Last Chance U: Where Are the EMCC Players Now?

Last Chance U has completed three seasons, but some fans of the show are longing for the old days of EMCC (East Mississippi Community College). Earlier, we took a look at what the Independence players are up to now since Last Chance U Season 3 filming was completed. Be sure to check out the article if you are curious about the Season 3 cast of Malik Henry, Bobby Bruce and company. Today, we are focused on the EMCC players and staff as we find out what Brittany Wagner, Isaiah Wright, John Franklin III, Buddy Stephens and others are up to since Netflix left Scooba, Mississippi.

Stephens is back as the EMCC coach, and has had a lot to say since Last Chance U stopped filming. Find out how things are in Scooba, and what he has to say about his relationship with Wagner.

As for Wagner, she moved to Birmingham after the show stopped filming. After a brief stint in corporate America, Wagner decided to start her own organization. The "Pencil Lady" is now traveling around the country working with student-athletes, providing motivational speeches and working with schools to help them with their academic programming.

The two former Last Chance U quarterbacks are still involved with football. Franklin is trying to make the Chicago Bears roster as a defensive player. Franklin transferred to Auburn and later FAU after his days at EMCC were over. He played wide receiver at both schools.

Johnson is trying to gain some traction after blood clots derailed his 2017 season. Johnson is one of several former Last Chance U players to end up at FAU. After being uncertain if he would ever play football again, Johnson has been cleared to play, and is now competing for the starting quarterback position for the 2018 season.

Given the wild popularity of the first two seasons of Last Chance U, why did the directors decide to change locations for this season? From the interviews done by the Last Chance U directors, there seemed to be an overall sense that the storylines at EMCC had run their course. Wagner was going to leave regardless of whether the Netflix show returned for a third season. Despite Stephens publicly campaigning for another season, it sounded like he was through with having cameras following his team around. Adam Ridley, one of the directors and producers of Last Chance U, spoke with Uproxx about the decision to change locations.

"At the end of Season 2, Brittany Wagner left, and along the way I think there was probably already a mutually unspoken agreement that it was going to be the last year, just because of the element of difficulty that definitely showed up on screen," Ridley explained to Uproxx. "...We were actually looking to maybe change after the first year, but the way first year ended with the fight [ed. note: EMCC was disqualified from the state playoffs when an on-field brawl marred their final regular-season game], we thought it would be interesting to see how that story would resolve itself. But by the end of Season 2, it seemed like that chapter was closing."

All good things must come to an end, but the show announced they are staying in Independence for Season 4. It will be interesting to see if Last Chance U will have a pattern of switching schools every two seasons, or if it just turned out that way at EMCC. Click the next arrow to find out what the former Last Chance U players are up to now.