Conor McGregor Nationality: Where Is Fighter From?

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Getty Conor McGregor holds the Irish flag at a weigh-in.

Fans notice a unique accent when Conor McGregor speaks. As you might have guessed, McGregor is from Dublin, Ireland. McGregor grew up in the Crumlin neighborhood inside Dublin.

In an in-depth look at where McGregor grew up, ESPN’s Wright Thompson described the area this way.

Most Irish sporting champions reflect the lilting reserve of the green hills. That’s not Conor. He’s inner-city Dublin personified. He carries the lingering spirit of the tenements off O’Connell Street, the projects of Oliver Bond and the cruelly named Fatima Mansions, where his old boxing coach Phil Sutcliffe lost a brother in a drug deal gone bad. Any mysteries about him can be solved on his home turf: an area named Crumlin, built in the 1930s just south of Dublin’s center, when the government tore down the inner-city tenements and needed a new place to house the poor. The Irish revolutionary writer Brendan Behan was one of those moved there, and he described his new home as a place ‘where they eat their young.’

While others in the neighborhood made their money in less legal ways, McGregor was a plumber, before he gave up the blue-collar job to be a full-time fighter.

McGregor prepared for his fight with Mayweather by training in Ireland. UFC President Dana White spoke with SB Nation’s MMA Mania about McGregor’s proud heritage.

“Conor McGregor is working with a bunch of guys over there in Ireland,” White told MMA Mania. “You know how he is about Ireland. Everybody thinks you gotta go here or there, because the best this and that. He’s like ‘We the Irish over here have our stuff together too,’ so he’s very serious about being Irish and keeping it all Irish. Conor told me the McGregor clan has been taking over villages for 300 years, and Floyd’s village is next.”

McGregor may be one of the most famous fighters in the world, but he has not forgotten his roots. According to ESPN, McGregor bought a boat and parked it near a wealthy coastal part of Dublin. McGregor named it the 188, a nod to the monthly welfare amount he received before making it big as a pro athlete.

Irish fans are also proud of their fighter. From bars to block parties, places all over Ireland will be showing the McGregor-Mayweather fight cheering on their hometown hero.