Barstool Sports Twitch Account Threatens to Swat Streamer

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Rough N Rowdy Barstool hosted their "Rough N Rowdy" boxing event on Sunday.

Barstool Sports is hosting “Rough N Rowdy 4” in Youngstown Ohio on Sunday night, but they’re also providing security.

After discovering a streamer illegally broadcasting the event through their channel, the official Barstool Sports Twitch account joined the chat. The Barstool account immediately started aggressively asking the host to take the stream down. The account posted in chat,”Ever heard of ‘Swatting,'” adding, “It’s not a threat, it’s a response.” The account also alluded to the suspension of the host’s Twitch and Instagram accounts.

LikeButta is a Twitch streamer with 171 followers, and was streaming under the title “Not RnR.”

These things can happen on Twitch, but LikeButta doesn’t have the following to show up on Barstool’s radar. There was no action from Barstool until the Twitch link to LikeButta’s channel lingered in the Barstoolsports subreddit, upon which the stream was flooded with fans looking for a high-quality illegal stream.

The Twitch account Barstoolsports is the official account of the company, sporting more than 3 million views and more than 25,000 followers.

When LikeButta didn’t take the stream down, Barstool pressed the issue. When one of the viewers mentioned that the chat was still waiting on the FBI, the Barstoolsports account posted, “We didn’t have your address at that point. Now we do.”

“Swatting,” is the act of falsely calling in a major crime to 911 in an effort to incite a major police response. In December of last year, 28-year old Andrew Finch was killed by police in an incident caused by Swatting.

Update: The Barstool Sports Twitch account has been removed. Barstool social media manager Devlin D’Zmura did not mention the incident directly, but claimed responsibility for getting the account removed. On Monday, D’Zmura tweeted “Apologies to anyone that enjoyed our Twitch. I’m an idiot. I’m an (expletive) idiot.”

Here are the screenshots of the Twitch chat:

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