Nick Foles Contract & Salary: Will QB Stay in Philadelphia?

Nick Foles contract, Nick Foles salary

(Getty) Nick Foles' performance this postseason may earn him a big-time paycheck soon.

He’s not the quarterback the Eagles expected to lead them to the Super Bowl.

Nick Foles, who led Philly to its first-ever championship and was named the game’s MVP, surprised the entire sports world this postseason. After all, just a few seasons ago he was contemplating retirement after being traded. Again. But, despite all the reasons why it shouldn’t have worked, Foles return under center in Philadelphia has been a piece of football-art and, now, as he looks to lead the squad to its first-ever championship, there’s just one question – what happens after?

To answer that, we’ve got to go back a few months. Picture it, March 13 and the Eagles front office has made a seemingly inconsequential roster move, dropping Chase Daniel and bringing back Nick Foles as backup to Carson Wentz.

After stints with the Rams and the Chiefs – neither of which ended well and left him considering leaving football all together – Foles signed a five-year, $27.5 million deal with the Eagles. The contract also included another $5 million in incentives and up to $6 million more for 2018 if he hits certain markers. But wait, there’s more. Foles contract with the Eagles isn’t exactly cut and dry and, according to the Boston Globe’s Ben Volin, comes with a very likely expiration date.

So this means…what, exactly? It means if Foles is still suiting up in green in February 2019, then the final three years of his contract are immediately void and he’ll become a free agent. In other words, it basically guarantees that Foles will be traded by 2019.

With that in mind – and as much as it may pain Eagles fans to hear this – Wentz’s injury might be the biggest win-win a team could possibly have when losing its franchise player. Foles was fantastic in his first two playoff games this season. He completed over 76 percent of his passes against the Falcons and the Vikings and notched a 95.8 quarterback rating in the NFC championship game, completing 26 of 33 passes for 352 yards and three touchdowns.

The NFL is a reactionary business. Let’s not forget Brock Osweiler and Matt Flynn. A few fantastic games and suddenly they’re raking in millions. That doesn’t mean the same will hold true for Foles – he’s a bit of a journeyman quarterback and his play over the last few seasons has been up-and-down at best – but his performance in the postseason could be a huge boost to his trade prospects.

CBSSport’s Kevin Skiver broke it down a bit more:

…Foles’ $3 million signing bonus [is for] over a five-year span, reducing his cap hit…The total value of the deal was $27.5 million over five years. Over the next three years of the deal, Foles’ contract would be worth $5.5 million per year, plus the $600,000 signing bonus.

There’s no guarantee of anything in the NFL. Quarterbacks get hot, other quarterbacks get hurt and teams make trades that leave fans scratching their head and promising they could do it better. But Foles’ performance over the last few weeks has been enough to spark some talk and in a game that’s driven by QB play, a team looking for a leader under center, with a strong underdog mentality could be knocking on some metaphorical doors after the Super Bowl.

Let’s just say, don’t count Foles out quite yet.

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