Baker Mayfield’s RV Is the Real MVP of Hard Knocks

The story of the Browns quarterbacks RVCleveland Browns quarterback Drew Stanton talks about the RV that the quarterbacks made rookie Baker Mayfield provide as a escape from things during training camp. Friday, July 27, 2018.2018-07-28T16:24:53.000Z

Fans finally got to see Baker Mayfield’s RV, the most talked about vehicle in Cleveland, thanks to Hard Knocks. As part of Mayfield’s rookie duties, the former Oklahoma quarterback rented an RV to serve as the Browns quarterback room. At first, Mayfield said he would not be allowing cameras in the RV, but that has changed since HBO’s Hard Knocks and Fox’s All the Way Up have shown the vehicle on their respective shows. Veteran Tyrod Taylor admits the story has been a bit overblown.

“It’s just something for us to be able to get away,” Taylor told Sporting News. “Not anything special or anything. Y’all are making it way bigger of a deal than it should be.”

Fourth-string quarterback Brogan Roback has the responsibility of making sure the fridge is stocked with food and drinks. If it is not up to the veterans standards, there are rookie repercussions.

On All the Way Up, fans got to see Mayfield shop for the RV. He admitted it was the biggest purchase he has made, and was worried his credit card might get declined. Here’s a clip of Mayfield shopping for the RV.

Baker Mayfield Rolling Around in RV at CampFootball NFL2018-08-11T22:47:24.000Z

Mayfield also took a subtle jab at the Browns on Hard Knocks for his rookie requirement.

“Most position groups do dinners and make the rookies pay for it. Not here. Not the Cleveland Browns,” Mayfield said on Hard Knocks (via ESPN). “I had to get an RV for training camp. It’s a good thing I signed last night.”

ESPN detailed the hard work that Roback puts in to keep the RV stock, and noted veteran Drew Stanton’s requirements.

Not much has been said by the co-habitants about the quarterback-only RV in the parking lot during camp. Taylor feigned ignorance when asked by the media, and Mayfield has been relatively tight-lipped. But fourth-string quarterback Brogan Roback revealed some more details about the quarterback hangout. Roback has been put in charge of stocking the fridge, securing and arranging the snacks, even fluffing the pillow of veteran backup Drew Stanton. And he has to take his job seriously.

When Mayfield and Taylor are not recuperating in the RV, they are competing for the starting quarterback position. However, the Browns have been firm in their declaration that Taylor is the starting quarterback. John Dorsey explained to why the team is locked in on Taylor.

“This is for the betterment not only of the organization long term, but it’s also better for the development of Baker, in terms of when it comes time for him to actually step on the field and play,” Dorsey told “… Guess what? He understands the complexities of a very difficult position. I think the adjustment will be that much easier for him to be able to recognize defense, understand the speed of the game. I think it’s just a natural transition into that position. And why vary from the plan we have in motion right now?”