David Feherty’s Son Dead: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

David Feherty son


On Tuesday, David Feherty revealed that his son, Shey, has died. The former golfer took to social media to share the tragic news; his 29-year-old son died on his birthday following an overdose. Further details about Shey’s passing have not been reported.

You can see Feherty’s tweet below.

Funeral services have already been arranged, according to Shey’s obituary. The service will be held 12 p.m., today, Tuesday, August 1, 2017, at Restland Abbey Chapel, with visitation starting at 11 a.m.

In lieu of flowers, the family has asked that donations be made to the Center for Addiction and Recovery Studies in Dallas, Texas.

Here is what you need to know about Shey Feherty:

1. Shey Was David’s First-Born Son

Feherty, whom you may recognize from his work on the Golf Channel and CBS Sports, where he previously worked as an analyst, has five children, Erin Feherty, Shey Feherty, Karl Schneider, FredSchneider, and Rory Feherty.

Karl and Fred are the sons of David’s second wife, Anita, an interior designer who met David through a mutual friend in 1995. The two married in May of 1996.

Shey Feherty is David’s oldest biological son. In his obituary, Shey was described as “beautiful and charismatic.”

2. David Feherty Has Struggled With Addiction Much of His Life

David Feherty son

Over the years, Feherty has personally struggled with addiction. He started drinking alcohol as a teenager and that turned into a pill dependency as he tried to “self-medicate” for what he later learned was bipolar disorder.

“Feherty has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and has been a full-blown alcoholic, easily sucking down two bottles of Bushmills a day. He has taken dozens of pills — uppers, downers — daily,” The Hollywood Reporter wrote back in 2014.

In a 2015 interview with Rolling Stone, Feherty spoke candidly about his struggles. According to the report, Feherty was able to get help and has been sober for quite some time.

“I get overwhelmed by sadness several times a day and spend a lot of time in tears,” he said, speaking on his depression at the time. He credits two people for helping him with his sobriety: His wife and Tom Watson.

3. Shey’s Mom Is Caroline Feherty

Shey’s mother’s name is Caroline, a former beauty queen from South Africa.

She and David owned two homes, one in England and the other in South Africa. They had been planning to move to Northern Ireland when Caroline decided that she wanted to move somewhere with nicer weather. According to Sports Day, she upped and moved to the United States, settling in Dallas, Texas, with the couple’s two sons, Shey and Rory. Although David decided to make the move, the couple’s marriage fell apart.

They divorced in 1995.

4. Shey Was the Co-Founder of a Company Called The Sports Concie

Founded in 2015 by Shey Feherty and Christopher Crawford, The Sports Concie doesn’t appear to have gotten off the ground. The company’s website is currently inactive. The company was a consulting firm, though it is unclear if there were ever any clients signed on.

“Sports Concie, LLC is a Dallas, TX based Corporate Solutions Firm. The founding partners are U.S. Marine Corps veteran Christopher Crawford and Shey Feherty. Our clients are exposed to high profile individuals and corporations with comprehensive and superior services to both groups.”

5. Several Fans, Colleagues, & Friends Have Posted Condolences to the Feherty Family on Twitter

David Feherty son

Fans have been posting their condolences to Feherty and to his family following this tragic loss. You can see some of their messages below.

The Golf Channel has also released a statement, which you can read below.

In addition, several former friends and colleagues have been sending messages to Feherty on social media. You can read a few of those below.


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Caroline Feherty Mother

Hi thank you for trying to get two sides of the story. David and Caroline divorced in January 1996. He married Anita 4 months later.

Caroline had full custody at first as David was still traveling back to Europe for a girlfriend that also happened to be another-pros wife. Archive press reports will bring it up for you. His next lady was The 4 time married Anita, fighting custody battles of her own. ( everything is a public document) Dallas and Houston.
Upset, Drunk, drug addicted, David excercised his newfound CBS power by filing not one custody suit, but Two. Unfortunately this hurt his sons. One should try to love your children more than you hate your ex. Shey turned up with zero eyebrows and patches of hair. He was super anxious. Interesting psych doc to ready public document. Shey was 9
years old. Mom suspected child molestation, Sadly the therapists in 1998 did not, but teams of doctors in the medical
Trauma center in Sheys rehab said it was one of the worst cases of abuse they have seen. 20 years later we had medical confirmation “Shey was on of the worst abuse cases they had seen. He was sexually confused. Shey was molested by a family for 5 years. He was only 9-14. This will
be reported so that the purp can be investigated and another boy may be saved.

Shey struggled from
C-PTSD from a chronic childhood
Bipolar 11
And the awfully painful diagnosis of Ankylosing Spondylitis. We would like young people who have strange back pain the take the boos test. You will carry HLAB27.
Shey was a social drinker

Caroline de wit Feherty(shey F biological Mother) he lived with me during the last 3 months on intesive medical care.

SAD. Why is the news comprised of twitter.? Does this beautiful son of David and Caroline a Feherty have a biological Mother and Father? And deserve his whole story told “bless his sweet-heart” does not cut it.
5 fast facts David refused to see his son during his illless, which irrolincally is partly hereditary, he, a professional speaker publicly did not say a thing about a boy be rearly knew. He did not carry his sos coffin his Mom did.
4. A twitter message? Does that tell a story when the child died in his Mothers arms.
3. Sheys medical doctor was at his funeral a few media words to him would tell more of the story.
4 “the family encourages Alchoholics to reach out” “we are the family and wrote no such thing. We agree with a mom and a dad supporting their child with everything they have.
5 we reached out to this boys father and was TEXT “Good Luck”

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