Ashley & Chris Hogan: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Chris Hogan wife, Ashley Boccio


Chris Hogan and his wife, Ashley, may be one of the most supportive and impressive couples in the entire NFL. The New England Patriots wide receiver and his wife are a one-two punch of athletic accomplishment and success and they should probably get a patent on how to follow schedules. Of course, their kids are pretty cute too.

Now, as Hogan preps to suit up for a third straight Super Bowl, he knows, whatever happens on the field, he’s got one heck of a support system behind him.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. They Met as Lacrosse Stars at Penn State

Hogan took a less-than-usual path to the NFL. The Wyckoff, New Jersey, native was actually a midfielder for the Penn State lacrosse team and, in 2009, led the Nittany Lions with 29 goals and 34 total assists. He also led the team 133 shots taken and was named a First Team All-ECAC selection.

Ashley, meanwhile, was a defensive standout and started all 16 games as a junior in 2010. The Northport, New York native was also a star at the high school level, leading her team to three straight Suffolk County titles and earning All-American status as a senior.

Chris, who eventually transferred to Monmouth to try his hand at football, credits his wife for helping him find the drive to work towards his NFL career.

“We formed such a great relationship at Penn State and she supported me through everything. There was never a doubt in her mind that I could do this, but she knew I had to work to get to where I am today. If there is anyone I could learn from her, it’s her,” he previously told Inside Lacrosse.

2. They’re Both Incredibly Competitive

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The Hogans spent so much time around sports that it’s understandable they’re just as competitive now as they were in college. The less expected aspect of that competitive nature? How competitive they are with each other. According to Inside Lacrosse, the longtime couple has a running joke that when Ashley was named an All-American in 2009, Chris promised to top that accomplishment.

“We have to one-up the other. Last year, I ran a marathon, and that was me telling Chris that he had to one-up me. When I finished it, he told me it was his turn to do something big, and that’s get to the Super Bowl. He has me now, playing in the Super Bowl on Sunday. But I think he’ll concede I’ve outdone him again. I’m having twins in March, which is a great time for lacrosse season,” Ashley explained.

Of course, any of those competitive tendencies have been put aside when it comes to their kids. On that Chris and Ashley are of one mind: The Hogan twins are playing lacrosse.

3. They Tied the Knot in July 2017

Chris popped the question during a trip to New York City in July of 2014, but the two didn’t become husband and wife until the 2017 offseason, exchanging vows at the Westmount Country Club in New Jersey.

It was a long wait, but worth it as the couple described their romance:

“Over the last 8 year[s], Ash and Chris have spent time pursuing their dreams. Ashley is currently in her second year of her Podiatry residency. Chris is a wide receiver for the Patriots. They have finally decided to make things official, and hope all can join to watch them head down the [aisle],” reads an excerpt from The Knot.

The black-tie event was a picture-perfect affair that even included an after-party which, per the couple’s wedding site, would keep “the party going all night.” Ashley’s sister, Jessica, who also played lacrosse at Penn State, served as maid of honor, while Chris’ brother, Jeff, was the best man.

4. Ashley Worked as a Surgical Resident on Long Island

Ashley’s career on the lacrosse field didn’t play out after college, but she had her sights on something else entirely – saving lives. The former Nittany Lions star was a surgery resident in podiatric medicine at Long Island Medical Center in New York.

It was a career she always knew she wanted to pursue. In fact, Ashley said, while growing up, she watched as her father went over his own surgical videotapes and found orthopedic procedures fascinating. “It was corn flakes and anatomical dissection of the ankle,” she told Northwell Health Newsroom.

Of course, it isn’t always easy for Chris and Ashley to balance their hectic schedules. Ashley stays on Long Island while she’s working, but she does her best to make it up to the in-season rental Hogan has in Massachusetts.

“Ashley’s made countless sacrifices, put up with me being all over the country, training camps, being away six months of the year. I will never be able to repay what she’s done for me in my career,” Hogan told the Boston Globe. “On the flip side of things, I know how hard this woman has worked from Day One to get to med school, studying through the night, all week, every single day, to pass all her boards, all of her exams, get to residency, work like a frickin’ dog, 24-hour call a couple days a week, weekends, she just does it.”

It’s a fine-tuned system the pair have perfected over the last few years, including everything from FaceTime dates and making sure Hogan can watch family nights while also discussing plans for after Boccio’s graduation. There’s plenty of chaos, but it’s a functional kind and, with another Super Bowl ahead of them, the family is more than ready to take on whatever comes next.

5. They’re Parents to Twins

It was a pretty fantastic 2017 for the Hogans. The pair got the year off by announcing that they weren’t just expecting their first child – they were expecting twins. And they even did it memorably, announcing the news on social media with “Thought we were going for an extra point, I guess we went for two.”

Chase and Parker were born in March 2017, and the duo has become frequent stars on Hogan and Boccio’s Instagram feed.

The Hogan twins were part of a mini Patriots baby boom in 2017 as six different players welcomed seven new additions in the first few months of 2017. Hogan spoke about the challenges of recently-acquired fatherhood.

“It’s pretty cool, it’s such an awesome experience for guys like Devin who are new dads, like myself, we’re going through all this stuff for the first time and it’s pretty cool to go through that with guys on the team. You always have someone to look to when you have a rough night or a tough car ride or a gross diaper change, whatever it is, you have guys to look towards who are going through the same thing,” he told Sports Illustrated back in 2017.

Chase and Parker may still be too young to understand the magnitude of a Super Bowl, but it’s possible that Ashley will bring them to Mercedes-Benz Stadium to catch the game tonight. If the Patriots win, you will likely see Ashley, Chase, and Parker on the field.

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