11 Best Anti Hero Skateboards: The Ultimate List (2018)

anti hero skateboards


Anti-Hero Skateboards have been a solid choice since their introduction to the industry, in 1995. They’ve never deviated from their original vision: Make skateboarding fun.

To save you some time, we’ve determined the best Anti-Hero skateboard is the Trujillo Skate Shanks. The fact that it’s built to take a beating, and has quality parts for a great price, skyrocketed it into this position.

I’m going to leave you with a choice: Skip ahead to the best models, or stay with me to learn more about Anti-Hero.

If you’re choosing to stay with me, here’s a quick rundown of what we’re covering:

Get ready to dive into this awesome skateboard company’s past.

Anti-Hero’s Unique History

Back in 1995, pro skateboarder Julien Stranger founded the iconic skateboarding brand. But, it wasn’t solely the brainchild of Stranger–Jim Thiebaud originally sought him out, for this joint-venture.

Thiebaud, an ex-Powell team member, and Stranger had similar feelings about the sport: It was growing more stale by the day–and they wanted to change that trend.

In other words, there wasn’t exactly a clear vision. Rather, they were interested in bringing life back into the industry, without a specific angle.

During an interview with Vice, Stranger explained the origins further, “Oh, there’s was no concept … well, maybe there was, I don’t know. Just kind of balance out the rest, or something, with what was going on with us.”

Anti-Hero was created as a reflection the dichotomy between what the current state of skateboarding looked like, and what it should look like.

This passion for an un-jaded skateboard lifestyle hasn’t faltered, over the years. Instead, they’ve continued to grow, bringing big names on board, like Grant Taylor.

Other current riders include:

  • John Cardiel
  • Raney Beres
  • Peabody
  • Austin Kanfoush

The list could go on-and-on, but you get the idea: Top pro riders love Anti-Hero skateboards.

2018 brought about some significant changes to their line.

While they’re currently owned by Deluxe Distribution (alongside other popular brands, like Krooked & Spitfire), they’re breaking up into separate divisions.

Economic and industry reasons were a driver behind this, but ultimately Anti-Hero wanted to shift their focus back to the riders. The announcement was made on their homepage.

To do so, they chose to split their current lines into separate brands, to better reflect the diversity of riders, from personality, to riding-style, and taste.

So, they’ve broken down in the following manner:

With this division, there’s something for everyone.

What Makes an Anti-Hero Stand out From the Crowd?

It’s a great question you can ask most brands. After all, vision only gets you so far. So, what really makes an Anti-Hero a solid “yes”?

Well, two things: Deck construction and graphics.

Pretty much any deck by Deluxe Distribution is sweet–you can’t go wrong. But, Anti-Heroes really take the cake.

In every single deck, they use the exact same wood–this ensures succinctness across the board (haha–pun intended). So, you can always step on a deck, and know how it should feel.

With a decent-concave, in conjunction with slightly-wider-boards, Anti-Hero decks are known for their comfort and control.

By using a high-quality wood press, they don’t discriminate between decks-for-pros and decks-for-average-Joes–everyone rides the same freakin’ thing.

As a general rule of thumb, Anti-Heroes:

  • Exhibit low-torsional flex
  • Have tons of pop
  • Feel solid underfoot
  • Are built with extremely durable materials

That extreme durability comes from their consistent use of 7-ply maple. Moreover, each board’s stain finished, for a stronger layer, with a polished look.

Where they really shine, though, is their incredibly striking graphics. With a variety of designs, ranging from skulls to their iconic bald eagle, there’s an eye-catching piece of artwork for everyone.

Why Go With an Anti-Hero?

Quality is calling your name.

Anti-Heroes are consistently one of the best skateboards and skateboard brands out there. Their use of consistent wood across all lines, ensures you know exactly what you’re riding every single time.

With an Anti-Hero, you’re riding the exact same freakin’ thing as what the pros ride; the company doesn’t discriminate by level-of-expertise.

Because it’s skater-owned, the company’s vision has never deviated. Thus, every single thing they release changes the landscape of the skateboard world–only fun here, no boring, glum lameness.

What’s more, is they frequently collaborate with your other favorite skateboard brands, like Girl and Volcom. In turn, this marries the genius of two amazing companies, to produce better-than-you-could-imagine skateboard equipment and apparel.

To keep it short and sweet: An Anti-Hero skateboard, is a one-way ticket to high-quality skateboarding…and fun, to boot.

One last thing. They pair well with backpacks for skateboards, for easy travel and convenience.

Phew–that was quite a bit of info! Let’s not waste anymore time, so the question is

What are the best Anti-Hero Skateboards?

1. Anti Hero Classic Eagle – $79.95

anti hero skateboards


Pros: Cons:
  • Fantastic for riders of all-levels
  • Shines in the park and on the street
  • Small, hard wheels are ideal for hitting tricks
  • Great price, for what you receive
  • Amphetamine ABEC 5 bearings – decent, but could use an upgrade
  • Doesn’t come pre-assembled

What better way to honor the awesomeness that is an Anti-Hero, than to go with their OG deck?

This Classic Eagle is what you’re after.

Anti-Hero Classic Eagle Specs

Length: 32″
Width: 8.25″
Shape: Slightly-wider nose, medium-concave
Deck Material: 7-ply North American maple
Trucks: Core Trucks, grade 8 steel kingpins and axle
Bushings: Made in USA
Wheels: 52mm 99A
Bearings: Amphetamine ABEC 5

Right off the bat, it’s easy to see that this skateboard model is built to take on the park.

The 52mm 99A wheels pave the way for a slower ride, ideal for hitting some gnarly tricks. In conjunction with the Amphetamine bearings, your board has a bit of a boost.

While the bearings are solely an ABEC 5, they’re built with rubber serviceable shields, light synthetic oil, and Delrin crowns, to add some major smoothness.

As for the trucks, they’re Core brand, made of high-quality, lightweight aluminum. More specifically, they have grade 8 steel kingpins and axels, while the pivot cups and bushings are American-made.

On the flip side, these parts all work in-tandem, for fantastic street riding, too.

Since Anti-Hero’s known for their sweet graphics, they want to ensure it stays on your board. That’s why the artwork on this deck’s screened onto a painted background.

Who’s This Skateboard for?

Riders of all-skill-levels.

While more-advanced riders may want to upgrade the bearings, it’s not a necessity right out-the-box.

What makes this such a versatile board, is that you can hit the park, or shred the streets–you’re ready to tackle either environment.

One thing to consider: This set-up doesn’t come pre-assembled. So, you have to put it together yourself. Ultimately, though, this gives you total control over how you ride.

A classic’s a classic for a reason–it’s been a fantastic choice, tested with time. Get your Anti-Hero classic today.

Buy an Anti Hero Classic Eagle here.

2. Anti Hero Budget Cuts Complete – $79.95

anti hero skateboards


Pros: Cons:
  • Built for riders of all-skill-levels
  • Standard popsicle shape & medium-concave – feels stable and solid
  • Shines in both park & street riding
  • Deck has tons of pop – awesome for hitting tricks
  • Must assemble yourself – doesn’t come put-together
  • Bearings are decent – should be switched out, for advanced riders

At some point, you start to feel like skateboard graphics are all the same: Something hilarious, offensive, hilariously offensive…or minimalist as hell.

That’s great and all, but what if you’re looking for something, well, different? A twist on a recognizable pattern, perhaps?

The Budget Cuts ought to do it.

Anti-Hero Budget Cuts Complete Specs

Length: 31.25″
Width: 7.75″
Shape: Standard popsicle, medium-concave
Deck Material: 7-ply North American maple
Trucks: Core trucks, Grade 8 steel kingpins & axles
Bushings: USA-made
Wheels: 52mm 99A
Bearings: Amphetamine ABEC 5

So, what exactly does the Budget Cuts board resemble? Caution tape, of course!

But in this case, they’re not asking you to be extra cautious….rather, to throw caution to the wind.

Now, that doesn’t mean be an idiot about skateboarding. Instead, it’s meant to encourage you to let go of your fears, trust your skills, and stop being such a cautious Cathy.

Ok, so, that’s not exactly why they created this board, but it sure as heck fits into their philosophy: Freakin’ have fun.

After all, with all of the quality parts in this complete, there’s no reason not to feel confident.

Like all Anti-Hero decks, this baby’s made with a solid 7-ply North American maple. The level of pop is out-of-this world, and it’s durable as heck.

The trucks are nothing to write home about–and that’s ok. It’s part of what keeps the price low. They perform well, get the job done, and feel solid. That’s really all you want out of trucks anyway.

In the same vein as the Classic Eagle from above, this complete’s loaded up with 52mm 99A wheels. So, you can confidently hit a trick, or tackle the open road.

The Amphetamine ABEC 5 bearings get the job done, thanks to Delrin crowns, rubber serviceable shields, and a touch of synthetic oil. While they’re not top-of-the-line, they’re a good starting set.

If you’re highly-skilled, you may want to switch them out. But, it’s not a necessity.

That medium-concave keeps your feet solid on the board, providing that highly-sought-after feeling of balance.

Who’s This Skateboard for?

Just about everyone.

What makes Anti-Heroes such a solid choice for the masses, is the fact that their decks are versatile and consistent. There’s not a single exception, to this construction rule.

Thus, all boards are crafted with fun and feel in-mind. Since that fun and feel doesn’t change deck-to-deck, riders of all-skill-levels are comfortable from the get-go.

While newbie skateboarders may not be able to use everything the deck has to offer, it provides a fantastic platform, for getting into the sport.

In the same breath, expert riders benefit from an Anti-Hero, for those same fantastic qualities. These skateboarders, though, use them to their fullest-extent.

And regardless of ability, you’re not pigeon-holed into one riding style. The Budget Cut gives you room to play, across many types of terrain.

Boost cast leftover in your wallet, with a Budget Cut.

Also available in: Natural color & 8″, 8.25″, and 8.5″ widths.

Buy an Anti Hero Budget Cuts Complete here.

3. Anti Hero Trujillo Skate Shanks Complete – $99.95

anti hero skateboards


Pros: Cons:
  • Decked out with CCS parts – very high-quality
  • Collab with Skate Shanks – unique, head-turning design
  • Versatile riding – hit pools, verts, street with ease
  • Built to take a beating
  • Wheels may be too hard for some riders (100A durometer)

As far as big skateboarding companies go, it’s safe to bet on the fact they produce different lines. This keeps riding-styles and rider personalities, from crossing over too much, and missing the mark.

Anti-Hero, of course, follows that same thought-process: Different lines, for different riders.

Their Skate Shanks are one of their more popular lines. But, we’re specifically focusing on the Trujillo.

Anti Hero Trujillo Skate Shanks Complete Specs

Length: 32.56″
Width: 8.62″
Shape: Standard popsicle
Deck Material: 7-ply North American Maple
Trucks: CCS 139mm Raw trucks
Wheels: CCS 52mm
Bearings: CCS Blue Steel Bearings

At first glance, the Trujillo looks like another awesome Anti-Hero skateboard. And, it is.

But, there’s something the specs don’t show you: What the Skate Shank line is all about.

Skate Shank’s a small design studio, based in Australia. Their speciality is knives–not just any knives, though. All of them are hand-crafted out of old skateboard decks and hand-picked blades, from Japan and Scandinavia.

Naturally, Anti-Hero had to collab with these bad boys. They are the king of collaborations, after all. And what better company to team up with, than one who specifically recycles skateboard equipment?

The Trujillo’s just one of a number of dazzling designs, in the Skate Shank line. As you’d expect, the deck’s made with 7-ply maple, in a standard popsicle shape.

The rest of the board, though, is anything but standard. Outfitted with CCS equipment, this baby’s a beast.

Let’s first dive into the trucks. They’re a high-grade aluminum, with a no-slip kingpin. With a mid-height and sturdy steel base plate, they provide a classic feel, for all types of skateboarding.

In regards to the bushings, they’re a premium, high-rebound, which makes for super controlled, smooth turns.

They’re not just for riding pretty, though. They’re built to take a freakin’ beating–go ahead, tear up those rails. With no-slip axles, and plenty of clearance, they can really take some abuse.

Moving onto the wheels, you’ll be hard-pressed to find something as phenomenal, for their individual price. They lay way for the perfect marriage between grip and rebound.

With a durometer (measure of hardness) of 100A, they’re right on the cusp of being considered pro wheels. A treaded riding surface and ultra-hard wheel, call for fantastic street and park riding.

Measuring in at just 52mm, they’re definitely on the smaller-side. In turn, this means you can control your tricks more easily, with slower speeds and faster accelerations.

CCS Blue Steel Bearings are everything you could want out of an ABEC 7. Pre-lubed, chrome steel ball bearings are protected by removable shields, which makes maintenance a breeze.

The combination of these three CCS skateboard parts, make for one of the best rides you’ve every experienced.

Who’s This Skateboard for?

Any rider looking to save a little cash money.

For the price, you’re not only receiving one of the best Anti-Hero skateboard completes, but it costs around the same as some of the other decks we’ve looked at.

CCS is well-known for creating affordable, quality skateboard parts. So, you’re getting an upgrade, without having to pay out the nose.

Aside from the amazing parts, though, this Skate Shank skateboard stands out because of its graphics. An eye-catching, unique look, means you’re rocking something truly special.

Versatility is this board’s middle name. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to hit the park, pool, vert, or street.

Don’t just own an Anti-Hero Skate Shank set-up, bring its awesomeness to life.

Buy an Anti Hero Trujillo Skate Shanks Complete here.

4. Anti Hero Fan Club Complete – $84.95

anti hero skateboards


Pros: Cons:
  • Design’s not-too-simple & not-too-busy – perfect in-between
  • Built for technical riders – Tensor trucks up the game
  • Slightly-wider than other Anti-Heroes – provides more stability
  • Risers reduce wheel-bit & increase board’s height
  • While it works for other types of riding, it’s best for technical skating
  • Must assemble it yourself

As a general rule of thumb, most skateboard companies have a classic board. Anti-Hero’s, of course, is the Classic Eagle.

An OG board like that is typically a more-minimalist design. On the flip side, Anti-Hero produces tons of busier designs, too. What’s a middle-of-the-roader to do?

Consider a deck that’s married the two types of designs: The Fan Club.

Anti Hero Fan Club Complete Specs

Length: 32.5″
Width: 8.5″
Deck Material: 7-ply Canadian maple
Trucks: TENSOR aluminum trucks
Bushings: Made in the USA
Wheels: 52mm 99A by TGM
Bearings: Amphetamine ABEC 5
Grip Tape: Black Diamond
Hardware: 1″
Risers: 1/8″

The not-too-busy, not-to-simple design is situated on the 7-ply Canadian maple deck. Coming in at 8.5″-wide, it’s bigger than a standard skateboard.

As the width of a board increases, the stability also improves. While Anti-Hero skateboards are already very sturdy, this extra bit adds some additional oomph.

Flipping over the board, you’ll immediately see the Tensor aluminum trucks. This brand strives to improve technical skateboarding, and they really hit the mark.

Next, you’ll notice the 52mm TGM wheels. Very comparable quality to big name wheel companies, like Spitfire–without the nasty sticker shock. A 99A durometer spells out their dominance in both the street and park.

Inside the wheels, you’ll find the Amphetamine ABEC 5 bearings. These bad boys may just be an ABEC 5, but they’re the best ABEC 5s out there.

Risers measuring 1/8″ each are installed. This part raises the overall height of the board, in order to mitigate wheel bite. Moreover, they increase the life of your deck, by reducing the risk of pressure cracks.

Pop on the included Black Diamond grip tape, and you’re looking at an incredible Anti-Hero complete.

Who’s This Skateboard for?

Technical riders.

The combination of Tensor trucks, 52mm 99A wheels, a slightly-wider deck, and the addition of risers, practically scream, “Let’s make some sick combooooooos!”

In other words, tech skating is putting together combinations. Like, trick-in to trick-out, or one grind right into another. To see it in action, check out Daewong Song–dude’s insanely talented.

Whip out this complete, to whip your technical riding into shape. Whip it–whip it real good.

Buy an Anti Hero Fan Club Complete here.

5. Anti Hero Taylor Demolition Complete – $79.95

anti hero skateboards


Pros: Cons:
  • Allows for full-customization, right out-the-box
  • Fantastic for tricks – has tons of pop
  • Wider deck provides a more stable feeling underfoot
  • Great for beginners & pros alike
  • Not pre-assembled – perfect for those who want to learn more about skateboards
  • Bearings are ABEC 5s – install a better set

Just like any sport, when you first get into skateboarding, you have to learn an ungodly amount of knowledge. This ranges from lingo to setting up your equipment.

Most skateboard completes arrived fully-assembled. While this can be good, you might be unaware of how to tune it, to your liking.

So, opting for an unassembled set-up, allows you to learn the intricacies of putting together a skateboard. Through trial-and-error, you’ll understand what works best for you–and why it works.

If you’d like to put together your skateboard, look no further than the Taylor Demolition.

Anti Hero Taylor Demolition Complete Specs

Length: 32″
Width: 8.5″
Deck Material: 7-ply Maple
Trucks: Core trucks, Grade 8 steel kingpins and axles
Bushings: American-made
Wheels: 52mm 99A
Bearings: Amphetamine ABEC 5

Like many of the Anti-Hero models we’ve seen, this bad boy uses a standard set of parts.

In line with most park and street skateboards, it’s outfitted with 52mm 99A wheels. That means they’re hard enough to tackle tricks, and provide quick acceleration.

Core trucks do the job. They’re nothing fancy, but they’ll provide you with a solid, powerful ride. But, because they’re not top-of-the-line, they help keep the board’s price down.

Amphetamine ABEC 5 bearings are by far, the best bearings on the market. While they’re only a 5, they do a solid job, and have been lubricated with a light synthetic oil, for even more smoothness.

Together, these parts provide the basis for a solid skateboard complete. Add in the slightly-wider deck, and you’re calling for one of the most stable rides around.

Who’s This Skateboard for?

We covered this at the beginning of the capsule: Skateboarders who are interested in setting up their own boards.

But, if that’s not your main driver, this skateboard is perfect for trick-seeking fiends.

A wide, poppy deck, 52mm 99A wheels, and solid axles are the basis for not only hitting difficult tricks, but for stomping a landing.

See this skateboard through its whole life cycle: From assembly to complete and utter destruction.

Buy an Anti Hero Taylor Demolition Complete here.

6. Anti-Hero BA Dawg Shit – $104.95

anti hero skateboards


Pros: Cons:
  • Great for throwing down tricks
  • Designed by pro, Brian Anderson
  • Decked out with CCS skateboard parts
  • Wider than a typical skateboard, provides more stability
  • Name’s a bit vulgur

Wait…isn’t Dawg Shit one of Anti-Hero’s subsidiaries? Indeed, it is. But, the brand’s been around for years–well-before they decided to parse out into separate companies.

Thus, I’d be remiss not to include it, especially when it’s one of the OG best Anti-Hero skateboards.

Anti-Hero BA Dawg Shit Anderson Specs

Length: 32.75″
Width: 8.75″
Shape: Standard popsicle, medium-concave
Deck Material: Traditional 7-ply maple
Trucks: 139mm CCS
Wheels: 52mm CCS
Bearings: ABEC 7 CCS
Grip Tape: Black, pre-taped

Like the many of the Anti-Hero skateboards, this particular model’s the brainchild of pro, Brian Anderson.

Anderson’s made waves in the industry for decades, and was named Skater of the Year in ’99, by the infamous Thrasher Magazine.

He’s been with the Anti-Hero team since 2016, and has furthered his legacy in the sport. His expertise truly shines through, in this set-up.

A standard popsicle shape, provides that well-loved super poppy feeling. At 8.75″-wide, it’s definitely one of the best wide skateboards on this list.

In fact, it’s wideness translates over to an extremely stable ride. So, if you struggle with balance, a Dawg Shit can really mitigate constant falling.

With the Trujillo, we covered the awesomeness that are CCS parts. Well, they’re back again–and gnarlier than ever.

Coming in at 139mm, the CCS trucks are built to take a beating. After all, skateboarding’s all about taking risks and trying new things–you need trucks that are built to last.

The CCS wheels are a standard 52mm. Made with the same urethane as other popular wheel brands, like Spitfire, the CCSes don’t cost nearly as much, saving you money when replacements are inevitable.

While ABEC 7s aren’t the best bearings on the planet, they do a solid job. But, if you’re super picky or are an expert-level skater, you might want to change them out.

These CCS parts work in tandem with the quality grip tape, to bring you one of the most fun skateboarding experiences ever.

Who’s This Skateboard for?


No, not mischievous little kids. Rather, people who love to hit the park and land tricks.

The CCS trucks provide a solid base for this–they’re built to take some hard-hitting abuse. In conjunction with the 52mm 99A wheels, you can attack a feature quickly, without building too much speed.

Brian Anderson’s vast skateboarding knowledge ensures you’re doing yourself a solid, by investing in this Dawg Shit board.

Buy an Anti-Hero BA Dawg Shit here.

7. Anti-Hero Feather Daddy Complete – $104.95

anti hero skateboards


Pros: Cons:
  • Freakin’ hilarious graphics
  • Built by pro, Brian Anderson
  • Board measures 8.75″ – wider than a typical skateboard, more stability
  • All CCS skateboard parts
  • Advanced riders may want to upgrade the bearings

…Ok, so I’m kind of a huge fan of Brian Anderson’s work. I mean, the dude just puts tremendous time and effort, into crafting some sick skateboards.

Up next, is his risque-sounding Feather Daddy skateboard.

Anti-Hero Feather Daddy Complete Specs

Length: 32″
Width: 8.75″
Shape: Full
Deck Material: Traditional 7-ply
Trucks: 139 CCS
Wheels: 52mm CCS
Bearings: ABEC 7 CCS
Grip Tape: Black

One of the first things you’ll notice about this Anti-Hero complete, is how similar it is to the Dawg Shit above.

It’s also a wide-deck, measuring in at a steady 8.75″. What that means for you, is more stability as a rider.

Flip it over, and you’ll see this bad boy’s decked out in CCS skateboard parts.

The trucks are that same 139mm CCS set-up, we’ve seen previously. Nothing fancy, but they get the job done–and done well.

A standard set of 52mm CCS wheels are up next. They’re a very classic size, perfect for quick acceleration, without too much overall speed.

While the ABEC 7 CCS bearings are just ABEC 7s, they’re pretty solid for the grade. As always, switching them out increases the board’s abilities.

Of course, they’re all attached to that well-loved-7-ply-deck. But, it’s not just any 7-ply deck–it’s designed by Mr. Anderson himself.

He’s actually worked with other companies, like Girl Skateboards (featured on our list of the top skateboarding companies), to showcase his work as an amateur artist.

So, he really brought his A-game when he came up with this deck. I mean, playfully-sexual, with a strong dose of humor? Yes, sir, that’s the way to do it.

Who’s this Skateboard for?

Technical riding.

Given the parts underneath, and the boards level of pop and stability, it’s built for some fun.

Like most Anti-Hero decks, it’s a great choice for beginners-up-to-experts. More so than other boards on this list, that additional length really helps in the early-learning stages.

If you’re interested in a life of tricks and combos (and a couple of snort laughs from the graphics, along the way), then the Feather Daddy deck is in your future.

Also available in: Brown

Buy an Anti-Hero Feather Daddy Complete here.

8. Anti-Hero Kanfoush Gulo – $104.95

anti hero skateboards


Pros: Cons:
  • An aggressive rider’s dream
  • Powerful, energetic graphic
  • Fully-loaded with quality CCS parts
  • Wider deck provides more stability
  • May not be ideal for beginners
  • Bearings are fine, could use an update if you want

As an aggressive rider, you don’t want something that looks minimalist or lame. No, you’re interested in a graphic that’s powerful.

While there are a number of Anti-Hero decks that fit the bill, the Kanfoush Gulo really takes the cake.

Anti-Hero Kanfoush Gulo Specs

Length: 32.38″
Width: 8.5″
Shape: Popsicle
Deck Material: Traditional 7-ply
Trucks: 139mm CCS
Wheels: 52mm CCS
Bearings: ABEC 7 CCS
Grip Tape: Black

If you know anything about professional skateboarders, then you know Austin Kanfoush is an absolute savage.

So, it should come as no surprise that a skateboard after his namesake is built to just plain rip it.

Its traditional popsicle shape, and 7-ply construction, work together to give you some massive pop. Hitting a trick’s a cinch.

Similar to the Brian Anderson decks we covered above, this deck’s a bit wider-than-average. In other words, you feel more stable.

As we’ve seen with a number of other completes, this baby’s loaded up with CCS parts.

  • 139mm trucks
  • 52mm wheels
  • ABEC 7 bearings

What that means for you, is high-quality parts, without the high-quality price tag.

In the end, that means you can spend your extra cash on other decks, or save up for something fancier.

Who’s This Skateboard for?

Aggressive riders.

Just like Austin Kanfoush’s riding style, if tearing it up is your jam, you can’t go wrong with this set-up.

It’s loaded with high-quality CCS parts, designed for the beastly pro himself, and has a powerful, strong graphic to boot.

As a powerhouse rider, you need this Anti-Hero skateboard.

Buy an Anti-Hero Kanfoush Gulo here.

9. Anti Hero Anderson 4 Pillars Complete – $79.95

anti hero skateboards


Pros: Cons:
  • Graphic is frickin’ hilarious
  • Fantastic choice for beginners-to-advanced riders
  • Versatile deck – great for verts, pools, street
  • Has a lot of pop
  • Board does not arrive assembled
  • Bearings may need an upgrade, depending on taste

Aside from using the exact same wood across their entire line, you’ve probably noticed their affinity for graphics.

Some are silly, some are sick, and some are downright stunning. We’ve seen a variety of artwork, from various creators.

Well, now’s the time for something a bit more…um….unusual.

I present to you, the Anderson 4 Pillars.

Anti Hero Anderson 4 Pillars Complete Specs

Length: 32.25″
Width: 8.62″
Deck Material: 7-ply 100% North American Maple
Trucks: Core trucks, grade 8 steel kingpins and axles
Wheels: 52mm 99A
Bearings: Amphetamine ABEC 5
Risers: Yes

So, did you take a look at that artwork? Weird as all get out, right?

Ok, now that we’ve tackled the elephant in the room, it’s time to reveal the artist behind it. Any guesses? ….Brian Anderson!

I know, I know, he keeps showing up. But, there’s a reason he’s an Anti-Hero team member, and he’s an accomplished artist to boot.

Anti-Hero’d be remiss not to use his talents. Which is why his signature weirdness makes a splash in this deck. We got a taste of it in the Feather Daddy above, but here it truly shines.

This baby’s set-up with 139mm Core trucks. While they’re not tip-top-grade, they’re a solid set, that’ll tackle whatever you throw at them.

As you’ve come to expect on an Anti-Hero complete, it rocks a pair of 52mm 99A wheels. The standard hardness and size, keep your accelerations quick, without gaining too much speed.

In conjunction with the wheels, the bearings provide a smooth ride. While they’re just ABEC 5s, Amphetamines are some of the better bearings on the market. So, slapping on a different pair’s a choice, not a necessity.

While these are awesome parts, you do have to set-up the skateboard yourself. But, that allows you to truly customize your ride, from the get-go.

Who’s This Skateboard for?

Riders with a sense of humor.

I actually spit out my coffee a bit, when I first encountered the artwork. It’s sure to bring about that same reaction to your homies, too.

Whether you’re looking for a skateboard for beginners, or are a seasoned veteran, you’re looking at a very versatile skateboard.

Take on everything from pools, to verts, and the street, regardless of skill-level.

You don’t have to be a witch, to cackle about this hysterical Anti-Hero complete. But watch out–it might put you under its spell.

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10. Anti Hero Russo Year of the Pigeon Complete – $99.95

anti hero skateboards


Pros: Cons:
  • Tensor Magnesium trucks – ultra-lightweight, ideal for progressing through tricks
  • Designed by pro, Robbie Russo
  • Popsicle shape & material give tons of pop
  • Risers installed to increase height & decrease cracks
  • While all-skill-levels can ride it, it’s built for experts
  • ABEC 5 bearings could be replaced

Owing to their longevity and dominance in the skateboarding industry, Anti-Hero’s taken a bit of the jokester role.

We’ve seen a number of hilarious, to downright weird graphics–they’re certainly not lacking in creativity. But, they’re also no strangers to sarcasm.

Playing off of the Chinese Zodiac, is Robbie Russo’s board, the Year of the Pigeon. No, there’s not an actual Year of the Pigeon….but the idea has been asserted a number of times, over the years.

Ya can’t just let that creative parody go. No, you’ve gotta review the dang thing.

Anti Hero Russo Year of the Pigeon Complete Specs

Length: 32.25″
Width: 8.38″
Shape: Popsicle
Deck Material: 7-ply Canadian maple
Trucks: Tensor Magnesium
Wheels: 52mm TGM
Bearings: Amphetamine ABEC 5
Grip Tape: Black Diamond
Risers: 1/8″

Compared to the other decks on this list, it’s a bit narrower than some of the others. It’s not the smallest at 8.38″, but there are a good number that are wider.

Speaking of measurements, it has 1/8″ risers, to increase the deck’s height. In turn, wheel-bite is decreased, so you won’t eat it, at the drop of a hat.

More specifically, the deck won’t rub up against the 52mm TGM wheels. We saw them on the Fan Club, and they’re just as awesome here.

Made of the same kind of urethane as many of the popular brands, they’re a similar quality…at a fraction of the price. So, when you end up needing a replacement, you won’t break the bank, getting the same pair.

Inside the wheels, you’ll find those ever-popular Amphetamine 5 bearings. While not the highest-grade, they’re top-quality. So, an upgrade’s only necessary, if you feel it is.

On the Fan Club, we also saw Tensor trucks. But, we didn’t see this model. According to Tensor, the Magnesium is the lightest truck on the market.

Add on the Black Diamond grip tape, and you’re looking at a ridiculously solid ride.

Who’s This Skateboard for?

While technically billed as an all-level skateboard, it caters more towards advanced riders.

We see this specifically in the trucks. While Tensors are great for beginners, they’re ultimately a technical tool, for executing difficult tricks.

Their lightweight nature renders you able to attempt things that tend to be much harder, when using a heavier set of trucks. In turn, your skill-level progresses faster.

Take it from pool, to a vert, and out on the street. Regardless of what and where you’re riding, the Year of the Pigeon’s there to take you on your journey.

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11. Anti Hero Daan Trainwreck Complete – $99.95

anti hero skateboards


Pros: Cons:
  • Features Tensor Magnesium trucks – most lightweight on the market
  • Daan Van Der Linden’s pro deck
  • Allows for controlled, aggressive riding
  • Ideal for many riding styles
  • While beginners can ride it, it’s built more for experts
  • ABEC 5 bearings are fine – nothing to write home about

As an expert rider, you want something that really slaps. Sure, just any ol’ deck will do with the right equipment.

But, you’re looking for something that’s nothing short of a skateboarding beast. Something like…a Daan Van Der Linden model.

The Trainwreck does the trick.

Anti Hero Daan Trainwreck Complete Specs

Length: 31.8″
Width: 8.06″
Shape: Popsicle
Deck Material: 7-ply Canadian Maple
Trucks: Tensor Magnesium
Wheels: 52mm TGM
Bearings: Amphetamine ABEC 5
Grip Tape: Black Diamond
Risers: 1/8″

Daan Van Der Linden is one of the sickest skateboarders you’ve never heard of. Making his way up through the European ranks, he’s finally piqued the American public’s interest, too.

One of the younger pros on this list, this dude frickin’ rips it. Named European Skater of the Year, in both 2016 and 2017, it’s clear his talent’s here to stay.

Naturally, his namesake deck offers that same attitude: Live like there’s no tomorrow.

1/8″ risers prevent that awful wheel-bite that leads to major wipeouts. In conjunction with the grip tape, your feet should stay where you plant them.

The 52mm TGM wheels are a solid set that’ll take anything you throw their way. Vert, pool, street–you name it, these wheels are ready.

Amphetamine ABEC 5 bearings are housed inside of the wheels. They’re certainly not the highest-grade, but they are the best ABEC 5s on the market. So, you can always replace them, but it’s not a requirement.

Now, this bad boy really makes a name for itself with the trucks. They’re those same Tensor Magnesiums we saw above–a frickin’ unbelievable choice.

Owing to their “lightest on the market” assertion, they’re the basis for quick progression. After all, it’s easiest to throw new tricks, when your board weighs less. And of course, trucks are the biggest culprit, for adding on weight.

Without a doubt, you’re in for a real treat on the Anti-Hero Trainwreck.

Who’s This Skateboard for?

Fearless skateboarders.

Because the trucks decrease the weight of your board, you can push the boundaries more so than with a standard pair. Throwing down on some sick tricks has never been easier.

Daan Van Der Linden’s mentality really comes through, when you ride this baby hard, testing its limits. Aggressive riding has never felt so good.

Technically, any skill-level would benefit from owning this skateboard. But, an advanced rider can get the most out of it, with their expert skills.

Its slightly-narrower size–8.06″–makes it more maneuverable, but means that the stability decreases. Again, beginners can still use it, it’s just not geared toward that crowd.

Your advanced riding needs a skateboard complete that can do it all. The Daan Trainwreck does not disappoint.

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