WWE Crowd Boos Bayley During Goodbye Segment

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WWE.com Bayley on Monday Night Raw.

On Monday Night Raw tonight, Bayley was met with boos during an emotional goodbye segment.

This came near the end of the show’s first hour. After it was stated that Bayley suffered a separated shoulder last week and would therefore be unable to compete at SummerSlam, she came out to the ring and told Charly Caruso that she was feeling very bummed about this.

At this point, Bayley said that it was the support of the fans that helped her get through the past week. But while she was saying that, the crowd was booing her. She then responded to the boos, saying that she doesn’t know why people are booing but that it’s the people who aren’t booing her that helped her get through all of this.

“I don’t know who’s booing,” she said. “I’m thanking the ones who are not booing right now.”

As soon as Bayley acknowledged the boos, they only intensified. Bayley seemed to be legitimately thrown off by this, not expecting the crowd to be so viscous during her emotional goodbye. On commentary, Corey Graves called it “bizarro world here in Toronto.” The segment quickly ended, with Bayley introducing Sasha Banks and then leaving, presumably for at least a few weeks as she recovers from her injury.

It was certainly surprising to see Bayley get booed by the crowd in Toronto, especially when comparing this reaction to the massive pop that occurred when she made her debut on the Raw roster a little over a year ago. Bayley actually got a decent pop when she first came out tonight, and so what may have happened is that the crowd was booing the fact that she was injured but Bayley simply misinterpreted the reaction. Still, that doesn’t explain why they kept booing her when she was obviously upset by the crowd’s negativity.

When video of this was posted on WWE’s Twitter account, they clipped out the part where most of the boos could be heard. However, you can see a clip of Bayley getting distracted by the boos on YouTube.

Over the past few months, Bayley has been placed in storylines that hardly did her any favors and that seem to have slowly turned some crowds against her or at least caused them to be less enthusiastic. Most notably, there was Bayley’s feud with Alexa Bliss in which she was mocked for not being “extreme” enough, only to be easily defeated by Bliss at Extreme Rules. Bayley had potential to get back at Alexa Bliss at SummerSlam, but she will no longer be able to participate in the pay-per-view.

It’s unclear when Bayley will be able to return, but hopefully audiences will be behind her once again when she does make it back to the ring.