7 Best Cheap Longboards Under $100 (2018)

cheap longboards


You’re here because you’re researching cheap longboards. Not just any budget-friendly ones, though–you want cheap longboards under-$100. Heck, cheap longboards under-$50 would be even better! (Don’t worry, I got you there).

After all, once you cross that triple-digit-threshold, you’re looking at dropping a more significant amount of cash.

I’ll save you a bit of time. I’ve determined the Magic Union Drop Down is the best cheap longboard out there, for its insanely amazing price and how fun it is to ride for all-skill-levels and sizes.

Here, “cheap” merely refers to the price, not the quality. So, you’re only going to find the best longboards under-$100 with the highest-quality parts.

Keep in mind, while these longboards ride phenomenally for their price, it’s just that: For their price. If you go in expecting a ride similar to the best longboards, like Sector 9, you may end up disappointed.

Now, that’s not to say you’re not going to fall head-over-heels in love with your new set-up. Instead, just remember to temper expectations. These decks are sweet.

And, you want to ensure you know what your purchasing. Brush up on your longboard lingo, if need be.

Whether you’re looking for a beginner longboard, or have been riding for years, this guide to the best inexpensive longboards cuts to the chase, and gets you on a new complete ASAP.

Since I’ve already talked your ear off, let’s dive right in…

What are the best cheap longboards?

1. Ten Toes Board Emporium Zed – $59.99

cheap longboards


Pros: Cons:
  • Perfect for newbies & commuters
  • Ethical business model – bamboo is sustainably obtained
  • Long 44″ deck & kingpin trucks – super maneuverable, smooth ride
  • Light enough to carry around – 8-pounds
  • May be too long for some tastes
  • Bearings eventually need upgrading
  • Not ideal for advanced riders

Longboards come in may different shapes, to allow for different types of riding. As the industry’s advanced, we’ve seen tons of new add-on bells and whistles.

But, sometimes you just want a solid, classic longboard. The team over at Ten Toes Board Emporium heard you loud and clear.

So, they brought the Zed to life.

Ten Toes Board Emporium Zed Specs

Length: 44″
Shape: Kicktail
Deck Material: Mixture of 8-ply maple & sustainable bamboo
Trucks: 7″, reverse kingpins
Bushings: PU casted black 90A
Wheels: 70mm 85A PU with rock finish
Bearings: ABEC-7
Grip Tape: 80AB, pre-taped

In combination, these parts create the ultimate cruiser board.

With a 44″ length, maintaining speed over long-distances is a cinch. Maneuvering is super easy, thanks to the kingpin trucks.

As much as it looks like a surfboard, it feels like one, too. Riser pads are installed, to reduce vibration and increase smoothness, alongside the grippy wheels.

The Zed board skips any terrifying wheel bite, with Ten Toe’s anti-bite technology. In essence, milled wheel wells ensure your wheels won’t rub.

And, you can ride it the second you own it–it comes fully-assembled.

Who’s This Longboard for?

A Zed board is the perfect choice for two types of riders: Beginners and commuters.

There’s no doubt in my mind, that this cheap longboard is the perfect stepping stone into the sport. It provides a ridiculously stable, smooth ride–necessities for newbies.

Plus, the kingpin trucks and extra-long deck, make this baby super easy to maneuver. And, the kicktail shape helps hold speed, over long-distances.

In turn, these qualities are what make this a commuter longboard. Any longboard that provides the basis for efficient kicking, almost always doubles as a longboard for transportation.

Anti-bite technology ensures you won’t eat it, when you’re traveling place-to-place, while the riser pads make for a comfortable ride.

So, if you’re just learning how to ride, or like to cruise around like a fiend, a Zed board is definitely in your future.

Also available in: 10 other colors, including golden sunset, kelp, and white fishtail.

Buy a Ten Toes Board Emporium Zed here.

2. SCSK8 Blank Longboard – $34.99+

cheap longboards


Pros: Cons:
  • Perfect set-up for beginners
  • ABEC 9 Red Bearings – high-quality for price
  • Blank design allows you to customize look – 4 other colors available
  • Rides like a $120+ board
  • Not built for advanced riders
  • May have speed wobbles – tighten up, to eliminate
  • Grip tape needs replacing semi-frequently

When you’re first looking to get into longboarding, it’s easy to feel intimidated by the big name brands. I mean, they only produce stuff for advanced riders, right?

Not exactly, but your hesitation is understandable. You want a longboard for beginners, that’s literally built with beginners in mind.

There’s a reason SCSK8 made our list of the best skateboard and longboard brands: They focus solely on newbies.

While they’re known for producing beginner skateboards, their beginner longboards are just as phenomenal. That’s why their Blank deck made the list.

SCSK8 Blank Longboard Complete Specs

Length: 40″ (Available in 44″ in “natural” color)
Shape: Pintail
Deck Material: 7-ply maple
Trucks: 7″ aluminum
Wheels: 70mm PU wheels, high-bounce/flat-spot resistance
Bearings: ABEC 9 Red Bearings
Grip Tape: Pro black, pre-taped

When you first step on this longboard, you’ll be amazed at how incredible it feels. Even if you’ve never hopped on a deck, you’ll understand its extreme stability.

There’s practically zero-learning curve associated with this complete set-up. In under-two-minutes, you’ll understand the mechanics, and feel comfortable.

And, you don’t have to worry about a single thing–it comes fully-assembled. You can literally step on the board, and go.

Because of its blank design (hence the name!), you can customize it to high heaven. If you’re a sticker fiend, just slap a few on to personalize it to your taste.

Of course, I could be blowing smoke about this longboard for beginners. So don’t just take my word for it–take a peek at its 4.5-star rating, with 250+ reviews. People freakin’ love this set-up.

Who’s This Longboard for?

Beginners, plain and simple.

SCSK8’s whole vision is to produce impeccable-quality beginner longboards, for an affordable price.

With a stable, solid construction, this longboard takes you from brand-spankin’-new, to a comfortable, intermediate rider.

Awesome grip tape, and wheels with high-bounce and flat-spot resistance, lay way for a smooth ride, where you don’t feel like you’ll fly off.

And, as you learn to tolerate speed, the impressive ABEC 9 Red Bearings keep your speed wobbles to a minimum–adjust accordingly.

Don’t drop a ton of dough on a deck you’re unsure of. Select to spend your cents with a SCSK8 longboard.

Also available in: 4 other colors, 2 other sizes

Buy an SCSK8 Blank Longboard here.


3. VOLADOR Drop-Through Longboard – $59.99

cheap longboards


Pros: Cons:
  • Built with advanced riders in-mind
  • Adjustable trucks – cruise or bomb hills
  • Camber concave deck and symmetrical shape – carving’s a breeze, feels stable
  • Fantastic designs – many cheap decks skimp on them
  • Beginners can ride it, just not ideal
  • Grip tape isn’t great over time – needs replacement

As a general rule of thumb, you’re likely to find beginner longboards in the cheap longboards section. That’s because you don’t want to throw down some cash, on something you’re unsure of.

Well, that’s pretty sucky for advanced riders, right? I mean, nobody wants to spend a ton of money, if they can get something just as awesome, for cheaper.

Volador recognized this unfortunate gap in the market, and capitalized on it, to produce their Drop-Through deck.

VOLADOR Drop-Through Longboard Specs

Length: 42″
Shape: Symmetrical cut-out, concave camber
Deck Material: 8-ply hardrock maple
Trucks: 7″ aluminum, reverse kingpins (adjustable as 45 or 50 degrees)
Wheels: 70mm 78A PU, high-rebound
Bearings: ABEC 9
Grip Tape: Pre-taped

Unlike the other inexpensive longboard models we’ve seen, this Volador offers some unique qualities.

First, it has a drop-through design. This means the baseplates sit on top of the deck, and dangle through an opening. In other words, its lower to the ground, which increases stability and kick efficiency.

Second, aside from the symmetrical shape, its designed with a camber profile. So, the deck’s raised in the middle. And, it’s concave, which means it has a slightly bowl-shaped surface, to keep your feet locked in.

Third, its shape lays way for bite-free riding. Many drop-through decks experience horrible wheel bite because, by nature, they’re closer to the wheels. The cut-out shape stops any rubbing, at any angle.

These basics are all super obvious, even to the untrained-eye. But, this Volador has a number of other awesome benefits, including:

  • Adjustable trucks (45 or 50 degrees) – can cruise or bomb it
  • Environmentally-friendly practices – sustainable maple & methanal-free epoxy
  • Carves like a dream

The list could go on-and-on, but you get the idea: A Volador longboard is jam-packed with awesome, usable features.

One last thing: The artwork. Most cheap longboards skimp on graphics because it’s an easy area to save money. Volador doesn’t.

They take pride in their boards’ designs. Offering a wide-variety of art, they focus on many aesthetics and visuals. And, because of the way its adhered to the deck, it won’t fade over time.

Who’s This Longboard for?

Advanced riders.

While a newbie could get some use out of this set-up, it’s built to suit the needs of highly-skilled longboarders.

It provides the necessary tools for powersliding, intense carving, drifting, and other advanced tricks. On the flip side, it can be transformed into the ultimate cruiser board.

Freeride longboarding has truly never been easier. Tackle any terrain with a Volador…while keeping some cents in your savings.

Also available in: 10+ designs, including planets, floral, and minimalist designs.

Buy a VOLADOR Drop-Through Longboard here.

4. Playshion 39″ Drop Through Cruiser – $59.99

cheap longboards


Pros: Cons:
  • Freestyle longboard for beginners
  • Symmetrical deck & slight-concave – no wheel bite, feet grip the board well
  • Very easy to learn how to ride – little learning curve
  • Rides super smoothly
  • Not built for advanced riders
  • Wheels aren’t built for rural or super bumpy roads
  • Speed wobbles out the box – tighten up to fix

One of the most intimidating things about diving into a new sport, is the learning curve. If you’re unable to get the hang of it in a short period of time, it’s discouraging as hell.

Longboarding’s one of those sports that’s either going to be a cinch, or the hardest thing you’ve ever learned–there’s really no in-between.

Playshion recognized the difficulty of this process, and went to the drawing board. When they were done, the drop-through cruiser came to life.

Playshion 39″ Drop Through Cruiser Specs

Length: 39″
Shape: Symmetrical cut-out, slight concave, mostly flat
Deck Material: 8-ply hardwood maple
Trucks: 7″, drop-through, reverse kingpin aluminum
Bushings: 90A PU casted red
Wheels: 70mm SHR 78A
Bearings: ABEC 9 – made of “bearing steel” not carbon steel
Grip Tape: Pre-taped

This Playshion longboard has a lot of similarities to the Volador we saw above. Where it differs, however, is the fact it’s built for beginner freestyle longboarding.

In other words, it has a lot of the same qualities as the aforementioned deck, but it’s geared towards newbies.

Thanks to the drop-through trucks, you’ve got a four-inch ground clearance. That means kicking is more efficient, and braking’s easier.

As for the deck’s symmetrical shape, you won’t run into wheel biting problems. A bit of concaveness keeps your feet solid on the deck, and helps to initiate turns.

Speaking of turning, the wheels also play a big part in it. The stock wheels are 70mm 78A, which means they’re a pretty typical size, with a good degree of softness.

The trucks have a rubber riser pad, to reduce vibrations. In combination with the wheels, your ride feels smooth, as a freshly-shaved leg.

Who’s This Longboard for?

I said it above, and I’ll say it again: Beginners.

The aforementioned learning curve is practically nonexistent, when you opt for this Playshion longboard.

Because it’s not just a typical cruiser, it gives you the chance to experience freestyle riding from the beginning–and advance up the skill-level ladder, too.

A relatively stiff deck, rubber risers, and soft wheels, pave the way for an ultra-smooth, ultra-controlled ride.

You’re looking at THE drop-through longboard for beginners. Go from beginner to bad*ss, with the Playshion longboard.

Also available in: 5 other designs, including palm trees & retro.

Buy a Playshion 39″ Drop Through Cruiser here.

5. MAGIC UNION Drop Down Complete – $39.99

cheap longboards

Magic Union

Pros: Cons:
  • Holds riders up-to-330-pounds
  • Beginner longboard built for bombing hills, fun for more advanced riders
  • Phenomenal graphics, heat-transferred so it won’t fade
  • Freakin’ incredible price for quality you receive
  • Grip tape works, isn’t the best – replacements available
  • Even though bearings are ABEC 11s, they’re not great – upgrade for better performance

Here’s a dirty little longboarding secret: If you’re looking at cheap boards from companies you’ve never heard of, you’re probably looking at something quality.

While that may seem backwards, there’s a simple explanation. When companies choose not to pour money into advertising, they can use those savings on higher-quality parts. Not a hard and fast rule, but definitely something to consider.

So, say hello to Magic Union, and their Drop-Down deck.

Magic Union Drop Down Specs

Length: 41″
Shape: Symmetrical cut-out
Deck Material: 9-ply super-flex maple
Trucks: 7″ powder-coated aluminum
Wheels: 70mm PU wheels
Bearings: ABEC 11
Grip Tape: Pre-taped

Right off the bat, it’s easy to see why Magic Union doesn’t advertise. Compared to the other cheap longboards, they’ve seriously upgraded their specs….and come in at a lower-price.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a better cheap longboard under-$50. Seriously–that 9-ply deck, and powder coated trucks scream quality. Especially because they can comfortably hold riders up-to-330-pounds.

The shape indicates its ideal type of riding: Downhill bombing.

A number of other qualities provide the basis for awesome hill riding, including:

  • PU shock-absorbing ring – reduces vibration, makes ride smoother
  • Decent flexibility
  • Wide turning radius

Ultimately, the drop-through trucks provide a low-center-of-gravity. In turn, this gives the rider a super stable feeling underfoot.

Clocking in at a mere 7.7-pounds, even the smallest riders will benefit from its lightweight qualities.

And, you don’t have to worry about the designs getting ruined. Instead of using a sticker, the graphic’s heat-transferred on the board, for maximum strength.

Who’s This Longboard for?

While this set-up’s built for beginners, it’s not for just any beginners.

Rather, it’s ideal for those who want to learn downhill or freestyle riding. And, it’s especially fantastic for heavier riders, thanks to its 330-pound weight capacity.

But, newbies aren’t the only ones who stand to benefit from riding a Magic Union. Advanced riders have a blast with this board, too.

In other words, it’s perfect for newbies looking to advance up-the-ranks, or more-skilled riders who want a sweet board, for an awesome price.

Without a doubt, it’s the best cheap longboard under-$50–no questions asked.

Also available in: Two other designs, jellyfish and eagle.

Buy a MAGIC UNION Drop Down Complete here.

6. Quest Rorshack – $58.99

cheap longboards


Pros: Cons:
  • Excellent for beginners interested in cruising
  • Rides like a longboard, but is smaller & more lightweight
  • Soft wheels provide a smooth ride
  • Deck is strong and durable – feels very stable
  • ABEC 7 bearings aren’t great – Bones Bearings Reds are fantastic
  • Not ideal past the beginner stage

When it comes to longboard companies, there are a number of super well-known ones, like Sector 9 and Arbor. But they aren’t the be-all, end-all.

Rather, there are tons of cusp-y longboarding brands, like Quest, that create top-notch longboard completes and accessories.

Quest’s always a solid choice, especially their Rorshack set-up.

Quest Rorshack Specs

Length: 34″
Shape: Kicktail
Deck Material: Multi-ply hardwood maple & bamboo
Trucks: 6″ aluminum
Wheels: 65mm PU
Bearings: ABEC 7
Grip Tape: Pre-taped

Many of the other decks featured in our list of cheap longboards are 40″+. While they’re great for cruising, they can be cumbersome.

What you see with the Rorshack, though, is how utterly compact it is. Clocking in at a mere 34″, it’s the smallest non-mini deck featured. Weighing only 6-pounds, it’s lightweight enough to carry around.

In comparison to cars, it’s the crossover SUV of longboards–in between a skateboard and a classic longboard.

Soft wheels are the basis for a smooth ride. The trucks may squeak at first, though. Fix this, by tightening the kingpin, and adding a bit of wax.

It’ll arrive wrapped in plastic. To mitigate any of it getting stuck to the board, loosen the top and bottom screws before you totally remove the packaging.

Because of the Rorshack’s size, you can ride a bit more actively. So, cruising around town is a whole new ball game.

Who’s This Longboard for?

Beginners interested in cruising.

It bridges the gap between skateboards-and-longboards, adopting the feel of both deck types. So, zipping around is a dynamic riding experience.

Ultimately, it provides a very similar ride to a regular longboard, but it’s much easier to transport when you’re not riding it.

Whether you’re toodling around campus, commuting to work, or just looking for something fun to ride, this is by far the best cheap mid-size longboard.

Check out these other Quest longboards and mid-boards.

Buy a Quest Rorshack here.

7. Skatro Mini Cruiser – $49.97

cheap longboards


Pros: Cons:
  • T-Tool included
  • Amazing price for the quality
  • Lightweight & small – easy to toss into a bag
  • Takes sharp corners like a champ
  • Has a bit of a learning curve – requires good balance
  • Despite proprietary construction, bearings are just ok – could still use a replacement
  • Can’t take on rocks/cracks as well as a regular longboard

No list of the best cheap longboards would be complete, without mention of a mini board. They provide a unique, but fun way to cruise…while reducing the overall weight and size.

The most well-known mini-longboard brand is Penny Skateboards, no questions asked. But, their price point keeps them out of the “inexpensive longboard” designation.

So, if you’re looking for a classic plastic deck mini cruiser, at a price that doesn’t make you cringe, the Skatro Mini Cruiser is what you’re after.

Skatro Mini Cruiser Specs

Length: 22″
Shape: Classic mini
Deck Material: Plastic – uses Skatro Flexy Technology
Trucks: 3″ aluminum
Wheels: 59mm Urethane Skatro wheels
Bearings: ABEC 7 Skatro bearings
Extras: Color-matching T-tool

At first glance, a is Skatro pretty much a Penny board, right? Absolutely–but, it has proprietary technology that a Penny doesn’t:

  • Skatro Flexy Technology
  • Skatro Ultimate Bearings

The Flexy Tech is a process in which, a machine calculates the exact amount of plastic being injected, and stops at a pre-determined amount. This ensures consistency of flexibility across all Skatro boards.

What makes the bearings stand out from regular ABEC 7s, is the fact they’re made with bearing steel. This material is harder than traditional carbon steel, which reduces friction during rotation.

So, while ABEC 7s aren’t the best bearings in the world, they’re certainly a step up from the ones you typically find. But, you can improve their performance by removing and oiling them, before putting back on.

Who’s This Longboard for?

Anyone interested in an ultra-convenient longboard.

Because of its size, it’s super easy to pop into a bag or strap onto a skateboarding backpack.

While it does have a bit of a learning curve, when you get the hang of it, it’s a super fun deck to ride.

What makes it stand out (aside from the fantastic price), is the inclusion of a T-Tool. In other words, you don’t have to drop extra dough, to fit the board to you.

Taking sharp corners is a breeze, owing to its small size. So, getting around campus, or traveling to work are super easy.

In the end, its performance makes it a truly standout set-up, and one of the best longboards under-$50.

Pull the trigger–you won’t be disappointed.

Also available in: 10+ colors, including orange, white, and blue.

Buy a Skatro Mini Cruiser here.

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