Derek Carr Shocks Sports World With Music Teaser

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Update: Apparently, this is part of an ad for EECU, a central California-based credit union. Carr has done commercials for them in the past, but this is certainly the biggest one yet. Carr posted an Instagram video from the set in July. Either way, I’m still here for the song.

Derek Carr dropped a teaser to a new music single on Tuesday afternoon, destroying productivity nationwide as people questioned the nature of his 3 p.m. Eastern tweet.

Is this an ad?

Is this a prank?

What does “Valley Exclusive” mean?

The answers cannot come soon enough. How long has this been in the works? Did Carr get bored during his recovery from a broken fibula and say, “Bleep it, let’s get funky?”

Immediate things that stand out from this video:

1) Smoke machine. Obviously a must-have.

2) A blue car. Carr to Big Blue?

3) Carr is wearing what appears to be a denim jacket. Collar pop level: 100.

As far as the music goes, it only makes the video more interesting. It’s some sort of pop-disco bassline that only makes me want to hear the actual song more.

But does the song even exist? This was a huge orchestrated media stunt for Carr, and only 26 days before the Raiders open the regular season against the Titans. It seems a little fishy, but again, it clearly worked. I’m interested, I’m intrigued, I want to know what happens after the window rolls down, everything.

If Carr decides to make music a full-time career, he’s headed to the perfect place. With the Raiders moving to Las Vegas, Carr will see plenty of opportunities to hone his craft in front of a live audience.

Carr and the Raiders continue the preseason against the Rams on Saturday night. Here’s the link to Derek Carr’s music page.