Conor McGregor Boxing Career: Has He Ever Boxed Professionally?

Conor McGregor does have experience as an amateur boxer, but there is a difference between that and fighting Floyd Mayweather. McGregor grew up training at the Crumlin Boxing Club in Dublin.

“There were no weight rules, no limitations on who you could fight,” McGregor told the USA Today. “We would just have an opponent assigned to us. That was always the joke: Everybody at the Crumlin Boxing Club had to fight heavyweights, no matter what size you are. But it was a good lesson. You must be prepared for any eventuality. You must be ready to fight. That’s how I was brought into this game.”

While MMA and boxing are both forms of fighting, getting in a boxing ring against a seasoned professional has a much different feel than stepping into the octagon. While McGregor enters the fight as a heavy underdog in Vegas, there are some that think McGregor’s inexperience could work in his favor. Light heavyweight champion Andre Ward spoke with The Guardian about McGregor’s chances.

“Obviously McGregor is at a glaring disadvantage because they are competing at Mayweather’s craft, his discipline,” Ward told The Guardian. “But McGregor’s advantage is that he is different, he’s an unknown, Floyd doesn’t know what to expect. I’ve sparred with MMA guys as well and it’s harder than you might think, it took me a while to figure them out.”

After footage of McGregor’s unorthodox form went viral, many fans are questioning whether McGregor has a legitimate chance against Mayweather. What is clear is McGregor has been a dominant UFC fighter as his 21-3 record suggests. The challenge is he faces a boxer who is a perfect 49-0 in the ring.

Leading up to the fight, McGregor has displayed confidence, guaranteeing a knockout in five rounds. Boxing fans are about to find out if his confidence is warranted.