Rosalind Schwartzel, Charl’s Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

charl schwartzel wife

Getty Charl Schwartzel pictured with his wife Rosalind Schwartzel and daughter Olivia Schwartzel.

Charl Schwartzel is from Johannesburg, South Africa where he met his wife, Rosalind Schwartzel. The couple resides on their family farm in Vereeniging, South Africa with their four-year-old daughter Olivia when Charl is not traveling for tournaments.

Being married to a professional golfer comes with its challenges, but Rosalind has a good understanding given her tennis background. Charl and Rosalind knew each other for a while before they dated. According to, the couple started dating in 2008 after Charl was coming out of a bad breakup with a long-time girlfriend. They got married in 2010, and Charl won the Masters a year later.

Charl has earned two PGA Tour victories along with 13 international wins. Charl has had 31 top-10 finishes over his career.

Learn more about Charl’s wife, Rosalind.

1. Rosalind Was a Ranked Tennis Player in South Africa

charl schwartzel wife

Rosalind Schwartzel at the Masters Par 3 Contest.

Rosalind understands the life of an athlete. According to the Presidents Cup, Rosalind was a ranked tennis player in South Africa. Charl understands Rosalind’s presence has a positive impact on his game.

“She supports me very much and goes everywhere,” Rosalind told “It can be a very, very lonely life. To have someone out there, I don’t have to worry too much. She’s very independent and goes out and does things. But she’s out there walking with me for support in rain and wind. That means a lot.”

2. Rosalind Comes From a Golfing Family & Is Cousins With Justin Rose

charl schwartzel wife

Rosalind Schwartzel serving as caddie for her husband at the HSBC Golf Championship.

According to, Rosalind’s father, Brian Jacobs, was a golf pro at Meyerton Golf Club in South Africa. With her tennis background combined with a family who loves to golf, Rosalind was the perfect fit for Charl. Charl spoke with about the challenges of being married to a golfer.

“She’s from a golfing family,” Charl spoke to “I think it makes a big difference. A golfer’s life is a very selfish life. That’s the way it is. If it was not like that, you wouldn’t really succeed in it. Not everyone understands that.”

3. The Couple Has a Daughter Named Olivia

Charl and Rosalind have one child together, a daughter named Olivia. The couple keeps their family life private, but Charl spoke about what he was expecting from fatherhood before Olivia was born.

“I think those sort of things can either work really in your favor or completely against you [in golf],” Charl told “It’s very seldom where it’s in-between in situations like that. I’m just really excited for our first child…It’s a lot of luggage for a little person. I’ve been putting most of it up but I can see it’s going to be a lot of luggage.”

Charl has been open about the impact of his father on his life as well as his golf game. During a 2016 interview with, Charl spoke about how his dad helped him regain his form.

“Always back to my dad,” Charl spoke to “It was that time of year I do go back to South Africa and I got to spend a couple times with my dad down there, and he gave me all old feelings and sort of things that we used to work on that I had forgotten to work on again and made it very simple.”

4. Charl Met Rosalind After Going Through a Difficult Breakup

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The couple knew each other in South Africa, but did not start dating until later in life. Charl had just gone through a difficult breakup, and it was impacting his golf game. The couple began dating in 2008, and Charl started seeing his play on the course improve.

“Whatever you do, it all starts at home,” Charl explained to “If you’re happy at home, it will feed into what you do as a professional…[After the breakup, his golf] wasn’t going anywhere. I met Rosalind and have been very happy within myself.”

Just a few years later, Charl won the Masters, and his career began to ascend. Rosalind spoke with about how important winning the Masters was for Charl’s career.

“To see him succeed in what he loves is great; to see him win that day was phenomenal,” Rosalind told “He was so calm and relaxed all week long. That Sunday you had this feeling that something special was going to happen. It was all the sudden like this rocket going off.”

5. Rosalind Calls Charl’s Green Jacket From the 2011 Masters Their “Child”

The green jacket is one of the iconic symbols in sports. It is the dream of every golfer to one day be part of the Masters champions fraternity. After Charl won the 2011 Masters, the green jacket became part of the Schwartzel family.

“It’s become like our child,” Rosalind told

Unfortunately, you only get to keep the jacket for a year, then it goes back into your locker at Augusta. Charl spoke to about his experience wearing the green jacket.

We only get to keep it for a year and then you leave it in your locker. Instead of leaving it in South Africa and only seeing it every two months – what’s the point of that? – I just travel with it every week. I see it every day. You obviously don’t put it on every day, but you see it and sometimes you just stare at it for a while.

It’s amazing how much attention that jacket draws. We walk around the airport – I’ve still got it as they gave it to me in the same green bag – anywhere you go in the world people know the stature of what that jacket means.

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