WWE: Everyone Who Has Had Their Theme Music Changed This Month

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WWE.com Seth Rollins recently debuted a new theme on Monday Night Raw.

Over the past few episodes of Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live, a wide variety of superstars have either gotten new theme songs or have had their theme songs modified. So what are all of the changes that have been made recently?

First up is Seth Rollins, who still has the same theme song that he’s been using, except there is now a new “Burn it down!” vocal added into it. “Burn it Down” Seth Rollins shirts are now being sold in the WWE store.

The Usos have also had new vocals added to their theme. They’re still using the same song as before, but now there are lyrics all throughout; the chorus is “Down since day one ish,” which coincides with The Usos’ T-shirts (they actually used to just say “Day One Ish,” but they were recently modified to read “Down Since Day One Ish,” and a theme song upgrade shortly followed).

There are also some superstars who have entirely new themes. Most recently, Baron Corbin debuted a new one on SmackDown Live. The old theme started off with a motorcycle sound, but this one sounds almost satanic.

Jason Jordan got his own theme song when he broke away from American Alpha and was moved to Monday Night Raw after being revealed to be Kurt Angle’s kayfabe son. This new theme has been widely criticized by fans.

Big Cass got a theme song of his own when he turned heel and broke from Enzo Amore. But just a few weeks later, his theme song was changed again, now sounding more like a rock song although with the intro still being the same.

These are all of the wrestlers who have gotten new themes over the past few weeks. Going back a bit further, Carmella had her theme song modified in June; it’s still the same song, but now it cuts quicker between the opening and the main theme, whereas the old version had a 10 second lull after the “F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S” that always killed some of the excitement. Lana also got her own theme when she made her debut in June.

WWE themes are typically composed by CFO$, a duo consisting of John Paul Alicastro and Michael Conrad Lauri.