Seahawks-Titans Scuffle: Watch Teams Clash After Mariota Hit
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Seahawks-Titans Scuffle: Watch Teams Clash After Mariota Hit

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Marcus Mariota leads the Titans against Seattle.

It’s a hard-hitting battle between the Titans and Seahawks, and some of it is spilling into the benches.

Marcus Mariota was scrambling in the second quarter when he made a move for the sidelines. After he took a full step out of bounds, he took a huge hit from Seahawks CB Richard Sherman. As soon as Mariota went down, Titans lineman Taylor Lewan ran to the aid of his quarterback. Lewan got in the face of Sherman, as Sherman and Michael Bennett were mobbed on the Titans’ sideline.

Sherman was already cited for personal foul earlier in the game, after taking his helmet off to complain to an official about a holding call.

Despite the late hit, Sherman was not ejected. There were offsetting penalties on the play, which infuriated the Titans bench.

The result of the play was a four-yard run by Mariota. The drive continued as normal, with the Titans driving into the red zone and stalling for a punt.

With stout defenses and mobile quarterbacks, Seahawks-Titans has old-school appeal. At the time of the Mariota hit, midway through the second quarter, the Seahawks had 50 total yards. The game also started in bizarre fashion, as neither team was on the field for the national anthem.

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