WWE No Mercy 2017: The Results & Highlights You Need to Know
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WWE No Mercy 2017: The Results & Highlights You Need to Know

Raw General Manager Kurt Angle must be proud of his latest PPV card.

No Mercy 2017 is being ran by the Red Brand this year and Angle is making sure it tops SD Live’s 2016 effort. Raw’s biggest Superstar and current Universal Champion Brock Lesnar will confront his biggest challenger since Goldberg – Braun Strowman. Also on the card is Roman Reigns vs. John Cena, an Intercontinental Championship defense from The Miz against Jason Jordan, a Fatal 5-Way for the Raw Women’s Championship and so much more. With just eight matches in total, this special event is shaping up to either be a solid effort overall or a shockingly incredible showcase from the Raw brand.

You’ve come to the right place to read up on all the results/highlights from WWE No Mercy 2017.

Apollo Crews vs. Elias

WWE No Mercy 2017


Winner: Elias!

Highlights: “The Drifter” berated the LA audience with one of his lil’ acoustic ditties before the match started. Once both men went to work in the ring, a countering war erupted. Elias got the better of Crews with a headlock at one point, but Crews eventually escaped it and locked him in one of his own. Both men continued to struggle until Crews used armdrag takedowns to get over on Elias. Crews tapped into his amazing agility to land a beautiful dropkick on Samson later on. Crews went for a big springboard move at one point, but Elias clipped his legs and caused him to fall to the arena floor.

Elias then took control of the bout after Crews hopped back into the ring. Crews tried fighting back at several points, but Elias cut him off repeatedly. After being locked into a chinlock for a good while, Crews managed to break the hold and quickly suplex Elias. Crews then pulled off his impressive array of signature comeback maneuvers. Elias looked to land a Fireman’s Carry assisted move, but Crews escaped and cracked him with an Enzuguri. Elias got kicked once more while he was outside the ring, but once back in he dodged another big move from Crews. Elias shoved Crews into the ring corner, then finished him with the Drift Away. Elias laid in a few more boots to Crews before Titus O’Neil ran into save him.

The Miz vs. Jason Jordan (WWE Intercontinental Championship)

WWE No Mercy 2017


Winner: And STILL the WWE Intercontinental Champion, The Miz!

Highlights: Jordan roughed up The Miz early with a tight headlock and a bevy of takedowns. The Miz tried to sneak in a pin on Jordan by sliding underneath his legs, but Jordan deadlifted him into a Stalling Suplex. The Miz finally managed to get some offense going at one point, but Jordan responded in kind with a Northern Lights Suplex. The match left the ring for a bit and led to The Miz’s goons distracting Jordan long enough for The Miz to run back into the ring. The Miz took this opportunity to dropkick Jordan right into the crowd barrier. Afterwards, The Miz began controlling the challenger with several maneuvers. The match went back to the outside once again, which led to Jordan flinging The Miz into the crowd barrier. Once back in the ring, Jordan took flight off the top rope and clocked The Miz with a Flying Clothesline. But The Miz got back into control once again by kneeing Jordan in the gut and cracking his chest with repeated kicks. His final kick attempt failed and led right into Jordan suplexing him high into the air.

The Miz then became a victim to Jordan’s suplexing prowess again. Jordan pulled off his double Northern Lights Suplex combination on The Miz, but it didn’t finish off the champion just yet. Jordan kicked himself into a higher gear when he ran to the outside and catapulted Bo Dallas into Curtis Axel and the champ himself. Jordan got The Miz back into the ring and locked on a Crossface for several grueling moments until The Miz broke the hold by grabbing the bottom rope. Jordan then ran full speed ahead at The Miz in the corner, but he missed and slammed his shoulder right into the ring post. Jordan shook off the damage done to him and got The Miz in his hands for another Belly to Belly Suplex. However, Jordan met his end after having to deal with Bo Dallas while he was on the top rope, getting clocked by Axel’s outside interference and then getting dropped with a Skull Crushing Finale. After the match concluded, Jordan provided the WWE Universe with his thoughts on how everything (unfortunately) ended.

Alexa Bliss (c) vs. Sasha Banks vs. Bayley vs. Nia Jax vs. Emma (Fatal 5-Way Match for the WWE Raw Women’s Championship)

WWE No Mercy 2017


Winner: And STILL the WWE Raw Women’s Champion, Alexa Bliss!

Highlights: All five women circled each other before mayhem ensued. Jax squashed the champ in the corner, then she got forced out by the three remaining ladies in the ring. Banks and Bayley managed to force Emma to the outside and then come to blows themselves. Both women squared off for a few moments before Jax grabbed ahold of Banks and threw her into the outside right barrier. Jax entered the ring and began destroying Bayley and Emma. Jax looked to pin Emma, but Bliss ran in to break up her pin. Jax got even angrier as he did tons of damage to Bliss and Emma. Jax even shocked the live crowd when she used a Samoan Drop on both Emma and Banks. Bayley ran in afterwards to work over a weaker Jax and successfully locked in a Guillotine submission. A bunch more women aided Bayley by forcing Jax to the outside. Emma and Bliss then shoved Bayley to the outside. Emma used a double arm suplex on Banks, but had her pin interrupted by Bliss soon after. Emma would none of it and she made sure to take the champ out with a running dropkick.

Jax looked to get back into the ring, but she got slammed to the mat with a Powerbomb to the mat thanks to the assistance of every other woman. While Jax laid out on the outside knocked out, the four remaining ladies exchanged their best moves with each other. Emma looked good for a while until Banks began cutting her down to size. Soon, Banks and Bliss began tearing into each other. Bliss ended up getting locked into The Banks Statement but she didn’t get tapped out. Bliss then ate a Bayley to Belly, but Bliss still managed to survive thanks to Banks’ cutting off Bayley’s pin. Jax even returned to the ring to continue her domination, but she soon ended up back on the outside after ramming her shoulder into the ring post. Bliss retained her title after landing a Snap DDT on Bayley after every other competitor found themselves on the outside.

Neville (c) vs. Enzo Amore (WWE Cruiserweight Championship)

WWE No Mercy 2017


Winner: And the NEW WWE Cruiserweight Champion, Enzo Amore!

Highlights: Enzo arrived in some sort of Beetlejuice attire and dished out plenty of verbal punishment to “The King of Cruiserweights.” After the bell rang, Neville had fun at the expense of his seemingly outmatched challenger. Neville locked Enzo into an arm hold of some sort, but decided to let him go after a few moments. Enzo remained on the receiving end of Neville’s submission attempts until he flipped out of one of them. Neville wasn’t impressed, which led to him tripping Enzo up with a sharp kick to his legs. Enzo fell to the outside, but he fought back into it and actually booted Neville down hard to the mat. Enzo tried landing his DDT off the top rope onto Neville, but got caught in mid-air and shoved into the corner for a ton of strikes to his now weakened physical state. Once both men left the ring, Neville chose to fling him right into the crowd barrier for good measure.

It looked as if Neville was about to be counted out, but he still managed to crawl back inside the ring and break the count. Neville kept Enzo down with a chinlock, but Enzo struck his way out of it. Enzo even kept ahold of the top rope after being thrown outside by Neville, but he flipped over back into the ring and was immediately cut off by a Superkick. Neville taunted the crowd and used his kicking combination to ground Enzo long enough to signal for his Red Arrow. Neville decided not to follow through and proceeded to attempt a Phoenix Splash. Enzo dodged Neville’s top rope maneuver and came off the top rope himself to land a big DDT. Enzo then looked to land a middle rope plancha on Neville, but Neville cut him off with a swift kick. Neville then threw Enzo over into the timekeeper’s area and then leapt back into the ring while the ref started to count out Enzo. Enzo got his hands on the title and angered Neville. An incensed Neville ran outside to confront Enzo, but Enzo dodged him by running back into the ring. The match met its end after Enzo planted a swift kick to Neville’s “crown jewels” while the ref was busy putting the Cruiserweight Championship back in the timekeeper’s area.

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