Mikaela Shiffrin Schedule: Rescheduled Event Delays Debut Again

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Getty Mikaela Shiffrin has had her 2018 Olympic debut delayed twice.

Fans excited to see Mikaela Shiffrin’s 2018 Winter Olympics debut on Tuesday night were yet again disappointed as weather delayed the women’s slalom for the second time. Shiffrin was initially scheduled to compete on Sunday, but the event was delayed as well thanks to adverse weather. According to the Denver Post, Sunday’s giant slalom was re-scheduled for Wednesday meaning Shiffrin would finally begin competition on Wednesday if all goes as planned. Tuesday’s event has been rescheduled for Thursday meaning skiing fans will see Shiffrin for the next three nights.

NBC has featured Shiffrin as one of the American faces of the 2018 Winter Olympics, but the network has had her prime time debut spoiled two times in three nights. In 2014, Shiffrin became the youngest Olympian to win a gold medal in slalom. NBC’s Olympic coverage will feature a lot of Shiffrin along with Lindsey Vonn as the Olympics head towards Week 2.

Here’s a look at the projected schedule of skiing events for Shiffrin, pending the weather not causing additional events to be re-scheduled.

Wednesday, February 14 Women’s Slalom TBD
Thursday, February 15 Women’s Slalom TBD
Friday, February 16 Women’s Super-G 9 p.m. Eastern
Thursday, February 22 Super Combined 9 p.m. Eastern

On February 4, Shiffrin tweeted she could not wait for her first event, but all Shiffrin has done is wait as high winds have caused several events be postponed.

Shiffrin spoke with NBC Sports after her event was initially delayed on Sunday.

“It’s a bummer that we’re not able to race today,” Shiffrin told NBC Sports. “But with the training block I’ve had, I’m prepared and feeling good. I’ll use this time to continue to train and refocus on Wednesday’s slalom race. We have a great gym and space to eat and take plenty of naps, so I’ll use this time to recharge.”

NBC San Diego reported the wind chill at the beginning of the course was -30 degrees. United States coach Paul Kristofic told ESPN that postponing the event was the right decision even though it pushes the events together without much rest for those competing in multiple events.

We’ve been through this before in the World Cup quite often,” said U.S. coach Paul Kristofic. “The No. 1 thing is safety and the second is having a good, fair race, and neither one of those were achievable today…They were looking at how strong the wind is, visibility and fairness of course. To run in unstable conditions can go in your favor or against you. No one really wants to see that. So I think we’re in a good place.”

How good is Shiffrin? Former Olympian Bode Miller told Reuters she has the chance to be the best ever.

“I think she’s maybe the best ski racer I’ve ever seen, male or female,” Miller told Reuters. “She’s so balanced, dynamic, intense and focused, so for me, I think she’s got a chance in any event she skis in.”

Fans will keep their fingers crossed that Wednesday’s race will be able to be run as scheduled.