15 Best Skateboard Brands: Compare & Save (2018)

best skateboard brands


As a skateboarder, there’s no doubt you have your favorite companies. But, you’re looking to expand your repertoire, so you’ve been asking, “What are the best skateboard brands?”

We usually determine an “overall” best skateboard company, but they’re so varied, it’s nearly impossible to name just one. Instead, here’s the quick and dirty on our top three skateboard brands:

  1. Best for beginners: SCSK8
  2. Best for advanced riders: Blind
  3. Best for your pocketbook: Ridge

Below, we’ll cover more brands, in a superlative fashion. But, these tend to be the “big three categories”, when it comes to wants in a skateboard brand.

By taking a methodical approach, we considered the following factors:

  • Price range
  • Quality
  • Specialties
  • Eco-friendly manufacturing practices

Tons of skate brands were eligible for this list–but there can only be 15. So, we did our best to provide the widest-range of companies, to cover all types of skaters.

Keep in mind that because they’re superlatively branded, the order doesn’t matter.

Enough with all the blathering, though…..

What are the best skateboard brands?

1. Element

best skateboard brands


Pros: Cons:
  • One of the most recognizable skateboard brands
  • Decks are extremely durably & poppy
  • Produce everything from decks (custom ones, too!), to apparel & other accessories
  • Boards are malleable, to make advanced tricks easier
  • The Helium, one board in particular, snaps very frequently
  • Average concavity of decks varies

No matter the sport, there are always a few companies recognizable to the public. In terms of snowboarding brands, Burton is easily the most-well-known.

Heck, they dabble in the skate world, too. But we’re looking for a skateboarding-specific company that most people know. I give you one guess. If you said “Element”, you get a metaphorical gold star.

You heard of them during the skate kids phase, in middle school. And, they’re still going-strong, to this day. Truly, no list of the top skateboard brands would be complete without Element Skateboards.

Founded back in 1992 by pro skateboarder, Johnny Scillereff, their vision was to grow a business that brought awareness to skateboarding.

The “Element” part of it, fits in with the overall “Elementality”, to focus on the environment and it’s connection to both art and skateboarding. And thus, their logo was born.

Originally developed with an urban, rough-around-the-edges, mentality, they embraced a more positive outlook on making the world a better place–to better match their tree logo.

This transformation pulled their entire brand together, for a very cohesive feel. In fact, it’s super important, given that they produce such a wide range of products, from apparel, to decks, trucks, and other skating necessities.

Heck, you can go so far as to customize your deck, if that’s your game. But what really makes their decks stand out, is their extreme durability.

Even after you’ve put in a significant amount of wear and tear, their boards do not chip easily, leaving you with clean-looking decks, for longer periods of time.

On top of this durability, their boards also provide an awesome amount of pop. Over time, it doesn’t diminish too quickly, either.

Element’s deck malleability and bendiness is slightly-increased over comparable models. That means you can perform more professional type of tricks.

Speaking of pros, their team includes massive names like Mark Appleyard, Nick Garcia, and Brandon Westgate.

If you need something skateboarding-related, you’re sure to find it in the always-quality Element.

Buy Element here.

2. Plan B

best skateboard brands

Plan B

Pros: Cons:
  • Produce super eye-catching designs
  • Average concave in boards – great for cruising or stable skateboarding
  • Boards have awesome pop
  • Consistently top-2 best skateboard brands
  • Boards are on the heavier-end-of-the-spectrum
  • Decks crack relatively easily

Plan B? Isn’t that what you use after….never mind. Without a doubt, Plan B is one of the best skating brands on the planet.

Originally launched in ’91 by pro skatboarder, Mike Ternasky, who tragically died in a car accident in 1994. In 2005, though, pros Colin McKay and Danny Way renewed the company.

Aside from the fact they produce top-of-the-line equipment, you have the ability to customize it.

On the flip side, you can also purchase fully-assembled, ready-to-ride set-ups, including trucks, wheels, a deck, and bearings.

Their decks are produced with a thick, durable seven-ply maple. Per its many fans, skateboarders rave about the poppiness of the boards.

What makes them really stand out amongst the best skateboarding brands, though, is their heavy innovation in skateboard technology.

With a massive selection of decks, they offer a number of different lines, each spotlighting one of the many aforementioned technologies.

There’s nothing worse than hitting a rail, only to slide out because of an invisible sticky patch. Plan B’s BLK ICE Line features a coating on the bottom, so you can easily tackle rails and curves. As an added bonus, the graphics last a lot longer, without having to re-wax.

Another forward-thinking quality is in their Flashback Series, the Prospec Skateboard Deck Technology (yes, it’s spelled correctly). In essence, it makes decks lighter and stronger, while still maintaining tons of pop. When paired with lighter wheels and trucks, you’ll experience a brand new feel.

As you’d expect from skateboard company, they manufacture toolkits and wheels, on top of their sick decks. Moreover, they have a sweet line of apparel, too.

Top skateboarders from their team include Torey Pudwill, Lticia Bufoni, PJ Ladd, and Ryan Sheckler.

Buy Plan B here.

3. Quest

best skateboard brands


Pros: Cons:
  • Produce longboards for riders of all-skill-levels
  • Manufacture decks for all-types-of-riding, like cruising & freeride
  • High-quality trucks provide stable, easy ride
  • Ride well, even on rough surfaces
  • Aren’t meant for tricks

Soooo we’re throwing a little wrench into the best skateboarding brands. Since longboards are technically skateboards, we’d be remiss not to include at least one company.

While there are a ridiculous amount of longboard brands that could’ve fit the bill, Quest was chosen for good reason: Their customer service.

Not so much the people who work to fix issues (although they’re amazing!), but more so how much they listen to their customers.

In other words, Quest gives the highest-priority to customer feedback. After all, they are the people who are buying their stuff.

In their..ahem…quest to improve their brand, they’re very proactive in gathering input about product quality. This practice has raised the bar significantly, by focusing on design, speed, size, and overall performance.

If you’ve never ridden a Quest board before, you’re in for a real treat. They’re ridiculously fun to cruise around on, regardless of length of travel.

Their line of boards covers a wide span of options, including:

  • Downhill bombers
  • Classic cruisers
  • Short cruisers
  • Old-school boards

Their decks are created with eye-catching designs, on an artesian wood deck. The designs are unlike almost any other longboard brand.

When you’re looking for a longboard, a Quest will always be a solid choice.

Head over here, to give skateboards and longboards by Quest a look.

Buy Quest here.

4. Yocaher

best skateboard brands


Pros: Cons:
  • Fantastic longboards for beginners
  • Amazing price
  • Low-speed riding is where it shines
  • All decks feature an awesome design
  • Bearings frequently need to be replaced
  • Not great for advanced riders

……ok, ok, ok. I know. I said only one longboarding brand. And I was kinda telling the truth, in that it was one longboard brand until that point.

And, like, these guys aren’t just a longboard brand. They produce a number of kick butt skateboards, too–don’t shoot the messenger. My main goal is to spread the word about awesome skate brands, and Yocaher’s one of them.

Yocaher’s main focus is to create ultra-comfortable decks, that still maintain flexibility and durability. Quite a feat, eh?

Compared to other longboards on the market, Yocahers provide a consistent center of gravity across their decks. What that means for you, is less falling.

That consistency is great for all-skill-levels, but it’s most important for those who are just learning how to longboard.

In addition to their stable decks, their boards are super lightweight, compared to other set-ups available on the market.

This is pretty shocking, given the size and width of their trucks. Trucks determine the board’s stability, and thus, how quickly a rider progresses.

While it’s suggested beginners stick to smooth terrain, the wheels on Yocahers are meant to take a beating. That being said, they’re excellent at increasing shock-absorption.

When you start to feel more comfortable on the board, you’ll be grateful for the excellent quality of the bushings.

Based out of LA, this brand is an online skate shop, and commercial longboard brand. Up until ’01, they were focused on supplying beginner and pro-model boards.

As time went on, though, they moved their focus over to longboards. Today, they offer a pretty wide range of longboards, as well as skateboards, with amazing designs.

It doesn’t matter if you prefer to cruise, or bomb it, Yocaher’s got your back. Stress-free riding is just around the corner.

Buy Yocaher here.

5. Rimable

best skateboard brands


Pros: Cons:
  • Fantastic for newbies & those who enjoy trying new riding styles
  • Phenomenal at taking into account customers wants & complaints
  • Produce extremely robust & durable boards
  • Can customize both decks & set-ups
  • Don’t have a wide variety of products

Above, we saw a longboard brand that strives to listen to their customers, by implementing their wants and wishes.

Well, Quest isn’t the only skate brand that hears out the masses. Rimable is another one of them.

When they’re not taking customers’ crazy wants and wishes into account, they’re also concocting some of the most eye-catching designs out there.

What makes Rimable really stand out, though, is how much they cater to the newbies of skateboarding. If you’re just starting out, you’re sure to find the perfect set-up.

Thanks to its robustness and durability, you can really make the deck fly without harming it. You’re guaranteed massive wipes outs at some point, and you want to make sure your skateboard can handle it.

In the same breath, this quality makes Rimable the perfect skateboard brand for those who enjoy learning new tricks and riding styles.

Actually, you can customize your set-up to your style. Each one comes with adjustable trucks and wheels, allowing you to move it to your preferences.

While they don’t have the largest selection of skateboards, what they produce is so high-quality and popular, we’d be remiss not to include them in this top skateboard brands list.

If you’re looking for stability with excellent performance, and customization, then Rimable is your company.

Buy Rimable here.

6. Blind

best skateboard brands


Pros: Cons:
  • Decks are durable & don’t chip easily
  • Thicker than other comparable decks – soft landings
  • Trucks are made with nearly-indestructible metal
  • Wheels take corners and landings like a champ
  • Can’t remove bearings to grease them – can only be oiled
  • Wheels may be too grippy for skids

Like many of the skateboarding companies on this list, Blind Skateboards was started by a pro skateboarder: Mark Gonzales, in 1989.

They set themselves apart from other skateboard brands, by creating videos. Today, that seems silly, but for the ’90s, it was frickin’ huge.

To make a big splash, their first video was directed by Spike Jonze himself–an owner in the company. Not shockingly, this thrust Blind into skateboarding royalty.

As of 2018, though, they’ve shifted focus, and are distributed by Dwindle Distribution.

Their speciality is hardcore, serious skateboarders. That means they produce gear that can take a beating, and provide the qualities you need as an advanced rider.

For the most part, Blind decks are slightly thicker than other decks of the same quality. In turn, this provides soft landings, and makes them hard to chip. Consequently, it can make them harder to do flip tricks with.

While that may or may not be an issue for you, the shape will knock your socks off, either way. They have lots of pockets, and the big side is concave. What that means for you, is more control.

When it comes to Blind’s trucks, you’re in for a real treat. They’re great for 50-50s, thanks to their cool, waxy metal construction. So, they’re nearly-unbreakable, won’t rub down quickly, and they have squishy bushings.

As far as the wheels go, they’re larger-than-average. In the same breath, they’re very grippy and quiet–good or bad, depending on the situation.

Great for taking a corner or landing from a drop, so you won’t slip out. Bad for skids, unless you’re really good at them.

The decks themselves are, well, pretty decked-out. At Blind, they appreciate the art behind all board graphics.

You can pick up complete set-ups, including:

  • Decks
  • Wheels
  • Trucks
  • Bearings

As a serious rider, you know what you want in a skateboard. You want Blind.

Their pro team consists of names, like Sewa Kroetkov, Sam Beckett, Morgan Smith, and Cody McEntire.

Buy Blind here.

7. Santa Cruz

best skateboard brands

Santa Cruz

Pros: Cons:
  • The first companies to mold the skateboard industry
  • All Santa Cruz parts are manufactured in-house through their parent company
  • Grow with the sport & are consistently at the forefront of innovation
  • Produce both longboards & skateboards
  • Bearings tend to be low-quality & need to be replaced
  • Not cheap

Remember in the first capsule, when I asked the question about popular skateboard brands? Well, if you answered “Santa Cruz”, then you were also correct.

Santa Cruz is easily one of the most recognizable names in skateboarding, thanks to its “Screaming hand logo”, and massive artwork on their decks.

While not the same business, they do share a similar name with a cannabis company, Santa Cruz Shredders.

We’ve seen a few ’80s and ’90s skate companies, but now we’re going super OG. Santa Cruz was founded in 1973, by NHS, Inc–the oldest continuous skate company in the world.

Each and every skateboard is made with 100% North American maple, some of the best material for the sport.

They offer a specific range of products:

  • Complete skateboards
  • Decks
  • Cruiser boards – longboards

Riding a Santa Cruz is like riding royalty. Your set-up looks sick as heck, and you’ll be cheesin’ on your solid, new skateboard or longboard.

Their pro team includes pros like, Emmanuel Guzman, Dylan Williams, Eric Dressen, and Blake Johnson.

Buy Santa Cruz here.

8. SCSK8

best skateboard brands


Pros: Cons:
  • Built specifically for beginners
  • Fantastic price
  • Decks generally measure 32″+ – can be used as a longboard
  • Board material is high-quality
  • Trucks may be prone to speed wobbles
  • Decks are pretty plain graphic-wise

If you’re just starting out in the world of skateboarding, you may feel intimidated by some of the big name brands. After all, they produce some pretty hardcore stuff–what if you’re not ready for it?

Above, we saw a company, Rimable, that had a slight beginner-focus in their line. But, it wasn’t their only focus. SCSK8’s, on the other hand, only focus is skateboarding newbies.

Their line is specifically designed for first-time skateboarders, catering towards the needs of beginners.

Like the Plan B decks, SCSK8 decks are also made with seven-ply maple, which are covered in quality grip tape, for the smoothest rides.

Thanks to maple’s well-known qualities, SCSK8 decks add a bit of a bouncy touch, while adding robustness to your ride.

Aside from the fact that they focus specifically on beginner skateboarders, there’s another reason they stand out: Price.

They fall into the category of “cheap skateboards”–not owing to quality, rather to how much they cost. How are they able to achieve this?

By not focusing on outrageously-intricate designs. In turn, this means they don’t have to find crazy-creative artists, nor do they have to spend a lot on adhering the graphics to the decks.

On top of that, they also use 70mm PU wheels. Not only does this reduce the cost, it doesn’t diminish the quality in the process.

With so many savings in production costs, they pass it along to you. They could’ve kept the prices a bit higher, but they choose not to; they want you to have a solid set-up, for a reasonable price.

If you’re a novice skateboarder, you’re destined for success and a happy pocketbook, when you snag a SCSK8 set-up.

Buy SCSK8 here.

9. Penny Nickel Skateboard

best skateboard brands


Pros: Cons:
  • Household name to describe mini-skateboards
  • Wheels work well on most terrain – small rocks aren’t an issue
  • Last for a long time – made with durable material
  • Easy to pop into a backpack, when not in use
  • Deck gets extremely slippery when wet – fixed with grip tape
  • Take time to learn – ride with a mix of longboarding and skateboarding styles

Even if you’re brand new in the world of skateboarding, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of Penny Boards.

Colloquially used to reference mini-cruisers with a plastic deck, much in the same way “Kleenex” is used interchangeably with “tissues”.

So, Penny boards may describe a type of skateboard, but they’re also one of the best skate brands: Penny Nickel Skateboard.

Founded in 2010, by Ben Mackey, he chose to name the company after his sister–you guessed it, Penny. Their vision was to deliver a lifestyle skateboard that lasts, well, a lifetime.

Back in the day, plastic skateboards were a dime-a-dozen. And honestly, they were pretty sucky–even by those standards.

Penny Skateboards reengineered this well-loved, but still semi-crappy deck, by pairing cruiser trucks and wheels, with a high-quality plastic deck. Additionally, that deck is ultra-lightweight, yet extremely durable.

This apparent change skyrocketed them from a small Australian company, to one of the most-well known skateboard brands out there.

They offer decks in four-sizes:

  • 22″ (Penny)
  • 27″ (Nickel)
  • 32″ (Cruiser)
  • 36″ (Longboard>)

On top of these sizing options, they also let you choose from:

  • Fully-assembled skateboards
  • Separate parts

Additionally, if you order a customized set-up, they don’t put the grip tape or panel stickers directly on the deck. Instead, they include them separately, so you can customize it, as needed.

They also produce other equipment, like skateboard backpacks, and helmets.

Without a doubt, Penny Nickel Skateboards always deliver with a smile on their face, leaving you grinning like a goon.

Buy Penny Nickel Skateboard here.

10. Ridge

best skateboard brands


Pros: Cons:
  • Decks are built in-house in the UK – customize with 1,500+ colors
  • Boards are very durable, while maintaining flexibility
  • All other component are extremely high in quality
  • Can be stored in a backpack
  • Wheels may lift on especially bumpy rides

We’ve seen a good number of skateboarding companies that were founded by pros, or with the intention of growing to be a household name.

Not all skate brands had this same desire at the get-go. Ridge is definitely one without that vision. In fact, they only dabbled in the industry, working part-time. Their only wish was to create affordable, high-quality skate gear.

When they came on board, they arrived with a single goal: to improve upon mini-boards many flaws. In other words, they wanted to make penny boards better (the type, not the brand).

Thanks to this original ideology, they’ve skyrocketed to become one of the best skateboarding brands on the planet–and earned a vast number of happy customers.

Ridge’s decks provide smoothness, flexibility, and comfort, owing to the industry-strength polyurethane used on all boards.

On top of that, they’re also loaded with very soft 87A yellow bushings, to up the level of stability. If you’re still sketchy on skate slang, a bushing allows your board to pivot and turn smoothly.

While their original family-based, making-decks-on-a-boat days are over, they’re still an extremely tight-knit team of seven, working out of two warehouses.

Fun fact: They used to sell alternative body jewelry, when they first opened…and still do to this day!

As time’s wore on, Ridge has never deviated from their vision of creating well-made, inexpensive skateboarding gear.

There aren’t too many European-based (Northern England, to be specific) skate brands on this list, but Ridge Skateboards always makes the cut.

Regardless of the type of cruiser–customized, or not–you’re looking for, Ridge has you covered for a great price.

Buy Ridge here.

11. Minority

best skateboard brands


Pros: Cons:
  • Made for riders of all-skills – built for advanced riders, in particular
  • Designed to hold riders up-to-250-pounds
  • Allow for perfect turns & maneuverability – ideal for tricks
  • Awesome graphics – chip-resistant decks
  • Trucks are nothing to write home about

When it comes to launching a company, it tends to make the most sense if you’re an industry expert. In skateboarding, pro athletes are considered some of the top experts.

So, it should come as no surprise that so many skate equipment businesses are founded by professional skateboarders.

But, not all skateboarding brands are started by these industry pros. Instead, an existing company may see a gap in the market, and capitalize on it.

That’s exactly what happened with Minority Skateboard. Shanghai Biong Industrial Limited Company decided to head up a project in the world of skateboarding.

With a desire to make a name in the industry, they began producing excellent-quality skateboards. Thanks to this laser-focused outlook on high-standards, they’ve thrived amongst the competitiveness of skateboarding brands.

At some point, a skateboard company is a skateboard company. What really makes it stand out, in the sea of seemingly-similar competitors?

Minority’s priority (I know, rhyme scheme day…) is to produce heavy-duty skateboards. Not just any heavy-duty ones, though–decks that perform extremely well in even the harshest weather conditions.

All boards are built for riders up-to-250-pounds, owing to ABEC 9 precision bearings, and 52mm high-rebound polyurethane wheels.

In addition, all boards have high-rebound PU bushings, to maximize shock-absorption. Again, bushings help make turns smoother.

Just like the Plan B and SCSK8, Minority also uses seven-ply Maple for all decks. Aluminum trucks up the level of durability.

If you’re a heavier rider who loves to tear it up, no matter the weather, then a Minority skateboard is in your future.

Buy Minority here.

12. Powell Peralta

best skateboard brands

Powerll Peralota

Pros: Cons:
  • Manufacture all products in-house
  • Extremely eye-catching graphics & cater to niche-types of riding
  • OG brand/sponsor of many massive names, like Tony Hawk
  • Produce some of the highest-quality wheels & bearings available
  • Pricer than other brands

As skateboarding gained popularity over the decades, we saw an influx in the number of skate brands, especially those founded in the ’80s.

Just because so many skate equipment companies popped up during this time, doesn’t mean skateboarders were left without, prior to the ’80s.

In fact, we already saw the world’s longest-continuously-manufacturing skateboard brand earlier in the list: Santa Cruz (more specifically their parent company, NHS, Inc).

Powell Peralta is another one of those long-standing skate companies. Established way back in ’78, it’s definitely a recognizable name in the industry.

It was founded when skateboarding was really taking the world by storm–hence that massive influx of skateboard brands shortly thereafter.

George Powell and Stacy Peralta were the masterminds behind this legendary skate brand. Of course, they took the “typical” route of combining the founders’ last names.

A year later, they formed the Bones Brigade; a team of skateboarding pros that rode under the Powell Peralta name.

Some of these athletes included massive names, like:

  • Tony Hawk
  • Bucky Lasek
  • Andy Macdonald
  • Ray Barbee

This is just a small representation of the professionals on the team. But, their big time athletes aren’t their only skate industry splash. Rather, they were one of the first brands to produce skate videos…back in the 80s.

You may recognize some of their films:

  • Hot Batch (1992)
  • Suburban Diners (1994)
  • Strip Mall Heroes (1998)
  • Bones Bearings Class of 2000 (1999)

Powell Peralta broke off the partnership in 1991, when Stacy Peralta left the company. From there, they rebranded to “Powell Corporation”.

Fast-forward about two-decades, and Powell Peralta teamed up once again. In this re-rebranding scheme, they released some of their OG pro models, to reignite interest in the company.

Aside from their impressive history, Powell Peralta is well-loved for their wide variety skateboard models–around 30 of them.

This variety is not only striking from a riding standpoint, but from an aesthetics one, as well. In fact, they’re known for their fusion of colors and unique graphics. Their partnership with artist VCJ (Vernon Courtlandt Johnson) really allowed their designs to flourish.

Aside from their amazing decks, they also specialize in wheels and bearings. Aptly named Bones Bearings, they’re easily some of the best in the industry.

Some of their current team includes:

  • Steve Caballero
  • Charlie Blair
  • Brad McClain
  • Ben Hatchell

Whether you’re in the market for a complete set-up, or want to build your own, this top skate brand offers it all. No budget, riding style, or body type will stop you from owning a Powell Peralta.

Buy Powell Peralta here.

13. Punisher

best skateboard brands


Pros: Cons:
  • Produce highly-recognizable graphics – commission well-known artists
  • All bearings are ABEC 5+ – most are ABEC 7+
  • Manufacture safety equipment & skateboard gear – all products meet international safety standards
  • Decks are extremely durable
  • Not ideal for tricks

Punisher? Like the Marvel comic book character? I mean, no, but they do exude the same qualities: Killing to achieve their goals.

The character’s looking to murder, threaten violence, and torture, all in the name of fighting crime. Punisher Skateboards, however, encourages you to kill it on your board.

Ok, so only about 50/50 in terms of similarity, but still. It’s amusing. I promise I’m not always this lame.

In any event, this awesome skateboard brand was founded in 2008, in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Their founding vision was to create skateboards with highly-artistic graphics, that riders identify with.

Now, you can find amazing artists, if you know where to look. Unfortunately, not all incredible designers are world-renowned. So, they can produce magnificent art…but it isn’t recognizable to most people.

Punisher wanted to find artwork that not only spoke to the soul, but was also identifiable to those who aren’t deep into the world of art.

Thus, they sought out well-known artists, with a unique, eye-catching style that their customers would love. From across the world, hand-picked artists are commissioned to produce designs for their decks.

Of course, an awesome-looking skateboard is nothing without a high-quality deck. If you use a crappy board, you’re basically just producing cool, unusable art.

As we’ve seen with a number of other skateboard brands, like Santa Cruz and Minority, Punisher also uses Canadian maple in their decks. Where they really stand-out, is the fact that all wood is formaldehyde-free.

Every single truck they manufacture is made with a durable aluminum alloy. All bearings are a minimum of ABEC 5, and a number of models boast ABEC 7 and ABEC 9. (ABEC simply describes the standard tolerance for ball bearings).

Whether you’re a complete skateboard type of rider, or prefer to pick-and-choose your parts, you’re totally covered.

Aside from their brilliantly-designed skateboards, though, they also produce a line of unbeatable skateboard safety equipment.

My parents always used to say, “You can fix a broken bone, but you can’t fix your head.” In other words, protecting your noggin is of the utmost importance, especially when you’re skateboarding.

Luckily, Punisher’s helmets are top-of-the-line, thanks to the addition of heat-sealed foam pads, inserted into every unit. Your brain’s always protected.

In fact, you may love your new helmet so much you want to wear it on bike rides. Fortunately, all helmets are dual-certified, for both of these sports.

Moreover, they don’t just want to blow smoke regarding safety. Every single one of their products is tested by a third-party lab, for the highest-standards.

Adding on the awesomeness, all skateboards exceed EN European testing standards. And, they surpass ANSI and CPSC standards–two US-based safety organizations.

Punisher’s ultimate goal is to set the highest-standards in the skate industry, while providing equipment at a price that’s attainable to all riders.

In fact, they’re so involved in the skateboarding community, they run tons of giveaways. Over the years, they’ve given away literally hundreds of free skateboards, apparel, and wheels.

When it comes to stickers, though, they’ve sent out thousands of them, to riders worldwide. They intend to reach all types of riders, and expand the love for the sport.

Whether you’re a seasoned skateboarder with years under your belt, or are just getting started in the sport, without a doubt, Punisher has an incredible design for you.

Buy Punisher here.

14. Birdhouse

best skateboard brands


Pros: Cons:
  • Founded, nurtured, & loved by all-time-great Tony Hawk
  • Decks are thicker than other models
  • Poppy boards – amazing high-speed park/vert skating
  • Expensive compared to other set-ups
  • Don’t sell individual pieces – only decks or complete set-ups

We’ve discussed the conditions in which many of these top skateboard brands decide to enter the industry. Many came about at a time during the sport’s accelerating popularity.

“Many”, of course, is the operative term here. There’s one skate company that started when things were bleakest, in the early ’90s era: Birdhouse.

The ’80s, of course, were the time for skateboarding to cement itself in the world of sports. Like we saw, many skate brands got their start during this time.

As you’d expect in any growing industry, other companies inched their way into the skate world. Slowly, these companies began eating up big name’s marketshare.

By the early ’90s, the industry had fractured between independent brands, and those who had established themselves years ago.

So, when Tony Hawk (yes, the Tony Hawk) decided to start Birdhouse, everyone thought he’d gone off his rocker.

Originally called “Birdhouse Projects”, it was established on the idea that if you love something, you’ll nurture and support it.

In other words, if you team up with the best skateboarders on the planet and do what you love–aka skateboarding–everything will fall into place.

Well, it’s now 26-years-later, and that vision is still going strong, at Birdhouse. (They went through a name change, and chose to shorten it).

Now, with a 100% dominant athlete like Tony Hawk, you just know their equipment will blow your mind. I mean, would you expect anything less from a 16-time X Games medalist, 2-time world champ, and inventor of almost-100-tricks? Hard no on that.

Naturally, his team has consistently showcased the absolute best skateboarders on the planet.

Over the years, some of these big names have included:

  • Willy Santos
  • Buckey Lasek
  • Lizzie Armanto
  • David Loy

The list could go on-and-on, but you get the point: Pro skateboarders love riding Birdhouse.

But, you can’t build a brand solely on history and a solid team. No–you need to create a line of products that have rave reviews.

And create amazing products, they did. Unlike other skateboard brands in this list, Birdhouse doesn’t make individual parts.

Instead, you can either purchase a complete skateboard from them, or a deck. Completes come with high-quality parts–you just can’t pick-and-choose pieces to build them.

The decks, though, are freakin’ out-of-this-world. With Tony Hawk you’d expect nothing less–and he continues to deliver year-in and year-out.

In fact, their decks are thicker-than-most-boards. What that means for you, is there’s an added level of pop, and you’ll have an easier time with tricks and flicks.

Additionally, their boards are also more-stable, than a lot of other decks on the market. That means they’re amazing for vert skating/high-speed park–aka, Mr. Hawk’s speciality.

If you’re big into huge air and nailing tricks, Birdhouse is your number one skateboard brand, hands-down.

Buy Birdhouse here.

15. Girl Skateboards

best skateboard brands


Pros: Cons:
  • Decks are made with maple – very sturdy
  • Can customize deck – choose from graphics or Girl logo
  • Ideal for all-skill-levels
  • Durable & maintain pop over time
  • People think, they’re just for women – they’re for everyone
  • Decks tend to be heavier

Finally, were at the last company in our list of the best skateboard brands. A number of them have had super recognizable logos, you could spot anywhere.

Well, this particular skate brand’s logo is recognizable from a mile away. Any guesses? I’ll give you a hint: El Baño. Got it now?

If not, the company I’m talking about is Girl Skateboards. Their logo is literally a “women’s bathroom logo”. (“El baño” is Spanish for “bathroom”).

Founded in 1993 by pro skateboarders, Rick Howard and Mike Carroll, their ultimate goal was to give professional skateboarders a future.

Remember, in the early ’90s, the skate world was in tumult. Smaller, independent brands were attracting many athletes from big name companies. Nobody was sure what’d happen, in terms of where skateboarding would go.

The founders wanted to make a splash in the industry, while providing a way to stay connected to the industry, once their careers were over.

Crailtop is the distributor for Girl Skateboards, along with these other brands:

  • Chocolate Skateboards
  • Royal Skateboard Trucks
  • Ruby Republic
  • Fourstar Clothing

Girl was the first brand in the family, and has remained one of their top-performers.

All Girl decks are made with, take a guess. Yes, seven-ply maple–a popular material in the industry, thanks to its resistance and strength.

When you’re picking out a deck, you can choose to customize the graphics, or opt to include the Girl brand logo.

But, if you’re not interested in that customization, you can purchase a complete skateboard, with wheels, a deck, trucks, and bearings.

As for the decks themselves, they’re pretty unbeatable, in terms of duration of use. Over time, decks tend to wear down. Girl skateboards, though, last a long time.

Just like design fades, so does pop. With Girl decks, however, you’ll maintain that level-of-pop for a longer period of time.

With regard to stability, these babies are smooth as heck, thanks to an awesome concave shape. The combination of these qualities really calls for an incredible ride.

Should you be interested in apparel, you can rock a wide range of clothing, to suit your every skating need.

Like Powell Peralta, Girl also produces some sick films and videos. They include:

  • 1994: Goldfish
  • 2003: Harsh Euro Barge
  • 2006: Badass Meets Dumbass (with Chocolate skateboards)
  • 2008: Yanks On Planks
  • 2011: Unbeleafable (3D film)
  • 2012: Pretty Sweet (with Chocolate skateboards)

Their team of pro riders consists of:

  • Sean Malto
  • Cory Kennedy
  • Rick McCrank
  • Jeron Wilson

Whether you’re looking for something fully-decked-out (pun intended…), or an easy complete set-up, then Girl Skateboards is your brand.

Buy Girl Skateboards here.

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