WWE: When Did Bayley Injure Her Shoulder?


Nia Jax fights Bayley on 'Monday Night Raw.'

Bayley has injured her shoulder, WWE announced on its website today. So when exactly did this happen, and how?

WWE.com notes that Bayley was injured during her match with Nia Jax on Monday Night Raw. But more specifically, the injury seems to occur when Nia throws Bayley out of the ring about 40 seconds into the following video:

As you can see, Bayley lands right on her shoulder. Afterwards, Bayley is seen grabbing the shoulder in pain, and she does that a few more times throughout the remainder of the match. She also doesn’t really make use of her right arm ever again, and the commentary team points out that Bayley is “fighting with one good arm right now.”

“Everything just tensed up around it,” Bayley told WWE.com. “I’ve never had an injury like this before, so I can’t really know what it is. I guess we’re gonna see.”

So is this injury real, or is it part of the storyline? That’s not yet clear, but most fans are leaning towards it being real. After all, if it was part of the storyline, one would think the WWE would make mention of Bayley being examined by medical professionals during Raw, perhaps at least releasing this online announcement immediately after the show ended. Instead, they released it on Tuesday night, a full 24 hours after the end of Raw. For what it’s worth, Bryan Alvarez, commentator for Wrestling Observer Radio, has said he believes the injury is real; he said as much before the official announcement even came on Tuesday.

If it is a work, Bayley has gotten much better at selling, as she really looks convincingly in pain during the clip above. But one could easily see how it could be a work and what the storyline would be. During their last encounter at Extreme Rules, Alexa Bliss made a big deal out of the fact that Bayley is not extreme and not on her level, so what better way of proving her wrong than fighting in spite of a shoulder injury?

Of course, this injury could not have come at a worse time if it’s legitimate. Bayley was just recently booked in her first SummerSlam ever in a Raw Women’s Championship match, and getting hurt this close to the event would likely force her to sit the night out. If Bayley had to be replaced due to an injury, the match would probably become Alexa Bliss vs. Sasha Banks.

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