Eva Marie Announces She is Leaving WWE

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Eva Marie has announced she is leaving the WWE.

Eva Marie has officially announced that she will not be returning to World Wrestling Entertainment. On Instagram today, Marie said that she and the company have come to a mutual agreement to part ways after four years.

“Today is a bittersweet day, as @WWE and I have agreed to part ways,” she wrote. “It has been an incredible 4 years, and I am truly grateful to Vince, Paul, Stephanie and the entire WWE team. I would not be where I am today without their continued support.”

Marie went on to say that some of her favorite WWE moments were visiting the troops and going to the Special Olympics, and she concluded by thanking her fans and noting that she has several films in development that they can look forward to.

“Last but not least, thank YOU, my fans, for allowing me to live out a dream that I could have never imagined for myself,” she said. “You are the reason I love to go to work, and that’s not changing anytime soon!”

This departure was not entirely unexpected. Although she was still under contract, Eva Marie has not been seen on WWE programming since August 2016. On August 18th of last year, she was suspended for violating the company’s wellness policy, and although the suspension only lasted 30 days, she never returned after that. In the subsequent months, she pursued film roles, and an in-ring return did not seem to be on the horizon.

Wrestling Inc reported in March that the company did not plan to renew Eva Marie’s contract. And then in May, Pro Wrestling Sheet reported that Marie would not appear in the upcoming season of Total Divas, the E! reality show that follows WWE’s female wrestlers. She said in June that she was not finished with wrestling entirely but that she was too busy with other projects for a WWE return.

“I am ‘Miss All Red Everything,’ so anything is possible, but for the time being, I definitely have some projects coming up that don’t allow me to be on the road as much as you need to be when you are a full-time WWE talent,” Marie said in an interview with the Wrestling Observer (via Bleeding Cool). “So, in that aspect, I have this project and then another one’s coming out, so it’s pretty much occupying all of my time right now. But never say never.”

Eva Marie recently appeared in Inconceivable, a thriller starring Nicolas Cage that is now available on video-on-demand. She will also appear in Action #1, an upcoming comedy about a group of people who steal a comic book from Nicolas Cage.


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