England Won the 1966 World Cup

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Getty Harry Kane is looking to lead England to their first World Cup since 1966.

England’s only World Cup title came in 1966, a number etched in fans minds. England is just one win away from having a chance to win their first World Cup in over 50 years. England beat West Germany to win their first and only World Cup title in 1966. England accomplished the feat on their home turf as they were also the host country.

You might see some England fans saying “It’s coming home.” It has become a rallying cry for England fans over the years. The term comes from a song created in 1996 to celebrate, albeit a bit pessimistically, England hosting the European Football Championship. Time provides an overview of the origin of the phrase.

“It’s coming home” makes up the chorus of the 1996 song “Three Lions,” by The Lightning Seeds. The song was created, with the help of comedians David Baddiel and Frank Skinner, to commemorate England hosting the 1996 European Football Championship, its first hosting gig since the 1966 World Cup, according to the BBC. With lyrics like, “England’s gonna throw it away, gonna blow it away,” and “thirty years of hurt,” the song was meant to lovingly poke fun at the bittersweet existence of British soccer fans, according to the Independent.

There is a lot of pressure on the current England squad to help the country forget about its recent past. England manager Gareth Southgate not only is familiar with England’s history, but the coach explained to ESPN that he believes his team has a chance to be even greater than the 1966 team in the record books.

We’ve talked, touched briefly, certainly, on the team which won [in 1966]. How they’re still held and revered. At the beginning of working together with the lads and trying to sell them the vision of what’s possible, what we’re looking to achieve in the long-term.

We also feel we’ve had events on when we’ve been in camp when some of those guys have been in, when the road was named at St George’s [Park] after Sir Alf.

I’ve met quite a few of those players and we know exactly how they’re held and perhaps in the modern era that would be even crazier, social media and everything else, the global thing is so much bigger.

Southgate has introduced a new fun and attacking style of soccer to the national team. So far, it has worked with the help of star forward Harry Kane. From the sound of things, England fans have Fortnite to thank for their star strikers recent play. Games Radar explained the funny exchange Kane had with a BBC reporter.

“Tell us something you’re doing here that you really enjoy when you’re not thinking about scoring goals?” veteran BBC presenter Gabby Logan asked Kane in an interview broadcast at half-time of yesterday’s Belgium vs Japan fixture.

“Playing Fortnite,” replied Kane. “As silly as that sounds, playing Fortnite passes the time quite well,” he continued. “There are quite a few of us playing a few games of that.”

England enters their semifinal match against Croatia as a heavy favorite to advance to the final.