Jack wife

Badou Jack in April 2016.

Jack is represented by Floyd Mayweather’s Mayweather Promotions and is also a member of The Money Team. He made his debut as a Mayweather Promotions boxer in February 2013 at The Cosmopolitan, knocking out Jonel Tapia in the first round.

Jack has said that Mayweather is a major influence in his life. “Floyd Mayweather is the biggest star in boxing today and also the highest paid athlete in the world. He’s my promoter and mentor and he treats me like a little brother,” he told Whatson-Gambia in 2013.

Mayweather aaid in May that he wanted Jack and Gervonta Davis to fight on the Mayweather-McGregor undercard. Although Jack will fight, Davis didn’t make his weight. That means he won’t be fighting Francisco Fonseca to defend his IBF junior lightweight title on August 26.

Jack surprisingly revealed before the fight that Mayweather didn’t train at all between 2015 and when he started preparing to fight McGregor.

“He hadn’t worked out one day since he fought Berto two years ago. He looked a little rusty and stuff. I don’t see him everyday training, but two, three weeks ago,” Jack said, referring to Mayweather’s fight against Andre Berto in 2015. “He was the same Floyd. He is a little bigger, stronger – that’s the only difference I saw.”

5. Jack Is Friends With Mike Tyson

Badou Jack Olympics, Badou Jack age, Badou Jack wife

GettyBadou Jack (in red), fighting in the 2008 Summer Olympics for The Gambia.

Jack also knows another legendary boxer: Mike Tyson. In his 2013 Whatson-Gambia interview, Jack said that Tyson is good friends with his former trainer, Eddie Mustafa Muhammad.

“Mike Tyson is a good friend to my trainer Eddie Mustafa Muhammad,” Jack explained. “He used to visit my gym sometimes and give me and the other guys advice and last year, he walked me to the ring in one of my fights. He’s a real good and funny guy.”

In an interview with Sweden’s Cafe in August, Jack said Tyson isn’t at all like how people think. “Tyson is both humble and funny,” he said.

In that same interview, Jack was asked what it was like to be a Muslim in the U.S. now that Donald Trump is president.

“For me, it has not caused any problems,” he told Cafe. “I have not felt anything negative. But I think he will not stay so long anyway. Sometimes we talk about Trump at the gym, because there is no one who likes him. But I do not really like to talk politics really. I’m just getting angry.”