Super Bowl 2018: Betting Props & MVP Odds Have QB’s on Top

Super Bowl LII between the NFC champion Philadelphia Eagles and AFC champion New England Patriots is February 4 at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis. The night before, the NFL Awards show is held at the University of Minnesota, and it’s expected that Patriots quarterback Tom Brady will win his third NFL MVP award.

And on the Super Bowl LII MVP odds, it’s absolutely no surprise that Brady is a heavy -125 favorite at sportsbooks monitored by to win a fifth award from that game. His four already are a record. Brady’s five Super Bowl rings also are the most ever for a quarterback, and the only victory in which he wasn’t named MVP was XXXIX when the Patriots beat, ironically enough, the Eagles 24-21.

Brady had a solid game that day, throwing for 236 yards and two touchdowns, but the award went to receiver Deion Branch, who caught 11 passes for 133 yards.

Quarterbacks almost always win the regular-season MVP Award these days, and they generally take Super Bowl honors as well – they have done so 28 times. There have been 51 Super Bowls, so you do the math. Last year in the big comeback win over the Atlanta Falcons, Brady set Super Bowl records in completions (43), attempts (62) and yards (466) in winning his fourth, breaking a tie for most MVPs with his boyhood idol Joe Montana.

Brady’s quarterback counterpart is Nick Foles, who only took over as the Philadelphia starter when Carson Wentz was lost to a season-ending torn ACL in Week 14. Foles is the +325 second-favorite. He would certainly be one of the more unlikely winners, at least in comparison to regular season production.

Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski is the only other player below +1800 as he’s +850 on the Super Bowl MVP odds. Gronk suffered a concussion in the AFC Championship Game but is expected to be ready for Super Sunday. No question he’s Brady’s top target, but if Gronk puts up big numbers that means Brady has, too, so then Brady might win MVP again. No tight end has ever won Super Bowl MVP.

Gronk’s Eagles counterpart Zach Ertz is at +1800. Ertz was on pace for better regular-season numbers than Gronkowski, but he missed two games with injury and hasn’t been quite as productive with Foles as with Wentz.

The top defensive player on the board is Eagles Pro Bowl tackle Fletcher Cox at +4000. Just one defensive tackle has won the award, the Dallas Cowboys’ Randy White, who shared XII honors with defensive end Harvey Martin, the only winner at his position.

No placekicker, punter or offensive lineman has won Super Bowl MVP. Both placekickers in this game, Philadelphia’s Jake Elliott and New England’s Stephen Gostkowski, are +5000.

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John Mayor drives EVERYONE nuts!

Ahhh, shit, Mayor’s helmet is strapped on too tight ….again!
I thought some sports guy like me made a comment, preferably an Eagles fan , so I could’ve grounded him with reality.
Still a very informative and interesting read anyways.
Go Patriots!


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